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How to have a fun and affordable stay

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How to Have a Fun and Affordable Staycation

Having a staycation is a fun alternative to a traditional vacation. Although not a new concept, it has resurfaced in the past year. Not only are they a great way to save money on travel, it also reduces some security risks. There are lots of things to do with the family located in your garden!


Hiking is a fantastic staycation activity. Not only will it get the kids out of the computer, but you can also decide how long the event will be. Hiking can range from just a few hours to a few days. There are plenty of hiking trails in New England. The Great Island Trail in Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a perfect summer option. Along 6-7 miles, the trail is along the beach so you can enjoy fun on the beach while you sweat up. But if you are not located near MA, there are a lot of trails in the northeast.

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New England is full of history and museums. Take a chance to look at some local museums. Learn before, science or art. There are museums for everyone. Boston is a museum hub. From the Harvard Museum of Natural History to the Boston Children's Museum, everyone in your family will be happy. For an even larger selection of museums, New York City offers a wide variety of exhibitions.

For security reasons, you may not have access to museums right now. Many museums offer viral tours on their websites. Spend a day exploring museums digitally!

Be a tourist at home!

Go to your nearest town, or stay in your own town and become a tourist! During your stay you can explore things and check out places you would not normally have as a resident. Look at old statues or visit your local museum. Try a new restaurant or drive along a scenic road. Trip Advisor has great activity recommendations for each city – see what they suggest! You may find some hidden gems! Always remember to keep safety in mind – for both your family and others.

Having an At-Home Water Park

Going to a water park is not always an option. Instead, have a home water park day with the kids. Fill water balloons, get water guns and turn on a sprinkler! The kids will love the cold water on a hot summer day. Pools are also great fun! If you own a pool, make sure you have enough insurance to cover any pool accidents! Install security measures such as gates and a pool alarm to prevent accidents from occurring.

Learn more about pool safety here!

Berry Picking

Just as the kids love apple and pumpkin picking in the fall, taking your kids to pick berries in the summer can be a fun activity! Some farms also have the opportunity to pick peaches! Lyman Orchards in Connecticut is a good family-friendly option, but there are many in the New England area. It's a fun day trip for all family members!

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Backyard Barbeque

Nothing is more "summer" than having a BBQ! Gather the family and celebrate the warm weather with a summer barbecue during your stay. Set up some fun garden games and everyone is sure to have a good time. Make sure you have enough home insurance if any of you accidentally get injured during your party.

Have an Arts and Crafts Day

Sometimes you and your kids just need to do something creative. One way to enjoy your stay is to have an art and craft day with the family. Pull out a canvas and some paint and get wild. If you want less clutter, give your kids some watercolors to play with. When everyone is ready, hang up the art in your home. It's a great reminder of a fun summer day!

Movie night

Sometimes the theater doesn't cut it. Have an all-inclusive movie day or night! Bake some sweets with the kids during the day. Pop some popcorn on the stove. Take all pillows and blankets in the house. Then pick yourself in front of the screen and watch a movie. Drive in movie thearters are gaining popularity recently. See if there is a local nearby.

Have Your Own Sports Day

Although summer sports may not be an option, you can always have your own sports day. Make your own uniforms, set up a field and that's the game! Boil up some sausages that you are at the ballpark. Make trophies for the kids But most importantly, have fun!

Staycations need not be boring. They are a great way to spend quality time on the family. With just a little creativity and effort, your stay can be as memorable as taking a bigger trip. When you are home this summer, make sure you have enough home insurance. If you have any questions or think any of your summer plans will affect your insurance coverage, call an Encharter agent!

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