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How to create the perfect playlist for work from home

Some people like to work in monastic silence, others want to be in a cocoon of extreme noise. But if you worked in an office before the pandemic, chances are you are used to at least some background noise. Which means working alone at home can be weird to say the least. One way to recreate the low background noise of offices (or cafes) is with music, but after all this time of remote work, you've probably had enough of your playlists. (You had a good run, Coffee + Chill.) So what's the best way to keep the songs fresh? And how can you discover new work from home music now that you are unlikely to encounter your impossibly hip workmate with impeccable taste?

We asked our friends from the music department in the fitness app Aaptiv (get access to the on-demand fitness app for free with the Haven Life Plus rider, available to eligible Haven Term policyholders) for some tips on how to find the best work from home music

In this article:

Advice from Chelsey Anderson, Aaptiv Senior Music Manager

Create songs / artists / radio playlists.

“Do you love a song so much that you have played it to death? Create a "song" radio within your streaming service (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), and it will suggest similar songs and artists for you to enjoy that you may never have discovered otherwise. "

Please note that these playlists are updated regularly and automatically, so this is a good and easy way to ensure that you are constantly exposed to new music based on your taste and mood.

Diversify your streaming platforms.

" As a curator, I use Apple Music, Spotify and some other music platforms, as their algorithms often differ, which means that different artists, songs and playlists are suggested, depending on the platform. If you only prefer to pay for a streaming service, I suggest you use it in addition to YouTube and SoundCloud. They are free and often populated with great artists.

Please note that SoundCloud in particular is a place where artists in the music industry upload new songs that may not yet be like Spotify and Apple, making it a kind of digital underground.

Follow Curation profiles and specific playlists

“Topsify, and Filter are just a few sites that contain professionally compiled playlists that are frequently updated and can be accessed in your streaming service. They do the hard work of searching through all the latest music, so all you have to do is listen and add your own playlists. My playlists with guilty pleasure include Lo-Fi Beats for stretching, cool falls and work from home.

Spending Time Searching for New Music

There was a time, not so long ago, when I went to physical record stores and discovering new music was a common pastime. Try to take that approach to your playlists for remote work.

says Chelsey: "As a curator, I love to use my free time to discover new music, but most people understandably do not have time." She suggests "taking 1

0-15 minutes" before you sit down at work to "sift through your favorite playlists. Try adding at least 3-5 new songs, then tap mix and enjoy. These new additions take some time and effort and don & # 39; t give a nice shake-up to your normal routine. ”Don & # 39; t forget to add that a handful of songs will further train your streaming service's algorithm to update your" radio "playlists of songs you will like.

Advice from Faybeo & # 39; ; n Mickens, Aaptiv Music Curator

Let the DJ do the work

"DJs are your friends, so apart from YouTube and SoundCloud I suggest MixCloud", which is an endless online repository of DJ mixers both old and new Many independent radio stations also host their programs there and it's easy to follow DJs, stations and shows. Faybeo & # 39; s also says: "It has a wonderful discovery tool that lets you search for new songs by category", which is useful when looking ef music that suits a certain mood (like "still working from home

Going to a gig without leaving the house

" One of my favorite ways to discover new music is to experience it. Obviously with COVID and quarantine, it has been a bit of a challenge; However, Twitch has provided a wonderful platform for musicians and DJs to share music and mixes. the music industry has also used it to stream live performances. The more festive ones include live video streams that go from the artist to viewers who have dressed up and danced in their homes. The comment feeds are often also very active. Turn on Twitch for some background music while you work and your imaginary office will feel much more lively than your real one.

Buy after you try

"Last but not least," says Faybeo & # 39; n, "with large labels in such an interesting position, AudioMack is another space to capture new music and so is Bandcamp. .

AudioMack has plenty of playlists, especially for fans of hip hop, R&B and Afrobeat, while Bandcamp is without a doubt the best place to buy music online. This is where a large cross-section of independent artists and labels go to sell their wares in every conceivable file format (including MP3s for ordinary people and high-quality FLAC and WAV files for audio files.) You can listen to entire songs without buying them, so it's a great way to discover independent artists, as well as to potentially support them.

And a tip from us

Do not forget the radio In many workplaces, the radio is already part of the background noise, and if your current "office" is actually your kitchen, you can at least choose a station. to what is local . Listening to specialized online music stations from the UK (NTS, Worldwide), France (Nova) and other parts of the US (such as KCRW in California and WFMU in New York) will expose you to a whole new world of music, much of which you can add to your playlists. In addition, these stations have DJs that talk and play songs, which helps your home office feel more populated. And these days, a little background noise can go a long way.

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Our Editorial Policy

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