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How to buy life insurance from your ex-husband (or ex-wife!)

  Life insurance for a former spouse

As a life insurance agent, I often get a question … "Can I buy a life insurance policy for my ex-spouse?"

In most cases, yes!

In this guide we give you insider tips on how to get life insurance for your ex-spouse in the easy way, with their full knowledge.

Can You Buy Life Insurance for Your Ex-Husband?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • He / she may not want to "help" or "follow": Divorce with children can be confusing, especially when trying to determine financial support and who will be the appointed guardian .
  • You can legally buy a life policy with his / her knowledge: As long as your ex-spouse is aware and willing, the payment of this policy goes to either you or any children who may be involved.
  • Make it EASY possible for them (so they actually go gh with it)
  • Buying a life insurance may be mandatory by court decision in your divorce decree.

What does all this mean?

In most cases, you would be the owner, payer and beneficiary. Your ex-spouse would just be the insured.

Be sure to tell him that he would not be responsible for missed payments – ever. As an owner, you have 100% control over the insurance.

You can change the beneficiary, payment mode or frequency or even reduce the face amount (death benefit).

For a permanent life insurance, forward policy and other cash value policies, the owner would also have full control over the cash value, including access to cash or loans. Your ex-spouse would have no control or access to the insurance, and structured like this, would not in any way benefit from being insured on the insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Of An Ex

Can A Man Buy Life Insurance For His Ex-Wife?

Yes. Everything written above applies in both cases.

Can I buy life insurance from my boyfriend or girlfriend?

Yes, again – as long as there is legitimate insurable interest. I wrote an article on this issue, which is here .


it may be easier to work with an agent when trying to decipher your life insurance needs.

Your agent can be like your "Insurance Counselor" and help you through this process together.

This is especially true for people who did not have a messy divorce agreement.

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