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How the Lantern makes planning at the end of life less difficult

Whether you are mourning or planning for yourself, Lantern offers a streamlined, online resource for all your needs

Lantern is a partner of Haven Life Plus – a suite of services that help policyholders live healthier, fuller and more protected lives. Haven Life Plus is an innovative rider included in the Haven Term policy that gives eligible customers access to free or discounted benefits including online property plans, a digital safe and family health clinic services. Read more about Haven Life Plus here.

Today we want to ask you an important question: What will happen to your TikTok account when you die?

Yep, that was what we thought: You do not know. And it turns out that about 80% of Haven Life customers do not have an end-of-life plan, either because they do not know what it is, or just have not come to it, according to our latest survey.

Well, they say that a failure to plan is a plan for failure, and that's especially true of your own death. After all, you will not be here to approve or veto all sorts of things: What kind of funeral you will have (or if you will even have one). What will happen to beloved items such as your family's heirloom jewelry or your hard-earned 2019 fantasy football trophy. Or, of course, what's going to happen to your social media accounts.

That's where the Lantern comes in. Simply put, Lantern is a digital platform that acts as a kind of friend and reliable advisor for planning before death, or to help you manage things after a loved one has died. Interested in making a bucket list? The lantern can help. Are you unsure of the type of documentation you need? The lantern can help. Do you have strong feelings about what music should be played at your funeral? The lantern can also help with that.

It is also a resource if you mourn. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, you know that time is not only emotionally stressful – it is also complicated, as there are a lot of details to consider (such as funeral planning). This stress can make it difficult to be in the moment and take care of your grief – but again, Lantern can help by providing lists of step-by-step instructions for what needs to be done, from closing online bank accounts to writing a obituary.

And hey: Since you're here, chances are you're already started your journey towards taking care of your loved ones in case the unexpected should happen. (We call it: Term life insurance. Catchy, right?) And now eligible Haven Term customers have free access to a Premium Lantern membership, including end-of-life services, at no cost ($ 149). It's part of our Haven Life Plus Rider, a suite of bonus features for eligible Haven Term policyholders that helps them live a healthier and more protected life. Below you will get to know the Lantern a little better.

In this article:

Lantern history

"I think we need to do something about death." With these words, uttered by Lantern's co-founder and CEO Liz Eddy 2018, the idea for Lantern began to form. (You could say it was a light bulb moment, if you excuse the lantern's pun.) Her grandmother had died, and Liz was responsible for everything that followed. Overwhelmed, she wondered why there was nothing out there to guide anyone to process – and to help people prepare for their own death in advance.

Together with her co-founder and COO, Alyssa Ruderman, Liz Lantern, based on her experience of leading communications for Crisis Text Line, created the country's first crisis support line around the clock. (She is also a board member of Experience Camps, a free summer camp for grieving children.) Similarly, Alyssa spent time at powerful organizations such as DoSomething.org, Upworthy and Global Citizen – a background that is handy for creating a service as useful as Lantern . "In general, we are both required to work with people first," as Eddy puts it.

The lantern is at the intersection of their professional experience and this very personal need, offering important services with a caring, empathetic point of view. In three short years, Lantern has gone from hiring its first employees, launching to the public and collaborating with organizations (like Haven Life!) To broaden its audience. The last thing is the key, says Eddy. "We saw a lot of love from customers, but realized that we would be more efficient by going through the units they are already leaning towards, as employers and insurance providers. As a result, we can reach many more people who need our support." [19659016] You may also like

Lantern cost

To get basic information from Lantern about both life planning end and what you can expect when someone you love dies, all you have to do is create an account. This costs nothing "because we believe this is information that everyone should have access to", as Lantern notes on his website. Beginner's advance plan includes a free advance plan along with information on five key topics.The loss checklist, which helps you navigate the details of a loved one's death, is also available free of charge. [19659006] There is also a Premium membership that includes seven more topics (12 in total), additional pre-plans and more guidance. This is what qualified Haven Term policyholders will have access to as part of Plus, at no cost. It's usually $ 149. This is a one-time fee for perpetual access – and it's available for free, via Haven Life Plus.

How the Lantern Works

"One thing we always love to remind people is that we are here for you no matter what , says Eddy. "Whether you are planning ahead or dealing with a loss, we have your next steps covered."

The experience begins with creating an account, including some short questions to help Lantern guide your experience. Start by planning for yourself or dealing with someone else's death.

If you plan for yourself, you get what the Lantern calls a plan. This will guide you through big and small decisions related to your death, from planning your own memory to organizing relevant information for your family so that it is easy to access during the stressful time of grief.

If you are dealing with a loved one death. , you can get a checklist after a loss and even schedule a half-hour consulting session one-on-one, all at no cost. All of this is designed to help you prioritize the most urgent tasks – such as informing creditors that a death has occurred – while making sure you get the emotional support you need during this time.

Who is The lantern right for? [19659027] Those who mourn. In those overwhelmingly early moments, you may feel like co-founder Liz felt at the time. Fortunately for you, you can turn to the Lantern for its loss-making checklist, helpfully organized by time frame so you can prioritize what's most important. There is also a deep and useful amount of online content, covering topics such as how to write a eulogy and how to close regular online accounts when someone dies.
  • Those who will die. (Which last time we checked, we are all.) As with all big tasks – presenting at an important meeting, buying a house – it helps to have a to-do list. In a way, preparing for your own death is like these things, except that there is absolutely no chance of doing it again. The lantern makes it easy by listing all the things you need to get in order, and helping you make sure that these things are organized for, and communicated to, the person (s) responsible for carrying out your wishes. (And yes, getting life insurance is one of them.)
  • Those who just like to have a plan. For many of us, it just feels better to know that things are taken care of and planned for – even when, or perhaps especially when, we know we will not be there to handle everything ourselves. And it turns out that almost four out of five Haven Life customers feel the same way.
  • According to a recent Haven Life survey, this is why Haven Term policyholders prioritize end-of-life planning:

    • Nearly 80% of respondents: "I want to get things organized."
    • Almost 50% of respondents: "I have or are expecting children."
    • About 30% of respondents: An important milestone in life, such as getting married or buy a house.

    If any of these sound familiar to you, consider including the Lantern in your planning (and thanks to Haven Life Plus, there has never been a better time to do so). Just do not forget to write down your TikTok password somewhere.

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