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How much does life insurance cost in 2019 (and save money)

How much does life insurance cost

To figure out how much life insurance will cost, you will need to look at it individually.

The interest rate for each person will be different because the insurance companies sign each policy.

The factors that determine each individual price will be:


Everything is the same, your age will be a major determinant of how much your life is insurance rates will be.

For example:

The average life insurance cost of an 1

8 year old will be significantly lower than the cost of life insurance for a 40 year old.

We have a complete post that exceeds life insurance rates by age.


Your gender will be a fixed determinant in your monthly premiums.

The prices for women, all the same, will always be lower in month to month than they will be for men.

Tobacco Use

You can expect to pay significantly more on your monthly life insurance cost if you are a tobacco user.

Your prices can be up to 50% to 60% more expensive than anyone who does not "Use tobacco.

Keep in mind, too, that some insurance companies will use different factors to determine if you are considered a tobacco user.

If you have been tobacco-free for more than 12 months, some companies consider you to be a non-tobacco user.

Others will require 24 months without tobacco use before they will consider you for non-tobacco rights.

Some companies treat you as a tobacco user if you smoke a cigar while others do not. 19659003] So if you are using tobacco or recently quit, be sure to know how the company you are looking at can be your situation.

The amount of coverage that you buy will also affect your maturity insurance cost. [19659003] The more coverage you buy, the higher prices you may have come so look at different coverage options is always a solid idea.

Height and weight

When you work with your BMI, insurance companies do not comply with industry standards, they have their own internal height and weight charts.

If You Are Outside the Guidelines

Term Length

The term length of your policy will also play an important role in your final life insurance rates.

We discuss this more below.

The amount of coverage

The amount of coverage that you get will also affect what your monthly premiums will be.

The higher you go up in the amount of coverage you want, the higher the prices can be.

Check out our post that answers the question of how much life insurance I need.

Total Health

The overall health of your health will give the final answer to what your ultimate cost of life insurance will be.

In general, the healthier you are, the better your prices will be, we discuss this more below.

Sample Rate Chart Based on Tobacco & Non Tobacco

The prices below show the differences between tobacco products and tobacco rates.

These monthly rates will be based on a 33-year-old man and woman in perfect health looking for a 20-year policy.

The above principals are the first steps to what your original cost of life insurance will be

After that, the next part looks out what term length you should choose which is the next layer to calculate your cost.

Life insurance cost after maturity

In all honesty, Term Life Insurance will be the best bet for about 90% of those seeking life insurance, so I will focus on the maturity of this post.

2 Year Term

This term life insurance option is one of the latest options available and used as a type of placeholder type of policy.

Getting coverage for 2 years can give you the opportunity to be covered without worrying about a big commitment.

Be aware that sometimes this coverage can cost more than longer length coverage.

5 Yes r Term

When it comes to looking at the average cost of life insurance, a five-year option will be the most affordable.

Usually, I see that parents buy these policies for their children in a divorce decree or for when they agree to a loan for their college-bound students.

But most recently, quotes for the 5-year policy have been a little harder to find and a 10-year futures seem to be the starting point for now.

10 Year Period

The ten-year period is the second most affordable option when it comes to the cost of life insurance.

This option is best for people who can be a little closer to financial freedom or who need to get the lowest possible price.

15 year period

This policy will be within the life insurance mid-range rates.

15-year terms are like in the middle of the road, but you still get the prices locked in for 15 years, but leave you enough room to make changes if you have an unexpected life event.

20 Years Period

A 20-year term is probably the option that people buy the most.

It will be second highest in your monthly life insurance cost, but it will also give you the second longest time to have maturity interest rates.

30-year maturity

Your final option is usually the 30-year option, this option will cost most when it comes to maturity insurance.

You will also get as much as possible out of this plan because

I always recommend a thirty year option if you can afford it.

Sample sample chart based on maturity

These monthly interest rates will be based on a 33-year-old man and woman in perfect health seeking a 250,000 futures policy.

Life Insurance Cost by Health Classification

It is best to consider your health rating as a credit score, the higher your health rating is, Better your total monthly premium will be.

If your health is ranked Ultra Preferred, you will get the best prices, if they are a table rating you will get the most expensive prices.

Below is a breakdown of each grade.

Ultra Preferred

This will be the highest rating you can get and it will not be offered by any company.

For this rating you will need to be in Perfect BMI or Height & Weight, have no existing conditions, be a non-tobacco user, do not take any recipes, no risky travel, no risky jobs and no risky driving.

Companies will probably also ask about the health of your parents and siblings regarding things like heart problems or diabetes to determine if you qualify for this rate.

Ultra Preferred gives you the most affordable.

Preferred Plus

Like Ultra Preferred, not all insurance companies will offer this warranty assessment.

For the desired plus, you still need to be in perfect health, but you can pro bably take a medicine that allows your condition to be under control.


Preferred is where almost all insurance companies start with health classification.

You still have to be in a good area as far as height and weight, you can't take any medication and

Standard Plus will not always be offered as a result, but it will allow you to get the best outcome.

Standard Plus

Standard Plus will not always be offered as a result. to get an intermediate frequency.

To qualify for standard plus, you will probably take a drug that will allow your symptoms to be controlled.

You need to approach the recommended height and weight guidelines and you probably do not need any other important medical conditions.


When it comes to grades, I would usually give all my customers the standard rate.

It is not the case that getting a preferred interest rate is excluded, it is just that most will fall under a standard health assessment.

The best thing about insurance companies is that if I submit your standard but you qualify to prefer, they will approve you with the preferred rate.

With a standard health rating, you probably take more than one medicine; you qualify for standard height and weight charts and you have careful family history such as diabetes or heart disease.

You still need current medical conditions such as cholesterol or blood pressure under control.

Table rating

Each company will have a different setting for how table values ​​work.

As with other ratings, some companies, especially no insurance companies for life insurance companies like Bestow, will not offer table ratings.

Table ratings will be either letters or numbers, I have seen the tables from A – N or from table 2 – 14.

Just know that the higher the table speaks or the farther the table the letter, the higher your prices will be .

Table classifications are usually for people who have several medical conditions together with height and weight problems.

For example:

Someone looking for life insurance for diabetics can be a type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Along with being outside the normal height and weight guidelines they should

Keep in mind that each insurance company will have its own criteria for each level of insurance.

While a company can defend you as a standard health, someone else can give you a table rating

The term life insurance interest rates escalate as you age

Most people do not think about aging and get older, while others observe it, some People are afraid of aging and others want to be graceful.

When it comes to life insurance, the sooner in life you buy it, the lower your prices and the more savings you will have over time.

Life insurance cost for young adults

As a young adult, you will often see people who say things similar to e, "you do not need life insurance if you do not have custodians" or "you always have in the world to think about life insurance."

Unfortunately, those statements are very fake and you should always

When you think of life insurance for young adults, you must remember that if you disappear, someone still has to cover your funeral and final expenses.

Even the younger you buy it, the more affordable it will be and you can also protect yourself from getting an existing condition and not being able to get coverage later.

I often recommend buying a 30-year life insurance when you are young because it will give you

Life insurance cost for middle-aged adults

Getting coverage when you are in your 40's or 50's can be a little more complicated and definitely more expensive.

At this age, most of us will probabl you are on some form of medication, and according to a study conducted by AARP, most Americans aged 50+ (76%) say they currently take at least one prescription drugs at regular intervals.

This means that if you do not already have a life insurance policy, you should not expect to have the cheapest interest rate.

When you start looking at life insurance rates, you need to understand that you should try to get the best prices anyone in your age range and health can get.

Don't compare your rates to 30 years because they won't be the same.

Life insurance cost for pensioners

As a senior, your life insurance policies can be quite narrow.

Most of the products will be either for life assurance or whole life insurance.

This is mainly because you probably only want to cover your funeral or final expenses or want an affordable price that will last for the rest of your life.

The above two product s can really help you find that type of coverage, but getting approved for coverage will be even more difficult as you will probably be on more medications.

Sample Chart Based on Age Group

These monthly rates will be based on a man and a woman in perfect health looking for a 250,000 20-year policy.

Having reviewed this chart, you can easily see that waiting too long to be covered is not a good idea. Immediately always is the best option.

Cost of No Exam Vs Traditional Life Insurance

Oddly enough, no graduation life insurance quotes become much closer to the cost of a traditional life insurance.

If you are a young adult I would recommend going that way first because it is a much faster and easier process.

We haven't found a degree to be the best life insurance policy anyone can buy, especially when you start looking for life insurance. [19659003] This is mainly from the fact that you can get immediate life insurance without managing an agent and you can also get real-time guarantees or what is called simplified life insurance.

Below we compare the two products with respect to the total cost.

These monthly rates will be based on a 33-year-old man and woman in perfect health seeking a 20-year policy.

Hopefully, you have noticed that the life insurance cost of a graduation policy is not that far

Especially for women, interest rates are very similar.

I definitely recommend that you consider the option no exam first because it will be much faster, especially if you are younger.

But if you get the lowest price is your biggest concern, then it goes with a policy that doesn't require any degree will be your best option … for now.

Life Costs Vs Term Life Insurance

This struggle rages on all the time I made a route record about tea

The final synopsis was that the concept of life will be the best option for most people because it is very cheap and a much easier product to understand.

In general, I would say that you stick to the term if you are not sure of the other products or just need a general life insurance.

To be honest, the monthly premiums for the whole life policy can be 10 times more than with a

For example:

Right now I have 2,000,000 in term life policies and I pay $ 124.00 a month for policyen.

If I had a whole life policy for the same amount of coverage it would cost me: $ 673.00 a month.

Yes, $ 673.00 per month, I'm not sure of you but pay it monthly, for me it would definitely not work.

Tips to reduce the cost of life insurance

I created an excellent post with over 20+ ways to get cheap life insurance e; However, I wanted to go over a few of them below.

Buy coverage as soon as possible

It may seem that I am recovering this idea of ​​buying coverage at an earlier age. However, I cannot stress it enough.

Buying life insurance when you are young is the best opportunity for you to save money.

Quit Smoking

If you can quit smoking, you save thousands of dollars during the lifetime of your insurance.

As I mentioned above, life insurance costs for tobacco users may be over 50% more expensive than the cost of life insurance for a non-tobacco user.

I just say quit cold turkey, it seems to be the best solution for long term results.

Buy more coverage originally

The more coverage you get, the less likely you will need to get more coverage later at a higher rate.

Life events happen all the time, you get married, you have kids, you lose someone, you go to college or you get a campaign.

All these things can create a situation where you feel you should have more life insurance.

If you buy enough coverage in the beginning, you do not need to change your policy every time a life event happens.

Lose some weight

If you have perfect health but a little overweight can only qualify you to a standard and sometimes a table frequency.

When you lose a little, not only your overall health will improve, but your ability to be covered for a lower monthly premium on life insurance may also happen.

I always recommend shopping for new coverage if you lose a lot of weight to get a lower premium.

Buy in the long run

If you have looked at the test prices throughout this post, you notice that if you buy young you save the most with time.

Purchasing a 30-year term in the 20's or 30's will lock your prices until you hit your 50's and 60's.

Imagine all the savings you get while your friends pay a lot more because they bought their life insurance later.


Hopefully, I have been able to answer the question of how much does life insurance cost .

Whatever lifestyle you are in, life insurance is absolutely a need for you and for your family and loved ones you could leave.

The process has become much easier, you can get quotes and apply online within minutes.

There is no longer any reason to

Use our quotation right, or click on any of the buttons like the one below for some quick quotes and take care of today.

Thank you for reading my post … before reading Go!

What did you like about my post? Did I miss something?

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