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How Haven Life Plus makes the holiday less difficult

Kamp jetlag. Stay healthy. Make the most of family time. This is how you will do it all this season.

This blog post is about Haven Life Plus. To learn more about this free rider, available to eligible Haven Term policyholders, click here.

Over the years, countless scientific reports and exhaustive studies have come to a shocking conclusion: the holiday, if you can believe it, can be kind … stressful .

Okay, you probably did not need a lot of research to confirm what you already know from experience. That said, there is a lot to be thankful for as well. Like Haven Life Plus. This rider, available free of charge to eligible Haven Term policyholders, can not make all these stressful problems go away. (Policemen can learn more about accessing Haven Life Plus services here.) But it can make the holiday less difficult with services that help you stay in shape, fight jet lag and even make the most of your time with the family. Read on to unpack the gifts that Haven Life Plus has been waiting for you.

In this article:

An app to fight jet lag

After the last two years, it's understandable if you have not traveled anywhere for a while. For those who make the journey across time zones this holiday season – whether they want to meet loved ones or to get some well-deserved r-and-r – Timeshifter can help. Using NASA-backed science with grants from a Harvard neuroscientist, it will help you and your family fight jet lag by optimizing your sleep schedule in line with how far you travel and your typical sleep patterns. (Unfortunately, it can not tell your children to go back to bed in the morning.) This app normally costs $ 24.99, but costs nothing for eligible Haven Term policyholders.

Free online testing and trust services

No one likes to think about death, which is why so many people fail to have a plan for their goods in the event of their untimely death. And even if you do, it can be an opportunity to meet the family during the holidays to make sure you know their plans as well. In both cases, Haven Life Plus makes end-of-life planning less difficult thanks to a partnership with Trust & Will. These specialists allow you to draw up a legal will, or establish a trust, completely online, which will save you a lot of time and hassle. Even better, you can do it for free if you are a eligible Haven Term policyholder – a service that can normally cost up to $ 699.

Free end-of-life planning

Similar situation here: The lantern mainly serves as an to-do list online for planning the end of life, from making clear what is going to happen to your body (funeral? cremation? viking funeral?) to deciding what songs you do (or do not want) to be played at your funeral. This comes in handy during the holidays because you may have some time off from work, with free childcare from the parents-in-law, to make important decisions with your partner. Or you can use their to-do lists (and practical advice) to steel yourself to talk these things through with your parents. Sure, these conversations are not what you would call fun, but the peace of mind that comes from having them is a gift in itself. Eligible Haven Term customers receive free access to a Premium Lantern membership, including a 1: 1 loss-free consultation ($ 149 value).

Free online document storage

LifeSite is an online filing cabinet where you can securely store important documents, from mortgage paper to medical records and passwords. These documents can be accessed anywhere, which is why LifeSite can help make your vacation less difficult. If you are away (maybe visiting family, maybe taking a real vacation) and need an important document, you can easily access it. (Definitely easier than bringing an actual filing cabinet.) And as with other services on this list, it can also come in handy as a way to take advantage of time with family, by making sure your loved ones' important documents are available and updated. This service usually costs $ 80 per year; for eligible Haven Term customers it costs free.

An app to help you stay in shape

Aaptiv is the training app with a gigantic and constantly growing range of activities from cardio to guided meditation. It can make the holiday easier in two ways. First of all, if you want to eat, drink and be happy over the holidays (and of course you do), it will be easier for your body if you exercise. (No, doing "biceps curls" with egg yolks does not count as exercise.) For another thing, Aaptiv provides a solid excuse for solitude. If you spend your holiday visiting family and you need to get out of the house yourself for a while, tell (honestly) that you are going on one of Aaptiv's guided hikes. You know it's for your mental health, your family thinks it's for your physical health and everyone's happy. Light. Aaptiv costs $ 100 per year, but eligible Haven Term policyholders can enjoy it free of charge.

Telemedicine and Pharmacy Services

also offers telehealth: Eligible Haven Term policyholders enjoy discounted services. Although there are many season-specific health problems that can make the holiday more difficult – such as colds or falling off a ladder when setting up decorations – MinuteClinic really makes the season easier in two ways. One is if you are away visiting the family (that is, away from your regular doctor) and you have a minor medical matter to take care of, you can use any MinuteClinic, no matter what part of the country you are in Two, sometimes doctors take vacations during the holidays. Sometimes their offices close. Do you know what almost never closes? CVS and Target. So even if you are not going anywhere on vacation, if your medical needs arise at a time when your doctor is out, you can still use the MinuteClinic.

Oh, and if by chance you are not yet a eligible Haven Term policyholder , we would be negligent not to mention that lifetime insurance, and the peace of mind it can provide, can really make your vacation less difficult as well. Get a quote today.

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