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How Haven Life Plus makes fatherhood less difficult

Fatherhood is a gift, a window into your heart and into your soul, an experience unlike any other, a spark of boundless love and vulnerability, a journey on a path lined with endless laughter and tears, and so much more. It’s also really hard. (Any tips to get rid of “We’re not talking about Bruno” from my brain? It’s been there for months.)

That’s why we’ve put together some ways to make it smaller, all by using the suite of partner services available through Haven Life Plus, the free bonus rider for eligible Haven Term customers. Think of it as our Father’s Day gift to you – and it’s much more useful than a tie.

It helps you to help your children take risks

Two dueling impulses of fatherhood: 1

, the need to keep your children safe; 2, The desire that they should push themselves a little, including physically.

If you want your children to climb trees, run around and generally test their limits, it can lead to the occasional bump and scratch, but with MinuteClinic you have a way to patch them up quickly. MinuteClinic is a clinic within Target and CVS where you do not have to make an appointment where you can handle minor medical matters and things like vaccinations (another important factor for adventurous children or adults). Via Haven Life Plus, eligible Haven Term policyholders receive discounts.

It helps you deal with your children’s changing schedule

When school is out, your children’s schedules may not be as consistent as they were during the school year – which means that yours can also suffer. If your sleep is even more disturbed than usual for a parent, TimeShifter can help. The anti-jetlag app offers a free subscription via Haven Life Plus, and is designed to optimize your sleep wherever you are – even at home.

And if the time zone change of a family vacation is in the cards this summer, the app will really come into its own.

It helps you deal with dad

Have you trained less since you became a father? You’re not alone. No matter what free time you still have available, Aaptiv, the training app with a free subscription for eligible Haven Term policyholders, has a training session that suits your schedule, fitness level and goals. The app is a disgrace to fitness riches, filled with everything from hard cardio to guided walks and everything in between.

It helps you deal with existential fears

A sober aspect of being a father is to realize that your responsibilities to your children will continue forever, even after you are gone. Do you have a will? Have you provided detailed instructions on what to do with your funeral and any other things that need to be handled by your family after you are gone?

These are responsibilities that will survive you, but you can deal with them now. For the will section, Trust & Will allows you to create a legally binding trust or will online in a matter of minutes, and you can do so at no cost if you are a eligible Haven Term policyholder. In addition, Lantern lets you take care of end-of-life planning (everything from funeral plans to managing your social media accounts), and it’s also available at no cost to eligible Haven Life customers.

We should also mention that life insurance is an important part of your life planning: Take care of it, along with your life plan and death plan, and you will sleep much easier (or relatively easier, if you are the father of an infant). who still need a midnight meal).

It helps your children to help you

It is remarkable how much data children create. Medical records, school information, sports teams, pets, schedules after school … And it adds your own things, from mortgages and insurance documents to pension accounts.

To organize all of this in one place (which is actually in the cloud, which means it goes wherever you go), try LifeSite, a digital vault that is available at no cost to eligible Haven Life customers. It can store all your information in a super secure access system anywhere. And this is where your children come in. LifeSite works best when the whole family shows up (you would be surprised at how much information there is to upload). So get your child started by adding streaming passwords and then letting them handle more complex documents and files over time.

Eventually, you will get them to keep LifeSite updated for you, while you sit back and enjoy the results. Happy Father’s Day.

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