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How entrepreneurs can maximize their holidays

Minimizing work hours while on vacation

Business owners handle great pressure every day. Being a manager of a company, managing employees and finances etc. can make holidays a difficult task. And if you make time for a vacation, disconnection may seem impossible.

Carefully checking out holidays is not something that everyone can do. One study shows that only 14 percent of small business owners can do that. Even when there is so much going on, it is important for small business owners to remove time away from work, recharge batteries and come back with a new mind to continue their business. [1

9659003] Do you find yourself struggling with this as a independent insurance agency owner ? Here are some tips to help you disconnect and take advantage of your well-deserved vacation.

Creating a plan and setting expectations

If you manage employees, it is important that you plan and define clear expectations before you go out. Take some time to check in with your team and see if everything is in order. Confirm that they have everything you need them to have and everything they need to know. If possible, assign someone to be your backup for specific tasks that may require some attention when you are out.

 Minimize working hours during vacation Plan time to be online

Forget about your phone and other electronic devices when you are on vacation is necessary for your brain to be able to be restored and unwound. It may seem a bit impractical first, especially if you have children at home, but the best way is to schedule online time. Plan the time of day where you are online or available to check your phone or answer calls if needed. It can be an hour in the morning or afternoon. Scheduling helps you to ensure that you do not end up being consumed by phone or email.

Allow yourself some flexibility

If it is not possible to break away from your official information, it is not possible to book a place on your calendar to do substantial work that you cannot do. After the 80: 20 rule is a good solution for many entrepreneurs, where 80 percent of the time is leisure time and the other 20 percent is for work.

Once you have started your own business, it may be difficult to take time for yourself, but it is important that you do so. Resting and separating you from work for a few days will help you focus and care for your mental health and overall well-being.

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