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How does Term Life Insurance work // Difference Guide (2020)

Reduced life insurance

An insurance policy with reduced life expectancy will decrease in value during the life of the insurance.

The point of a policy like this was that over time, your financial need for a larger policy would continue to diminish.

These policies are rapidly becoming obsolete as there is almost never a time when they are favorable to a client.

You will usually only see this as a type of mortgage insurance.

Outside of mortgage protection insurance, you will almost never hear about this type of insurance, especially if you are buying from an agent or online.

If you do not have life insurance, this is the worst type of insurance for you, so make sure you always ask if the coverage is level or if it decreases over time.

Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

Return of Premium Term Life insurance works just as it sounds; your premiums are returned at the end by the police.

These insurances will always be more expensive each month than any other type of life insurance policy simply because your premiums are returned at the end.

How to:

If you purchase a 30 year term for $ 75.00 / month.

At the end of the 30 years, if you do not retire, or let the policy expire, you will receive a check for $ 27,000.

It's like having a savings account and a life insurance policy all in one.

A refund of premium policy is a good option; however, normally no one can afford to spend for their life insurance.

You can check out a post from Money Savvy Living that provides more information about this specific product, click here to read the post.

No Exam Term Life Insurance

No medical examination term life insurance also works the way it sounds. You can be approved for a life insurance without the need for a medical examination.

You will find that the prices for these insurances are slightly higher than an insurance that requires an examination.

This happens because the carrier insures you without anyone seeing you and only based on simple database checks.

We actually compared 5 of the best life insurance companies in medical research in the United States for 2019.

There is no better option if you need your coverage quickly.

Accidental Death Insurance

An Accidental Death Insurance policy is a life insurance policy that only pays out if your death was the result of an accident.

If you depart from any other cause of death, this policy will not be paid.

Accidents to death should not be the only type of life insurance you have and sometimes come as a rider.

There is a new company called Fabric that is making waves by focusing specifically on selling these types of insurance policies.

This policy is usually good if you have a health problem that prevents you from getting traditional insurance.

This type of policy in general is guaranteed to be a problem and requires no research or health issues.

If you think this type of coverage is right for you, click here for some quick rates.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

A life insurance policy (often referred to as a mortgage protection insurance) is traditionally a type of reduced life expectancy policy.

Over time, the death benefit for the police decreases.

This policy also pays your mortgage directly to the mortgage company in a one-time payment usually.

You can probably find it much easier to qualify for these types of insurance policies if you have any existing terms.

However, I believe that this policy is worth having a separate individual life insurance policy to cover any additional final costs.

Key Person Insurance

A key person insurance is a type of life insurance policy that is used to cover a key person in a company.

A key person is usually anyone who is crucial to a company's survival.

If they were to go away, the company would surely fail.d

Key Personal insurance is an important form of insurance to have specifically for small business owners.

Direct Life Life Insurance

This is simply buying life loan insurance directly from the insurance company that allows you to bypass all the agents and possibly a little amo with no savings.

I wrote a more detailed post about this.

Life Insurance Supplement (Riders)

When you buy life insurance, there are additional options known as Riders that you can add to the policy to make it even more favorable for you or your family.

Below is a breakdown of each of the different riders:

All Cause Death Benefit

All Cause Death Benefit is one of the most important benefits you can have as a part of your policy.

Adding this rider means that your policy covers you for all causes of death.

There are some exceptions. however, they are serious as "death when they commit a crime."

In general, if you die of an accident, terminal illness or natural causes, this policy will be paid.

If your policy does not cover all causes, you probably have an unintentional death insurance policy that should not be your only type of life insurance policy.

Accelerated Death Benefit

Accelerated Death Benefit is also sometimes referred to as a "living ability" this is because you can receive a percentage of the payout while you are still alive.

This way works is that if you are diagnosed any terminal illness with expectations of living for less than 24 months.

Or if you have a condition that prevents you from performing the simple daily functions of living, the policy will expedite the death benefit.

Every carrier is different; my policy will speed up 75% of my policy if i go blind or have a heart attack or stroke or if i get a terminal illness.

Reading the fine print is very important when adding this rider to your policy.

Accidental Death Benefit

As a rider, the unintentional death benefit will be paid in addition to your life insurance if you should die in an accident.

For example:

You have a $ 250,000 life insurance policy with a death benefit rider of $ 250,000.

If you were to walk away from a heart attack, it would not be considered a accident so the policy would only pay out $ 250,000 in coverage.

But if you were to walk away from a car accident or if an aircraft engine fell out of the sky and landed on you, it would be considered an accident.

The policy would then pay out the insurance policy $ 250,000 and also $ 250,000 for accidental death for a further $ 500,000 in coverage.

Waiver of Premium

Waiver of Premium rides exist to ensure that if you are ever in a position of temporary or permanent disability as after a certain waiting time, you will no longer to have to pay premium payments for your policy.

Some policies come with this rider which is attached for free, and some have an extra cost so be sure to ask if there are extra costs associated with it. [19659070] Children & # 39; s Term Rider

Child Term Rider allows you to add your children aged 18 or younger (age limit depends on carrier) to your policy.

Adding this rider saves you the hassle of paperwork, you need to find another carrier and it also gives you premium savings.

In my experience, most of these policies have a fixed price for any number of children. If you have two children or more, this benefit should be considered even more.


These riders take your term life insurance policy up a notch and give you additional benefits on top of your life insurance.

You really should consider what options, if any, you would like to have as part of your policy before you start searching so that you are better prepared.

Life insurance made it easy.

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Term Life Vs Whole Life

In this matchup, until recently, there have always been drastically different opinions about which option is best for you to choose.

Are Lifetime Insurance Rates Best Or Lifetime Insurance Rates, And Why You Should Choose Which Option.

To best answer how term insurance works, you must first understand that there is also whole life insurance.

But I give you good news.

I recently reached out to over 100 personal finance experts and asked them this simple question:

"Term Life vs. Whole Life, which would you choose and why?" [19659003] I was able to get 41 experts to answer with the difference between life insurance and life expectancy.

This post is the best way to give you an impartial and honest opinion as well as give you an actual answer based on their votes.

Exam or no exam when buying life insurance

First of all, let's talk about why these two options exist and what they mean. .

This process (depending on the carrier) can take up to three months and requires medical attention.

This medical examination will generally consist of a urine sample and check your blood pressure, height and weight as well as the nurse who draws blood.

Your blood work is sent to the lab and your results are sent directly to the insurance company for review.

This process can sometimes take up to 75 days due mainly to the process of requesting medical records; However, there are some options.

You can check below Infographic for a detailed layout of the procedure for medical records:

  anatomy of a medical record request

No Exam

No Exam Life insurance also goes under the name simplified life insurance. This product (as the name implies) does not require any examination.

The majority of the product only covers up to 250,000 coverage; But there are some that will cover you more.

These products will use three databases along with answers to your application to determine your insurance.

They will check your MIB (Medical Information Bureau) report, your prescription drugs (Intelliscript) and your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report).

Once this information has been gathered, the insurance company will usually make a decision.

The reason these products do not offer any degree is that they traditionally only give you a standard health rating or below.

If you did not read about the health classifications above, click here and it will all make sense.

Due to more standard or lower health ratings, these policies usually have no immediate question or products with immediate question, they are always more expensive.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, a "No Exam" product may work best for you:

  • Are you unsure of your current medical situation? [19659115] Will s scheduling of an exam affect your work or your personal life?
  • Are you afraid of needles?
  • Do you want an answer and approval within a few days?
  • Are you okay with not getting the lowest possible rate? [19659119] If you answer yes to any of these questions, the "Exam" option and products may work best for you:

    • Do you want the lowest possible price?
    • Do you know your current health situation?
    • Are you okay with waiting a little longer for a response and approval?
    • Need $ 500,000 or more in coverage?

    Our Infographic below was created to give you an idea of ​​how underwriting tends to work now, as opposed to how it worked in the past:

  underwriting then vs now, real time underwriting

Coverage in minutes.

You can get life insurance coverage within minutes of receiving your quotes and application.

Outcome for life insurance guarantees

The worst part of buying life insurance is finding out that you did not get approval for the coverage you applied for.

When this happens, it is easy to feel that you have been grazed and changed, but in most cases it is just the insurance process.

I have taken warranty guidelines from the top carriers to give you an idea of ​​what they are looking for and why your prices may change.

Underwriting is usually one of the most confusing areas for all new life insurance agents and especially clients.

The best way to look at how an insurance company will overestimate your health is to view your health as a credit score.

Loan lenders determine how much house you can borrow based on your credit score and insurance companies determine your insurance based on your current health.

When it comes to life insurance, your health will be the biggest factor in what your final interest rate ends up.

Check out the chart and look at your health as a credit score to better understand how insurance companies view your health.

Credit To Health Rating Conversion

* Having Ultra Preferred Health equals 850 points. The insurance company will see you as very low risk and you would get the best prices.

Ultra Preferred

For this health classification you must be in top shape.

Most insurance companies will require you to be not older than 50 just to even qualify for this rating.

If you qualify you will get the best available ratings, some insurance companies do not offer this option.

Preferred Plus

Preferred Plus will be the second best health rating you can get, and will also be the best underwriting class offered for 90% of insurance companies.

You will find that you usually have to be younger than 65 years old to even qualify for this rate and depending on the carrier, have not smoked for at least the last five years, have a perfect driving record, BMI and no dangerous jobs.

Preferred Non-Tobacco

For a majority of carriers, this will be the starting point for their health issue, and both preferred plus and ultra-preferred will not be offered as an alternative. .

To qualify for this grade, you usually need to have significant health and no solid medical history.

Preferred Tobacco

You can get a desired interest rate as a tobacco user but expect to have a much higher tax rate than you would if you did not smoke.

Standard Plus

Standard plus allows you to be nicotine free for only 12 months and qualify for non-tobacco interest rates.

Health requirements are less stringent in terms of blood pressure, cholesterol levels, driving history and family history.

Standard Non-Tobacco

Standard Non-Tobacco is probably the class that the majority of people will fall into.

It will be the easiest in terms of current medical conditions, previous medical problems, family health, weight, height and the overall picture of your health.

Standard Tobacco

The same health guidelines as a standard interest rate but will have a higher monthly premium because you are a tobacco user.

Sub Standard

This class is for people who have a lower standard than health, but not so bad where no coverage is available.

Sometimes this is due to height and weight or if you are an insulin dependent diabetic.

Some airlines do not offer this option and will go directly into a table valuation.

Table valuation

Table values ​​are below Standard and Sub Standard and can go up to 14 tables and depending on the carrier are either numbers or letters.

If you need life insurance after a heart stone operation, you are probably looking at a table valuation.

The higher the number or letter, the higher your health risk and the higher the premiums will be.

Sometimes carriers rate you a Table 2 or a Table B; it's about what the carrier uses.

But all table values ​​mean a higher tax rate and a higher health risk for the insurance company.

Term Life Insurance For Children

When it comes to life insurance for children, your best option is to add them to your insurance as a rider.

Most insurance companies only charge a fixed interest rate no matter how many children you add to the rider, this is an important factor when it comes to saving money on your policy.

There is a field of information online on why life insurance for a child is good or a waste of money.

However, I try to look at this from a factual and statistical perspective.

According to the CDC:

  • In 2014, a total of 23,215 deaths occurred in children under one year.
  • In 2014, a total of 18,666 deaths occurred in children between 1-17 years of age. [19659183] The above information shows us a history of approximately 41,881 deaths in children before they turn 18 years old. If we a say that there would be about 753,858 child deaths over the next 18 years.

    I think this guarantees us protection if the worst we can imagine happens and we lose a child.

Life insurance made easy.

Agents not required.

Get quotes and sign up online without talking to an agent. But we're here if you need us.

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Get objective insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid dumgy sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can get life insurance coverage within minutes of receiving your quotes and application.

Life expectancy period

How life expectancy is calculated

To understand how life insurance rates are calculated, you must first understand where it all begins.

Insurance companies employ persons known as actuaries; It's a cool name for individuals who push the numbers and data to determine how likely someone is to pass away.

Before their policy ends, based on their age, gender, occupation and location, the more likely it is that they will pass before the end of the plan, the higher the premiums will be.

When the actuaries have crushed the number for the insurance company, they come up with an "interest / thousand" chart.

The prices per thousand charts show how much it will cost to buy insurance of $ 1,000.

Prices per thousand will change based on your gender, if you smoke, your age, your health and how much coverage you need.

For example:

If you get a quote of $ 24.00 / month for a ten year period of $ 250,000, that interest rate was given based on an interest per thousand cost of $ 0.096, so ($ 0.096 * 250 = $ 24.00).

This calculation is in place to ensure that insurance companies charge a specific customer for the correct price for their life insurance coverage.

We wanted to give you a picture below of what these diagrams usually look like:

  Life expectancy, Life expectancy calculations

Life expectancy calculation period

About You are not sure exactly how much coverage you need or want to compare what you think you need with what you may actually need.

Check out some of the best calculators for best life.

The Future Of Term Life Insurance

Life Insurance for HIV Patients:

Some recently some insurance companies have decided to start covering customers with HIV.

As long as their numbers are correct and they receive consistent checks, their policy remains active. It is very new; but it is definitely something that was missing from the market.

No exams:

More and more companies are rolling out products that do not require an exam.

Some companies even offer the same prices with an exam or without a degree up to a certain coverage.

As technology grows and information becomes more accessible, the need for a degree for the average insurance policy will probably disappear.

Consumer Facing Applications:

We did Haven Life Insurance Reviews, a Ladder Life Insurance Review, Fabric Life Insurance Review, Bestow Life Insurance Review and an Ethos Life Insurance Review as these companies focus on consumer issues and notifications.

You no longer need to work with an agent to do your research and sign up for coverage. It has really been a long time coming, but I think the life insurance industry is finally catching up.

No Life Insurance Agents:

The current advances in technology and information will eventually create an environment where a life insurance agent is no longer needed to complete life insurance sales.

My statement does not mean that advisors do not exist for more complicated products.

I just see them becoming more specialized and offering life insurance in addition to their other services.

Life Insurance Wearables:

Life insurance companies want to give you a discount if you use wearables and allow them to get better data about your health.

I'm not sure where they go with this process, but only time will tell if it is a viable process for life insurance.

Life insurance easy.

Agents not required.

Get quotes and sign up online without talking to an agent. But we're here if you need us.

Uncharted, expert advice.

Get objective insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid dumgy sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can get life insurance coverage within minutes of receiving your quotes and application.

Rookie mistake when buying life insurance

Not doing enough research

Not doing research in advance is the worst thing you can do when you start searching a life insurance plan.

Although the life insurance framework is uncomplicated, do not go into the unprepared.

It can easily put you in a position to possibly buy the wrong product or a product that does not suit you and your family best.

If you do not know the basics of life insurance, you really should not investigate how to buy it.

If you can not cope with this quiz below, you really need to take a little more time and read through our post to get a better understanding of life insurance and life insurance in general.

Provide Payment Information Before Approval [19659242] I have seen this happen time and time again. The first agent you talk to sounds like they know their stuff and they have the best prices.

You register and provide all your information, but you still have not received a response to your approval.

After a whole week and you have not heard anything, you start looking for coverage elsewhere.

Then you will find an agent who quotes you an even better tax rate and they will get you approved in a few days.

Two weeks later you will be approved for the original policy you purchased and the draft premium; now you are upset.

It is best not to submit payment information when applying for life insurance until you have an approval and policy number.

Why pay for something you do not really have yet.

Does not use the Free Look period

You get a free look period with all life insurance you buy.

This time period allows you to return the policy for your premium payment if you decide that you no longer want it.

Most of them are 30 days; sometimes they can be shorter. Almost like a 30-day money back guarantee.

Use this if you need to, you do not have to buy the policy just because you were approved.

Request Quote The Wrong Way

The worst thing to do is go to multiple websites and request life insurance rates.

You must first make sure that the websites do not need any personal information otherwise you will get "100 phone calls about doom" in one week.

A while back I wrote a post about how to get a quote for life insurance without personal information.

The worse situation you can put yourself in is getting so many calls and having an overload of information that you do not make a decision.

Not writing down quotes

It is important that you write down all quotes or put them in a spreadsheet.

You should track:

  • Carrier Name
  • Product name
  • Term Length
  • Coverage amount
  • Quote health price

The reason for this is that you can compare apples with apples.

Make sure you get the same quote from everyone, do not go everywhere and get different quote.

Going with Large Property and Casualty Companies

It's great to think you can get a discount on parcel services.

But more significant real estate and non-life insurance companies are not always the best answer.

Usually you can find much cheaper prices from carriers that focus specifically on the life and health side of the industry.

Just as an example:

Run a quick quote with Statefarm – Coverage of $ 250,000 over 30 years is $ 28.50 / month.

But with Haven Life, the same policy is $ 21.63 / month or Standard Life the same policy is $ 21.82 / month.

The latter carriers focus specifically on life insurance, and their prices are much more affordable with savings of over $ 81 / year.

If you had that policy for 30 years, you would spend about $ 2400 more than if you had gone with a company that is specifically focused on life and health

As long as they are a company with solid finances and good Claims that pay history and ability, you should probably stick to companies that are more focused on life insurance specifically.

You can use AM Best, Fitch ratings, Moody's or Standard and Poor's to check if there are insurance company ratings.

Is term life insurance for everyone

Term life insurance is not the answer for everyone.

If you need the policy to last your whole life or want it to build cash, it will not be the best product for you.

There are also products such as a single premium comprehensive policy that allows you to receive a lump sum payment and your coverage is paid up, and no payments are ever needed again.

It will come down to your specific situation and what your life insurance needs are when you need coverage.

Your life insurance questions answered

Why do I need life insurance?

This is a smart question, sometimes "Why" is very important when we get involved with something.

However, the truth is that you do not need life insurance, it is not f or you.

Life insurance is for the loved ones we leave behind.

Om vi ​​går bort kan de möta otänkbara svårigheter tillsammans med sorgsenheten i vår bortgång.

Jag tror att en bättre fråga är "Skulle min familj kunna komma förbi ekonomiskt om jag går bort?"

Om svaret på det är ett Nej, är det därför du behöver livförsäkring.

Behöver jag Behöver du verkligen mer än en livförsäkringspolicy?

Nej, du behöver inte mer än en livförsäkring.

Du kanske äger mer än en, men du behöver inte mer än en, det kan vara lättare att lägga den totala täckningen du behöver i en politik.

Hur vet jag hur mycket livförsäkring jag behöver? [19659002] Flera olika täckningsalternativ finns tillgängliga.

Simply Insurance rekommenderar att du får minst 20 gånger din årliga inkomst och gå ner därifrån baserat på vad du har råd.

Vem ska jag köpa livslånsförsäkring från?

Du kan köpa livförsäkring online, från en lokal agent eller någon agent som har licens för att göra affärer i ditt land.

Priserna fastställs av staten för varje transportör, så vi rekommenderar att du går med vem som ger dig mest information och får dig att känna dig som mest bekväm.

Hur betalar livslånsförsäkring ut?

Livförsäkring kommer att betala ut i ett engångsbelopp till stödmottagaren när bevis för dödsfall tillhandahålls försäkringsbolaget i form av en dödsintyg och vanligtvis en kopia av försäkringen.

Om försäkringen har mer än en förmånstagare betalar termen livförsäkring till alla mottagare som anges i de belopp som de fick

Vad händer med terminsförsäkring när it expires?

When term life insurance expires, depending on the policy, that is the end of the policy.

If you have what's known as a Return of Premium Term life insurance coverage, then all the premiums paid into the policy will payout when it ends.

Is life insurance necessary for a single person?

Yes, life insurance is needed for a single individual.

Being single does not eliminate the debt that is created if you were to pass away, someone will be responsible for it. Your parents or friends.

Does term life insurance cost more every year?

There is only one type of term life policy where the rate will increase every year, and that is known as Annually Renewable Term.

The policies will renew and have a price increase every year.

However, you will find that unless you ask for this type of product, you can only choose five years or less when buying online or dealing with an agent.

Can I trust my life insurance company to pay my beneficiaries?

There are rating companies like Standard and Poor's and AM Best that you can use to help gauge the ability for the insurance company to pay out on a policy.

Does term life insurance expire?

Yes – Term insurance will end at the end of the term that you purchase, and you will have to either renew the policy or not renew it.

Some carriers give you the ability to convert it into another type of product at specific stages of the policy.

What are the advantages of term life insurance?

The advantages of term life insurance are the lower costs, living benefits and larger coverage amounts for that lower cost.

Can I afford term life insurance?

Yes – You can afford term life insurance, it’s setup to fit any budget.

The average annual income for the US is $44,000. That’s more than enough to fit $150 to $300 per year for life insurance into your budget.

What should I look for in a term life insurance policy?

You should be looking for an A rated carrier, a plan with no-cost additional benefits like an Accelerated Death Benefit, the longest term length that you can comfortably afford and the most affordable premium.

How does convertible term life insurance work

A convertible term life insurance policy just allows you to convert the policy into a whole life policy during a particular period.

If you miss the window to convert your policy, you won’t be able to do it a later date.

If you choose to convert your plan, you won’t have to go back through underwriting for proof of insurability again.

How do I decide the number of years (term) to choose for my policy?

You should look at several factors; however, we tell our customers to think about their Mortgage.

How long they have left to pay on that, if they were to pass away as well as the age of their children.

Will a ten-year term policy put your kids at an age where they no longer financially need you or will a 20 or 30-year term work best.

How often should I review my life insurance needs?

You should review your life insurance needs whenever you have a life event such as a new job, a marriage, a new baby, a death or any lump sum payout.

After that, I say review it at the least every two years.

What coverages does term life provide?

Term life policies are considered all cause death benefit policies, and they cover you for any deaths caused by accidents, natural causes, or critical illness.

That is the most basic of what it covers; you can have additional riders that allow the policy to cover more things, be sure to review your online application or ask an agent about any additional riders.

What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a person or entity that you leave your life insurance money to in the event of your death.

How many beneficiaries can I have?

We haven’t seen an insurance carrier limit the number of beneficiaries.

The insurance companies only have required that the total being left to add up to 100%

Who Can I Name As Beneficiaries?

You can name anyone with “insurable interest” as your beneficiaries.

Having insurable interest means that if you were to pass away, it would financially affect them.

How are term life insurance quotes determined?

Term life insurance quotes are determine by people called actuaries that work for the insurance companies and simply take data to figure out how to rate a specific group of people.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Life Insurance?

Is life insurance taxable is a common, yet great question to ask.

Normally there are no taxes on life insurance, however I would advise you to make sure to speak with an accountant or tax attorney about the specific tax laws in your state.

What is the policy holder of an insurance Policy

The Policy Holder, also known as the Policy Owner is the person that actually controls the policy.

They are the only people that can make changes to the policy such as beneficiaries and payment information and are the only ones that can cancel the policy.

There are several reasons to not be the owner of a policy that you are the insured on.

For instance, if you would prefer your spouse handles all of the administrative things that go along with having a life insurance policy.

How can I determine whether I need life insurance?

If you are living you need some sort of insurance on your life.

The harsh truth is that we are all going to die eventually and when that happens it’s best that we leave whomever will be responsible for our final expenses in a better financial situation.

What kind of things does life insurance cover?

Life insurance can cover anything once the funds are paid out to the beneficiary so be wise as to whom you leave the funds to.

Just to name a few things:

  • Car Debt
  • Mortgage
  • Daily Living Expenses
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Food
  • Final Expenses

What Is A Death Benefit?

A death benefit, also known as the coverage amount, is how much will payout upon the death of the insured person.

Does a beneficiary need to do anything to receive the death benefit?

The beneficiary should have a copy of the insurance policy and contact the insurance company or agent directly along with a certificate of death.

What is underwriting?

Underwriting is the process that life insurance carriers go through to determine if they can insure you.

Are my life insurance premiums tax deductible?

In most cases you can deduct life insurance premiums from your taxes if it’s through your business.

You should reach out to a local tax attorney about your options in your state.

How does the application process work for life insurance?

The application process will work different for each insurance carrier.

Some carriers have consumer facing sites where the customer can apply online.

Other carriers require a paper application, or an electronic application with e-signature and some allow for telephone applications.

Just be prepared with all of your personal information, the information on the beneficiaries and your payment information

What is a paramedical exam?

When they are required, a paramedical exam is simply the exam you take to get approved for a life insurance policy.

How should I prepare for the paramedical exam?

The best way to prepare for a paramedical exam is to make sure you fast the night before and don’t drink or eat anything until after the exam is complete.

You have to remember that a Doctor telling you that you are healthy and an insurance company saying you are healthy aren’t based on the same factors.

What happens if I misrepresent something on my application?

If the insurance company figures out you have misrepresented something on the application they can cancel your policy and refund you the premiums paid into the policy.

In addition to this, if they don’t catch the misrepresentation at the time of your application, they can challenge your death if it happens with in 2 years of you passing away within the contestibility period.

Every Insurance company has what’s known as the contestibility period. These periods normally last for 2 years.

This is time given to insurance companies to determine if you have made a misrepresentation on your application.

After this period is up, you are now in the incontestibility phase and companies can’t deny your claim based on a misrepresentation.

When is the best time to buy term life insurance?

The best time to buy term life insurance is when you are young, in the best health, and not smoking.

The younger you are when you buy it, the longer you will have it for, and the lower the premiums will be.

Rates for tobacco users is substantially higher than any nonsmoker, so getting covered before you ever start smoking is a very good idea.

How do I estimate how much term life insurance to buy?

We usually recommend you purchase at the least twenty times (20X) your annual income.

That is going to give your family the best chance at a stable financial future if you were to pass away.

What are some common pitfalls when shopping for term life insurance?

The most common pitfalls are buying the wrong type of policy and assuming that it’s term life insurance.

Giving out payment information before you have even been approved for a policy and not asking as many questions or doing as much research as possible on the product and or carrier that you are looking at.

Is the life insurance my employer provides enough?

Here at Simply Insurance we don’t recommend relying solely on your employer for your life insurance needs.

Employers usually don’t go with you if you leave the company and often the coverage is only one times your annual salary which isn't much to cover your family in their time of need.

How reliable are life insurance companies?

Just like any industry you want to do business with reputable companies.

Be sure to look at places like the Department of Insurance or AM BEST, BBB and Standard and Poors to determine which company works best for you.

Are all life insurance companies the same?

All life insurance companies Are Not the same .They all have different financial situations, underwriting guidelines and reputations.

What red flags I should watch for when shopping for life insurance?

The biggest red flags to watch out for when shopping for life insurance would be:

  • Making a decision to buy and still not understand what you are buying.
  • An insurance company that doesn’t have a good rating from AM Best.
  • An Insurance agent unwilling to give you their agent number.
  • Making any payments out to an Insurance Agent or Agency.

Who should I turn to for advice on buying life insurance?

We have great resources on our blog and you can also give us a call at: 1. 800.340.4414

We are licensed agents that can help you with any questions you may have.

What’s the difference between an agent and a broker?

An agent is a licensed individual that works sells insurance, a broker is an agent that represents multiple insurance carriers.[19659299]Some life insurance agents are considered "Captive" and can only represent one company.

A Broker will have multiple contracts with different carriers and can offer you more options for coverage.

Is it cheaper to go direct than through an agent?

The prices for insurance rates are normally set and the insurance company pays the agent if you take out a policy, so there will be no difference in price.

Can I get Term Life Insurance For My Pet?

We most often think of pet health insurance when looking at quotes for pet insurance.

But, believe it or not, there is a form of life insurance for your pets.

However, they don't work like traditional life insurance policies and there are usually things they won't cover.

Most pet life insurance policies cover only unexpected deaths like accidents or sudden illnesses.

If your pet dies of old age, pre-existing conditions or even a hereditary disease, the policy probably won’t pay out.

Simply Insurance does recommend insurance for your pet if you don't have it and we have a full review here for all the reasons why.

Am I Locked Into a Contract with My Insurance Policy?

You are NOT locked into any term life insurance policy.

These policies are setup like any utility bill that you have, if you don't pay the bill in 30 days, you get disconnected.

The same thing goes for life insurance, after the grace period, which is usually 30 days.

If you don't make a payment your policy will lapse and you will no longer be covered.

Some carriers allow you to pay premiums owed and start back your policy without going trough underwriting again as long as it is under 60 days.

However, if you miss this deadline you will have to start the process over again to get covered.

Where Can I Find Life Insurance Definitions?

You're in luck, we actually have a complete list, check out our life insurance definitions.

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Where Can I Find Life Insurance Definitions?

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