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How do I get the best life insurance rates?

To get the best life insurance rates

  • Apply for life insurance as soon as you need it;
  • Work with a life insurance broker;
  • Make smart health and lifestyle choices.

Apply for life insurance as soon as you need it

Your age plays a major role in determining life insurance costs.

We recommend that you purchase a life insurance policy as soon as you realize you need it for your family. And because life insurance rates are fixed, you can lock in a low premium during the life of the insurance.

But even if you're a little late with the life insurance game, life insurance can be tailored to fit most budgets. You can reduce the coverage amount or maturity to make it more affordable.

This table below shows how you can lower your monthly fee by lowering the nominal amount (aka the coverage amount).

This table below shows how you can lower your monthly interest rate by shortening the term.

Apply through a life insurance broker

A life insurance broker does not have to sell products from a specific life insurance company. A broker has partnerships with many different life insurance companies. Here at Quotacy, we work with over 25 A-rated (or better) life insurance companies.

If an applicant has a health or lifestyle problem, you get the best price if you apply through a broker. This is due to our ability to trade your case with different life insurance companies.

Not all life insurance companies guarantee risk factors in the same way. While one company may offer Standard to someone with a history of depression, another company may be comfortable offering Preferred.

Price ranges determine what you pay. There can be a big difference in cost depending on the price range you get from a carrier.

Make smart health and lifestyle choices

Your choices of health and lifestyle affect your life insurance prices. Tobacco use, for example, is one of the biggest factors affecting pricing.

There are two broad categories of life insurance classes: non-tobacco and tobacco.

If you smoke cigarettes, you are placed in a tobacco. taxation class. Cigars, e-cigarettes, marijuana, chewing tobacco and pipe smoking can also get a tobacco rating depending on which life insurance company you apply to.

As you can see, the pricing in the tobacco categories is much higher compared to non-tobacco.

If you do not smoke Cigarettes, but using a different form of tobacco, you can save money by applying to Quotacy. If there is an insurance company that is willing to offer you a price range without tobacco, we will find it.

If you currently smoke cigarettes and plan to quit in the future, we recommend that you still purchase life insurance now. When you have quit and some time has passed, apply again and see if you qualify for a lower price.

The same advice applies to any health or lifestyle problem you want to improve. Do you have high cholesterol and are working to lower it? Get life insurance now and apply in the future. Do you have a DUI on your register that makes your life insurance rates quite high? Buy the cover now and apply in the future when there is more time between you and your incident.

You never know what tomorrow will bring. You can be diagnosed with a health condition that leaves you uninsured. You could have an accident and die much earlier than planned. Protect your family today.

You can get free quotes on life insurance directly, without even giving away any contact information. When you feel comfortable and ready to apply, the online application only takes a few minutes.

Once you have applied, a Quotacy Agent will contact you and help you through the process from start to finish. Do not hesitate to get the best life insurance rates.

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