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How do I get my husband to buy life insurance?

However, your Group Policy does not belong to you. If you leave the company, the life insurance goes away. Your job can also change its benefit package at any time and remove the coverage. And besides, that policy is only worth $ 50,000. It's something, but it's not enough to reimburse your entire income for our family.

Excuse # 3: I can buy more coverage through my work.

My work offers a supplementary coverage plan. I will buy it during the next registration period.

I think it would be a good idea to apply for an individual life insurance plan before committing to the supplementary plan. Chances are, because you are healthy, you will pay less for the semester plan and you will be entitled to much more coverage. If you do not like the insurance company's offer, you can always go and go with your work supplement plan. Maybe next year.

Many things can happen in one year. What happens if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition and then it is too late to get life insurance?

Excuse # 5: We have a savings account. We do not need life insurance.

It will go well. If something happens, we have a lot of money in savings.

We both need our income to pay for the mortgage, save for retirement and cover everyday expenses and bills. After a funeral and end-of-life expenses, how much will be left in our savings account?

Excuse # 6: I'm too busy.

The work is really busy right now. I do not have time during the day to go and meet agents to find a life insurance.

You can compare top-rated insurance companies and apply in just a few minutes, all online!

Excuse # 7: It's too expensive. Ok, yes, does it fit into our budget? My group life insurance is free. I do not think I want to spend $ 1

00 a month on something we may never even use.

You're 35. You do not smoke and you're pretty healthy. An insurance policy worth $ 500,000 that will protect our family for 30 years can cost as little as $ 35 per month. If something happens to you before you retire, this policy will protect everything we've worked for.

Okay, but what about you? You have no life insurance either. What happens if you die first?

We should both have life insurance. Let's go online and apply together.

It's easy to apply online through Quotacy. Get instant quotes for real-time life insurance without even giving out any contact information.

You will have insurance policies from many top rated carriers to choose from. But if you are unsure which one to choose, we recommend that you only choose the cheapest option.

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