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How do accidents affect your car insurance?

  Car Accidents and Car Insurance Claims - Alan Galvez Insurance

In Ohio, accidents appear on your driving record for 3 years (on average). But just because they have disappeared from your car report does not necessarily mean that they do not affect your current or future car insurance. Read on ……

How accidents affect you when you apply for a NY car insurance

When you ask for a quote, some of the information we need is required with driving tickets or accidents. We run the motor vehicle report and the CLUE report (tell us some paid claims) to verify. This is part of the normal insurance process. Interested in what other information is required for a car insurance quote? Read our article How to Get an Ohio Car Insurance Quote It's Right First Time. In case of fault accidents the most is counted.

Each insurance company has different "lookback" periods. Some only go back 3 years. Some may look back 5 years. This lookback will determine if you qualify for insurance with that company and at which rating level. As you can imagine, insurance companies have different rating levels – the cleanest driving registers get the best rates, the not-as-pure gets a higher rate.

If you have enough driving activity, you can fall outside the guidelines and have to go on the "high risk" route. These policies have the highest prices. They are also often with a completely different company than you originally considered, because not all insurance companies write high-risk policies.

How accidents affect you when you are already insured

So if you already have car insurance with an insurance company, you might have a little more flexibility. In fact, some companies offer First Accident Forgiveness that applies to your first accident at fault.

If you have more than one accident, several things can happen. If the accident is not your fault, it is usually not a big problem.

If it is your fault, the insurance company can do one of several things:

1. Replace your policy at the next renewal. This surcharge may be on a particular vehicle or an overall surcharge.

2nd Requires you to increase deductibles.

3rd Offers you the opportunity to take out a new policy with their non-standard department (if they have one). This would mean canceling the existing policy and writing about a completely new policy, with a new application and a new advance payment.

4th Cancel the policy.

So just because you have been insured with Company X for 10 years does not mean that you have a license to rack up a lot of accidents and they will be fine with it (unless you are already in high risk, but even high risk has its limits).

The 3-year recall (and perhaps even 5) is still important and when the accident occurs, other accidents or incorrect claims are taken into account during the next 3-year or 5-year period with the new accident to determine what happens in the future.

How about not in case of accidental accidents?

Believe it or not, wrong can accidents count against you when you apply for new insurance. I've seen it happen. I can't tell why this would be, but just know it can mean. It can affect the premium, and you may have to prove that the accident was not your fault (police report or something similar) or else be charged for a wrong error.

I do not agree with this strategy, but you must be aware of the possibility.

If you are already an existing customer, it is more likely than not that an accident not in error will not affect you. Again, check with your insurance agent or company, but I have not experienced any major driving forces for not in the event of an accident.

It is quite important to know what impact an accident can have on your car insurance, whether you are dealing with new insurance or already insured. Our advice? Drive as safely as possible, adjust for weather and weather and give you plenty of time to get to your destination. Many accidents can cause many problems with an insurance company.

For more detailed information on vehicle insurance, please download our FREE Guide – "What you need to do before and after filing an auto insurance claim." It is full of good information.

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