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Homeowners insurance and your fire pit


Homeowners and your fireplace

Are you considering installing or buying a fireplace or heat lamp for your garden this season? From toasting marshmallows with the family to cozy nights wrapped in blankets, they are a great way to help take advantage of the use of your outdoor space without sacrificing comfort. Before adding a fireplace to your garden, be sure to consider how it can affect your safety and insurance!

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Type of pits

It is important to remember that your fireplace is set up. Whether you use a portable fireplace or install a more permanent one, it can affect the type of coverage you need. For example, a portable pit can be considered part of your personal property coverage. While a permanent can be considered as a stand-alone "structure". If you are installing a permanent fireplace, be sure to check with your local law on what is allowed.

Tell your insurance agent

Is there anything I need to tell my insurance agent to have a fireplace? While you may not initially intend to tell your insurer about your fireplace plans, you should discuss the effects. This can affect the coverage limit of your fireplace. Talk to your agent about the coverage you currently have and how much coverage you may need. necessary to reveal it. In areas that are exposed to forest fires, your insurance agent may need extra notification so that you can increase your coverage.

You should not only think about how a fireplace can affect your home, but you should also think about how it can affect others. A spark from your fire can stop setting fire to your neighbor's property. Maybe there are children around and one of them is on fire. You may face medical charges or property damage. In these cases, it is important to have liability protection.

Liability protection can help cover damage or property damage caused by your fire. Be sure to discuss these scenarios with your agent to see how you can best protect yourself, your family and others.

Additional fire safety tips

It is always good to practice fire safety and exercise common sense when there is a fire involved. This includes:

  • Placing your pit at least 10 meters from your home and other homes
  • Pay attention to the weather and strong winds
  • Monitoring children and pets closely
  • Having a fire extinguisher or hose nearby [19659013] 19659018] Make sure the fire is completely extinguished before entering

Before starting the fireplace, talk to an Encharter agent. We are here to help you protect your family! We help you deal with your questions and problems regarding your homeowners' insurance.

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