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Home Insurance Coverage While I'm on Vacation

  Home Insurance On Vacation

Home Insurance Coverage While I'm On Vacation

We all have a great to-do list before we walk out the door for our vacation. Whether you are going on a long weekend or a long trip, you need to make sure your home is safe and secure. Even if you are not at home, you are responsible for everything that happens on your property. Talk to your insurance agent if you want to make sure you have the coverage you need for your home before you go. Some things to keep in mind before calling your agent are:

  • Hiring a janitor while you are away from home
  • Burglary or vandalism while you are away
  • Coverage of bad weather [1
    9659005] Liability applies when you are on holiday
  • Home insurance while you are on holiday
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  that protects your home on holiday Rent a house- Sitter While You Away From Home [19659010] Sometimes you just feel better knowing that someone is really taking care of your home while you are away. Keep in mind, however, that although a caretaker can potentially prevent burglary or prevent certain events from occurring, you (as a homeowner) are still responsible for this person on your property.

Let's say that your caretaker causes an accidental fire in your home, you are still responsible for any damage or compensation costs. If he or she slips and falls on loose mats, you would be responsible. Make sure you discuss your liability limits for your homeowner's policy with your agent before you have one in your home. Asking about extra liability through an umbrella insurance would be beneficial.

Insurance for burglary or vandalism while you are away

Not only do you want to ensure that your home itself is protected while you are away, but you want peace of mind knowing that your belongings inside are protected as well. While your regular home insurance policy provides personal coverage, subject to your deductible, it only provides coverage up to a certain limit. If your home were to be broken into while you were away and your valuables stolen, you may not have the coverage to replace them. For valuable items such as jewelry, art or collectibles, you may want to talk to your agent about special add-on policies. After you have received an assessment, your special insurance would insure you for compensation for the amount it was estimated at.

If your home was vandalized while you were away, the structure and any damage would be covered under your homeowner's insurance, but may be subject to your deductible. Many homeowners discover too late that coverage for their policy is not enough. Re-evaluate your coverage with your agent before leaving the city to make sure you are fully covered while you are away. If you have an alarm system, you may be entitled to a discount of up to 20 percent.

 home insurance coverage Poor weather coverage

Just as you can not change the weather where you are going on holiday, you can not change what it does at home either. Be sure to prepare for the risk of storms while you are away. Damage due to rain, snow, ice, wind or hail can cause your home. For homeowners in or near flood zones, even if it is low risk, you should consider flood insurance to mitigate out-of-pocket costs after that fact. In the event of a loss of power, you want to talk to your insurance agent to make sure you have food spoilage coverage. To protect your home from other damage such as freezing pipes or tree limbs that fall on your house or vehicle due to storms, discuss coverage for both your home and car insurance and ask for a discount on multiple policies when you are on it! [19659018] Call us at 413.475.283
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Liability issues when you are on holiday

Even if you are not at home, you are responsible for everything that happens in your home or on your property. Homeowners with swimming pools or trampolines should pay special attention. If neighbors still come over to enjoy your amenities in the garden, discuss your liability limits with your insurance agent and talk about an umbrella insurance for extra protection. Even if your sidewalks or driveway are poorly maintained, or if someone falls into your pool, you may be responsible for legal costs and medical bills. Whether you think someone will be on your property, discuss this coverage and the right boundaries for you and your family.

 home insurance on holiday Home insurance to take with you on holiday

Your home insurance does more than just protect your home, it also helps to protect your belongings when you are away from home. Should your personal belongings be stolen from your hotel room, lost in the aircraft or taken from your rental car, there is coverage for your homeowner's policy, subject to your deductible.

Coverage through supplementary home insurance policy would also transfer to vacation. Let's say you lose your engagement ring on a trip with your family (or on your honeymoon), a jewelry insurance float would ensure that you got full value to replace your ring. Finally, your car insurance provides some protection when you rent a vehicle. For exact coverage, talk to your insurance agent.

A vacation should be a relaxing time. You really do not want to worry about the things that can go wrong. Talk to an insurance expert about the right coverage and limitations for your homeowner's insurance as well as other insurances that you can add to your portfolio. As always, if you have any questions about your existing policy or would like a quote for a new policy, give our agents a call!

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