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Holiday safety tips

The holiday is officially here!

The best memories are created around this time – especially memories from your area decorated with candles and decorations. The flashing lights and inflatable snowmen really ignite the holiday sparkle in your heart.

Here are some safety tips you can follow this year to avoid the risk of igniting a spark in your home or causing harm to you and your family!

  • Do not overload your plugs

Having too much plugged into a circuit or plug will surely cause problems.

Make sure your ladder is on level ground and never use chairs, drawers, trash cans or any other unstable object to stand on.

Indoor lamps do not withstand extreme weather like snow and can cause fire if used outdoors.

If you have a real tree in your home, it is highly flammable. Water it regularly and keep it away from excessive heat or open flame.

Turn off the lights and other electronic decorations when you go to sleep or if you are away from home

  • Do not forget your home insurance

Even when you are as safe as possible, tragedies can still occur. Review your homeowners insurance with your Pekin insurance agent to make sure you are financially protected from potential disasters.

Enjoy your holiday in the safest possible way this year by following these tips! Keep the holiday spark in your heart and not in your home.

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