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History of Addiction: Can I Get Life Insurance?

People abuse substances such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco for various and complicated reasons.

According to research from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2019, over 60% of Americans aged 12 or older used a substance (ie, tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs) in the past month. There are an estimated 165.4 million people in the United States

Not all of these individuals are guilty of abusing their choice. An estimated 21.6 million people needed drug treatment in 2019.

Substance abuse can have catastrophic effects on the individual and his or her family. In addition, these abuses affect society. In 2019, drug abuse cost the United States more than $ 740 billion annually in costs related to crime, lost labor productivity and healthcare.

This leads us to our topic today. With a history of addiction, can I get life insurance?

Can I buy life insurance if I am a recovering addict?

Citation agents have helped former drug addicts get life insurance. If you are a recovering addict, it depends on a few factors to be approved for life insurance. Your best chances of getting coverage are to apply through a broker, such as Quotacy. Brokers are not tied to a life insurance company and can shop on the market.

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When you apply online at Quotacy, you can choose which life insurance company you want to apply with. Your Quotacy Agent will review your application and work hard to get you approved. Not all life insurance companies see the same story as drug addiction. If the company you first chose will not offer you reasonable coverage, we will continue to shop and give you options.

Start the process by getting a free life insurance quote or continue reading for more in-depth information on life insurance and addiction.

If I have a history of addiction, can I buy life insurance?

Someone who is currently abusing a substance will be rejected for life insurance. However, life insurance companies can consider applicants with a history of abuse, as long as the applicant had discontinued use for usually at least two years.

Each life insurance company has its own unique guarantee that they follow when evaluating applications. This guide also states how they guarantee applicants with a history of addiction.

After evaluating an application, they give a classification to the applicant. This classification can be a "standard" risk class or a table rating. There are different standard risk classes depending on whether you use tobacco or not. A table rating usually means that your pricing for life insurance will be the standard price plus 25% for each step in the table you are.

When writing a history of drug abuse, insurers will focus on:

  • Severity and frequency of abuse
  • Type of drug abuse
  • Severity of associated complications
  • Signs of addiction and / or withdrawal [1
    9659017] Legal problems related to substance abuse (eg DUI)
  • Drug abuse (including alcohol)
  • Number of relapses
  • Current participation in a group such as Narcotics Anonymous.

It pays to work with an agency that has contracts with several life insurance companies, because while one company may deny or add an applicant, another company may offer standard ratings to the same applicant.

This is especially common when it comes to marijuana use. For example, some companies would classify recreational use of marijuana as "tobacco use" and would only offer the applicant tobacco ratings, while another company may offer preferred prices for non-tobacco as long as the use is minimal.

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