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Hippo Insurance Review 2019 ™ // Buy Homeowners Insurance Online

When it comes time to buy a home, it is one thing that most of us are unaware of and unprepared for, that one needs to insure homeowners that they should close in a home.

And get this …

According to a new study by Hippo. 70% of the population do absolutely no research before buying home insurance and 73% miscalculated how much coverage they needed.

Does this mean that 73% of homes are not properly insured with their current homeowner insurance?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, a survey conducted by ORC International found that 95 percent of homeowners had homeowners insurance but only 41

percent of tenants had tenants insurance.

I don't want to assume anything, but if you buy something without examining it, how can you know what you bought?

In this review today, I'll show you how their process works and why it's the best way to buy homeowners insurance.

It can save both time and money when you get home insurance courses and buy online.

  Hippo Insurance Review

The picture comes from Hippo Infographic, see full infographic here.

Who is Hippo Insurance?

Hippo is what I like to call a NewTech Insurance Company .

A NewTech Insurance Company is an insurance company that creates a new buying process for its industry and sets a new standard. This is exactly what they do.

This company was built by a mix of Technology Titans and Insurance Giants that have come together to create a solid product and an excellent process.

They are backed by TOPA Insurance.

For those who wonder … A reinsurance is an insurance company for your insurance company.

If something happened to them, your policies would still be perfectly good.

TOPA Insurance has a A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best.

This is an important factor, because when it comes to insurance you need to know that you can rely on an insurance company for their economic strength and longevity.

Why should you care about A.M. Best?

I like to think about A.M. Best as JD Power in the insurance industry, they have been around for over 117 years.

They value companies based mainly on their economic strength, which can be an indicator of claim payment ability . [19659023] Ability to Pay " in plain English ": The ability of a life insurance company to pay out a policy.

  is the best

What makes them different?

What makes Hippo so different is that they change how homeowners insurance is purchased, and what benefits should be common to the average homeowner insurance.

  Hippo Insurance Reviews

Hippo Insurance introduces a much simpler, faster, and seamless process by having a 100% online process.

You can get quotes within 60 seconds and apply online in minutes, and since everything is web-based, their premiums will on average be about 25% cheaper than other companies.

As I mentioned above, they offer a more modern coverage by adding things like home electronics and smart devices to their plans.

They also offer improved home office coverage and coverage for things like water flow and service lines.

  Hippo home insurance

Image from hippo infographic, see full infographic here.

Hippo is also taking a step further by focusing on preventive measures for homeowners insurance by doing things like offering a free water leakage sensor with each policy and adding new features in the near future.

We're talking more about this leakage sensor below, it's really a good device and adds a great value to their home insurance.

Quick Hippo Condo Insurance Review

Your Hippo Condo Insurance quote can still be completed in about 30 to 60 seconds and has completed the policy within 4 minutes.

This is great for anyone who wants to insure several homes with them or for anyone who wants the same good product and speed for their apartment.

Some special benefits of their condo insurance are that it is available to condo owners and apartments rented to others.

You can add up to $ 15,000 for water coverage.

And get it here: ]

$ 5,000 for Computer Protection and Home Office coverage comes as standard on the policy and can be increased.

This policy also has equipment / device breakdown coverage for a primary apartment or condo rented to others.

There is no big difference except for things like loss assessment coverage, this will cover you for a loss in a common area of ​​your apartment.

If the clubhouse is burning down, the apartment will share the cost for everyone in the condominium.

Loss Assessment Coverage would cover the part that you are obliged not to pay

Condo and Homeowner's quotes run on the same software, just enter your apartment address and you will notice one small popup asking for Apt #, this is the same as your device #

  hippo insurance

Next step will select the option condo for your apartment.

  Hippo Condo Insurance Review

Once you choose the condo option you will be taken to the screen asking if the apartment is empty, rented out by you or if you are the owner of the apartment.

 	  hippo condo insurance quote

After this section, getting coverage for your apartment is the same as it is if you bought home insurance.

One thing to note is that if your apartment or residence is vacant you will receive this below message:

  Hippo Home Insurance Review

Overall, the process of buying condo insurance via Hippo should be

Hippo Insurance Review & Enrollment (Video)

What Does Hippo Homeowners Insurance Cover Cover?

Tires for your home

It will cover your home and any secondary structures on your property. It does not cover the coverage of your personal property or personal liability.

Conversion Cost – Only a general estimate of how much it would cost to build your home and any secondary structures on your property in the event of total damage.

Extended replacement cost – This extra protection increases your standard home coverage by an additional 25% -50% (depending on which Hippo insurance plan you choose) if the cost of rebuilding your Home is higher than expected .

Depreciated value (DV) – Depending on the type of plan you choose, If something in your plan – like your roof or a personal affiliation – is insured for its depreciated value, receivables will come to be calculated by determining how much you originally paid for that item, how long you have owned it and how much the value is worth today due to depreciation.

Replacement cost (RC) – When something in your plan is insured for its replacement cost, a covered claim would be replaced for the cost of replacing the current item from today, minus your deductible .

Insurance for roof repairs – In case of damage, your roof can either insure its depreciated value (based on its age) or its replacement cost (the cost of repairing or replacing it today). This rating type is automatically determined based on the age and material of the roof.

Coverage for your amounts

This is the coverage that covers part of your personal property both within and in some cases, outside your home.

When claims are made on covered items, your insurance pays either the replacement value or the depreciation value of the belongings, depending on your chosen Hippo plan.

The payment amount may vary depending on the type of item, the item's position (in the home) and the specific type of danger.

Hippo's Our Best Value and Expanded Protection Plans provide replacement cost coverage, which pays you what it would cost to buy similar new goods at current retail prices.

The Essentials plan from Hippo provides coverage for actual cash flow, which means your depreciation value is depreciated at the time of the loss (not when you purchased them).

Tires for Your Liability

This is the insurance that covers certain cases of bodily injury, personal injury (emotional or other non-physical damage), medical expenses and property damage incurred by others for whom you or your family members are legally responsible.

Additional coverage is included in all Hippo plans

The best thing about a Hippo Insurance policy is that it comes with all kinds of extra coverage, check out what else is below:

Loss of use [19659066] – Would cover you for any extra cost of living while your home is repaired things like foot, hotel and storage.

Order coverage – This will cover you if a regulation change in your area increases the construction cost when you need to build up a part of your home.

Water Backup – Includes damage caused by back-up and abundance of water from drains or sewers.

Jewelery and watches – Cover for loss of theft of jewelry, watches, furs, gemstones and semi-precious stones, the amount of cover depends on the type of policy you buy.

Enhanced coverage is also included in all Hippo plans

But wait … There's more, I know it seems gimmicky, but Hippo has even more improved coverage that is also included in all their plans:

Equipment design – Includes the cost of repair or replacement

  • washing machines and dryers
  • kitchen appliances
  • water heaters
  • washing machines
  • 19659099] Computers and Televisions
  • The Equipment Division Declaration protects up to $ 100,000 and deductible is only $ 500, which is less than standard deductible for other types of receivables. [19659033] Homeworkers – This coverage protects you if a resident (such as a grandchild, gardener or babysitter) is injured on your property.

    Home Office [19659066] – Includes home office equipment such as computers and printers for up to $ 10,000. If you work from home it is a great advantage.

    Computers – Laptops and desktops and related storage devices covered up to $ 10,000.

    Extra water backup – This doubles your standard water backup protection, covering up to $ 15,000 for damage caused by backup and water flow ( included in the Hippo Extended Protection Plan ).

    Mortgage Payment Protection – If your home becomes irreplaceable, this coverage gives up to $ 1500 a month, for up to 12 months, against your mortgage payments ( This coverage is included in Hippos Our Best Value and Extended Protection Plans .

    Extra Jewelery & Watches – Increases coverage up from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 for loss of theft of jewelry, watches, furs, gemstones and semi-precious stones included in Hippo's expanded protection plan


    3 Different types of deductible

    Your policy will have 3 different deductibles, this is the amount you need to pay for an eligible claim before Hippo starts paying.

    We specify them below:

    Applies to valid claims that are not a direct result of wind, hail or a named hurricane. Wind Or Hail

    Applies to valid claims that are the direct result of wind or hail damage.

    The hurricane

    Applies to competent claims that are the direct result of a named hurricane at the time when the loss occurred.

    Keep in mind that all the above deductibles will have a different amount, so be sure to remember what amount you need to cover based on how the loss occurred.

    Rental Property and Holiday Home Protection

    If Hippo insures your primary residence, they can also assure you of your secondary or holiday home.

    This is great if you rent an apartment you are still covered by.

    The Three Hippo Plans and What They Cover

    The devil is really in the details of homeowner's insurance, and Hippo Insurance has made it much easier with its 3 different policy options.

    These plan the entire range in different levels of protection and allow you to adapt the coverage to your budget.

    Everything is better than nothing when it comes to insurance, so at least, buy what you can afford.

      Below is a picture of how the quotes should be shown and detailed information on how each plan works: </p>
<div class=
      Hippo Insurance quotes online


    The Plan Essentials is Just that, all essential, Hippo shows that About 35% of the population usually buy this plan.

    This plan will have the highest deductibles and most of the benefits will only cover the current present value of an item when it is lost, not how much it costs to replace it.

    It will also have lower cover amounts for most of the benefits, including things like liability and medical.

    This is the only plan out of the 3 that does have protection for mortgage loans.

  • In general, this policy applies:

    • Tires for home
    • Extended home replacement costs
    • Personal property – Cash value only
    • Domestic workers Coverage
    • Computers [19659099] Jewelery and watches [19659142] Coverage of liability
    • Equipment coverage
    • Coverage of the service
    • Services in the home office
    • Coverage protection for water
    • Free water leakage sensor

    As you can see …

    The Essentials plan is filled with a ton of value and can withstand the best offers from other companies.

    Our Best Value

    Plan Our Best Value plans to give you the best of both worlds in terms of coverage and premium, Hippo shows that about 50% of people usually buy this plan.

    This plan will include all the benefits of the "The Essentials" plan, but gives you more benefits for all of your coverage options such as responsibility and medical.

    You will also see lower deductions for this plan

    With this plan, your personal property covers Replacement Cost that means if you have a loss, Hippo will cover what it costs

    ] Expanded Protection

    Expanded Protection

    ] The Expanded Protection plan will be the most exponential [Hipposhowsthatonlyabout15%ofthepopulationusuallybuythisplan

    This plan will include all the benefits of the "The Essentials" plan and the maximum amount

    Your benefits are also covered by Replacement Cost ie if you have a loss, Hippo will cover what It costs to replace the item, not what the current value is.

    Generally, this policy applies:

    • Everything in the Essentials Plan
    • Everything in our best value plan
    • The highest limits and lowest Deductibles

    What does Hippo Not Cover?

    Hippo Insurance offers a very comprehensive plan; However, there are some things that Hippo Does NOT covers, like:

    • Earthquake Damage
    • Flood Damage
    • Sinkhole Damage (In some states)

  • Tailoring and mud flow damage [19659172] When you go through the application, Hippo has a live chat area so you can ask questions that you can have.

    The representative I chatted with was very knowledgeable and can answer any state-specific questions.

    You should also pay attention to what things will be covered by other types of insurance such as car insurance, life insurance, travel insurance or health insurance, if your home insurance company will not cover it, the others can.

  • A free (roost water leak sensor) with each policy

    Don't you love the word Free? I know I'm doing it …

    You already save money if you get a policy through Hippo.

    These sensors cost $ 50.00 each and will be yours for free when you buy your policy.

    Just another great benefit that almost no other company offers.

      Free Rust Water Detector

    According to Roost, you can lubricate water with its smart water leak and freeze detector.

    The way works so you place it everywhere where the potential for flood or leakage exists as:

    • Under Fish Tanks
    • Under Sinks
    • Near Water Heaters
    • In Basements
    • During Washing Machines
    • Near dishwashers and refrigerators
    • Near plumbing and toilets

    If it detects a water leak, it sends alerts to your smartphone.

    Also connected quietly to Wi-Fi at home in minutes And has a 3-year battery life (AAA batteries also included):

    This is an excellent product for your home or smart home, even if you don't get yours homeowner through Hippo, you can read all about product here in even more detail.

    How much does hippo coverage cost?

    The main driver of your contribution is the cost it would take to rebuild your home in the event of a disaster.

    This is based on the materials used to build your home, number of rooms, number of stories and many other factors.

    The location of your home and your personal history with rental or tenant's insurance claims is also taken

    Hippo has made it very easy to compare quotes and see insurance rates online.

    The best way to find out your cost is to get some quick and free homeowner insurance quotes below.

    Hippo Insurance Availability & Policy Options:

    There are a few things to note with a Hippo policy:

    • Hippo does not include properties outside of the United States
    • Hippo Insurance is currently not available Nationwide but the list
    • Hippo Customers can add payments to their loan, pay via a check or savings account or pay with a debit card or credit card. Currently available in – AL, AZ, CA, IL, IN, MD, MN, MO, MS, NM, NV, OH, PA, TN, TX, and WI.

    Hippo Landl Word Insurance

    Hippo now offers landlord insurance for rental properties.

    If you buy your private homeowners through them and decide to receive your landlord insurance through them, you will receive a discount on your landlord policy.

    Their landlord policy is currently offered only in California, but coverage areas will increase soon.

    Hippo Claims Process

    Hippo gives a dedicated patent manager to all their customers when they submit a claim.

    The proponent will deal with you with your claims and ensure that you get the best and most effective solution as soon as possible.

    They will help you with communication with adjusters, service providers and even help booking hotels or transport if needed.

    You have to call in to submit an application, but hopefully they will add the opportunity to submit an application online or via your mobile phone in the near future.

    There really is not much information on exactly how the Hippo Claims process is working yet.

    To submit a claim, please call 1-800-886-0318 .

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