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Heavy storms? Be on the lookout for heavy injuries | Atlas insurance broker

Your home
protects you from the elements, but heavy rain can weaken it.
With little maintenance and a lot of vigilance, it is not difficult to be safe
and dry.

Spring rainfall is a fact in Minnesota, and they help keep things green, even if they keep you inside. But when they get heavy it is time to start thinking about the potential effect all that the water has in your home. The first step is to find and fix any immediate problems as soon as it is safe to do so. Then you want to take steps to prevent these problems from occurring during the next downturn!

Where is everything raining?
Your roof and gutters are an important defense circle for your home ̵

1; and in a storm they are vulnerable, because so many things can hurt them. Trees, hail and other objects can create weaknesses that can lead to leakage in your roof, so make sure you lack shingles and other problems. And keep your gutters clear so that all water drains properly.

Do you see everywhere?
Water drops from the ceiling are difficult to miss. However, water in your crawl space can easily become undetected because it hardly anyone controls it there. Don't forget to look down after a storm (or have a professional do it) to make sure everything is fine and dry. If you see moisture, you want to get it out with a swamp pump as soon as possible.

And don't
Just look up – another place to check out is your home exterior, whether it is
siding, brick or other material. Weak spots can be difficult to see, so watch
different times of the day under different lighting conditions.

You want to make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed to hold

How about your property?
Stormwater must go somewhere, and if your property is not well drained, or if the runoff goes against your ground, you may have problems. So watch out for patterns, and rate property so it drains away from your home if possible. Always be careful about mountain slopes and sloping trees after heavy storms, as the country may not be stable.

And don't
Don't forget to keep the storm drain off the leaves and other debris. This can prevent
floods both on the streets and your own property.

What should you do during the storm?
Under heavy storms, stay inside. This is not the time to check your roof, exterior or property if there is no emergency and you know it is safe to go out. Monitor your interior, make sure no water enters. If it is, do whatever you can to relieve the situation right now, even if it just means placing something under leakage to collect the water. For more serious problems, remember that safety is the most important. If you are unsure if it is safe, do not go.

Thank goodness,
powerful storms only meet once at a time. However, preparations for them should
was much more frequent, as the next could be tomorrow.

Reposted with permission from the original author, Safeco Insurance®.

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