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Health and well-being for FXG drivers

When it comes to being an FXG (FedEx Ground) or AMZ (Amazon) truck tractor or van driver, the most important safety feature is you. Every time you use a commercial vehicle, your safety is your responsibility and must be given the highest priority. Your life and the life around you depend on your ability to control your vehicle. The truck's stopping time and distance, limited maneuverability, as well as any dead spots that the vehicle may have, require you to achieve the best driving performance.

That's why it's so important to have satisfactory health. DOT physical examinations can confirm your physical ability to drive, but there are other cost-effective examinations that tell much more about your health. For example, truck drivers with high BMI may need a sleep apnea test to ensure physical fitness.

Here are some good tips to help you become a more alert and better driver

Get plenty of rest: making sure you get enough sleep is essential for safe driving. Your response time, as well as your alertness, depends on you being rested. And we all know how important it is to be aware of the changes in traffic and be able to make quick decisions.

Did you know that a short nap is more effective at recovering your energy than a cup of coffee?

Eat a healthy breakfast: filling your body for the day is important for you to stay alert and focused on the road. It can also help prevent things like low blood sugar and fatigue.

Do not smoke: smoking is the leading cause of health-related conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Correct sitting position: make sure that the front part of your seat is not so high that it reduces the blood flow in your legs and leaves the legs when you get out of the car.

Stay hydrated: on very hot days, be sure to drink plenty of water and sports drinks that contain electrolytes to replace what your body sweats out.

  Drinking Water

The Takeaway

Having good health as a FedEx or Amazon driver is not an option, but a must. Your safety and the safety of others depends on your health, so we ask you to take it seriously as we do. In addition, it is proven that a healthy person can bounce back from an injury much faster than someone who is not in good health. This means lower labor costs for your company and better job security for you as a driver.

For more information on medical requirements, physicians, exemptions, and applications and forms, we recommend that you visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration & # 39 ;s website here.

If you are an ISP, CSP or DSP contractor and would like to discuss your insurance with us, please call our team at 860-453-0116 or send a message here. Our licensed parcel delivery insurance team is happy to answer your questions!

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