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Having the will to write one it’s not that hard to do – Blog for Legal Insurance – April 28, 2022

stockfresh_181218_last-will-and-testament_sizeS_72a2cb-300x225No one wants to think about death. It will happen to us, but many do not want to think about dying or preparing for the last day. They are hesitant to write a final will, even though it may save their loved ones a lot of grief. Some of the reasons for not having that document on the bucket list are ridiculous.

  1. Writing one takes too much time and effort. Not really if you have an excellent lawyer who prepares the document.
  1. Family disputes. Beneficiaries can include members of a mixed family and previous relationships. It can also be a question of a relative who has special needs and who may be kept out of the will. No matter what the issues are, a person must remember that they will be dead when the will is read. Therefore, they will not be a party to any arguments after death.
  1. Not knowing the consequences. He who dies without a will throws his estate in the probate court. Unfortunately, that part of the judiciary is notorious for working at a snail’s pace, and estates can take months or even years to be distributed where a will does not provide direction.
  1. Young people do not need a will. Those in their 20s or 30s believe that a will is something older people draw up. Anyone with a young family will want to protect their children from legal challenges or delays in estate registration. A formal will protects the child.
  1. Not knowing what to do. Anyone who does not know the law may have no idea where to start when it comes to drawing up a will. They may think that it is enough to write something down on a legal block. It does not. The sad thing is that the survivors will pay for the ignorance of the dead.

Group law plans have the preparation of the Last Testament as one of their advantages. Nationwide prepaid legal services make it possible for a person to have a simple will drawn up which will stand up in court.

We use the best

We rely on a nationwide network of lawyers, and there is one who practices in every community where there is a nationwide client. These professionals help a plan member prepare the necessary final document. A simple will is no more than six pages long, but it is enough for most people.

Our prepaid legal services include priority treatment of group members at the legal level. Our lawyers are happy to sit down in a safe environment with covid-19 with a plan member and go through the details. The lawyer will discuss what is included in the preparation of the will and make suggestions. In the case of beneficiaries, however, the member of the group law decides.

A simple will must be in accordance with the law. This is something that an online service may not be able to do. We can assure our group legal planning members that the final document is in accordance with statutory law. The intention is to make the final distribution of the estate as painless as possible.

The customer is there

We will show a potential customer all the prepaid legal services that nationwide offers. We ask decision-makers to choose the services that will be included in their group law plan. These choices are part of the final plan. Countrywide will provide streamlined administration and superior membership services.

Another thing we provide with the simple will is annual reminders. We will send out an annual notice asking a plan member to review the will to see if any changes should be made. This is a real advantage because a will often becomes obsolete when circumstances and beneficiaries change.

We are committed to providing the absolute best service to all our customers and their employees. If you are interested in the benefit throughout the country, please contact us as soon as possible. We are ready to discuss how this prepaid benefit for legal services can play an important role in the lives of your employees

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