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Haven Life was named a great place to work in NYC

Wow. We have no words.

… Well, come to think of it, we have a few words. Quite a few of them, actually. The first two are "thank you" and "you." As you can see, the experts at Great Place to Work and Fortune Magazine named us one of the best 2020 workplaces in New York. And this is not an arbitrary thing. It is based on a survey of more than 45,000 employees throughout the region. And it turns out that we ranked No. 6 on the overall list of best small and medium-sized workplaces, with an overall rating of 98 percent from our employees. (At a typical company in the survey, that figure is only 59 percent.)

So yes, kind of a big deal.

“At Haven Life, we have built a culture that prioritizes honesty, respect, kindness and compassion. We see diversity and balance between work and life as strategic benefits and not as company symbols, says our co-founder and CEO Yaron Ben-Zvi. "I am proud that we have continued to follow these principles that make Haven Life such a special place to work, even though we have grown to almost 300 employees."

Why do we love working here so much? Let's count the way …

In this article:

Working at Haven Life means treating everyone fairly regardless of race, gender and / or sexual orientation

If you want to change a life insurance industry, and help More people to protect their loved ones, you need to come to it with a new perspective and with different points of view. This means hiring people with different backgrounds, experiences and skills and encouraging the multifaceted group of people to work together as a team. "I get to take all the work with me," says James Welch, from our People & Culture team. All backgrounds are celebrated at Haven Life ̵

1; quite literally too. We regularly host events, panels and parties for different cultures and backgrounds.

We are proud to do our part, while constantly focusing on ways to become even better. That is why 99 (!) Percent of the respondents said that people here are treated fairly regardless of race, regardless of gender and regardless of their sexual orientation.

Working at Haven Life means honesty and ethics are core values ​​

"We have a team of leaders who really care about the well-being of customers, employees and society," says Welch. Personally, I feel that we work in a company where the dollar is not the biggest decision maker. "In other words, our main mission is to make life insurance less difficult, and the results speak for themselves. (Let's just say that it's not just ours employees who sing our praises.)

"We have a group of leaders who truly care about the well-being of customers, employees and society."

—James Welch, People & Culture

Working at Haven Life means that your teammates have got their backs

We like each other here. Maybe even too much. There's so little drama that a reality show about Haven Life HQ would be canceled pretty much immediately. Instead, we've promoted a culture where we work together, even when we are physically apart. "We have succeeded in putting in place an incentive mechanism that maximizes or practically institutionalizes collaboration," says Product Bharat Rao, Product Manager. "The company is twice as big as when I joined and I am amazed at how the culture of collaboration has survived and flourished. The team we have is fantastic – the great diversity of life and work experiences they provide makes it a joy to go to work. . ”

Th That's why 98 percent of respondents in our survey said" People here are willing to give extra to get the job done. "And when you see the person at the desk next to yours – or today, the person in Google Hangouts the window next to yours – gives 110%, makes it easier for you to do the same, and to know that your efforts add value.

In Haven Life, management's actions match its words

It's always inspiring to read words like our CEO's above, speak to the importance of diversity, work-life balance and more. And as we all know, in work that in life culture often buzzes down from the top. "There is a very high degree of openness from the top down – when it comes to communicating goals, challenges and various strategic and operational decisions, "says Rao. While they set aggressive goals and challenge us to achieve them, I have never seen anything other than the highest ethical standards and respect for each other during games. "

" Top management is easily accessible and responsive. While setting aggressive goals and challenging us to achieve them, I have never seen anything but the highest ethical standards and respect for each other during games. "

—Bharat Rao, Product Manager

Working at Haven Life is Safe

Let's face it: Calculating actuarial tables and composing affordable blog posts is not exactly sailing in high seas (or working at the forefront of health care) when it comes to workplace danger . Still, a little effort goes a long way. For example, our office closed quickly after it became clear that the coronavirus was a serious threat to everyone's health, and we remain far from the rest of the year for that very reason.

Feeling safe is not just about the lack of physical danger. It's about feeling mentally and emotionally secure – as you can be yourself. We encourage it as much as possible and the results speak for themselves. "I have felt very comfortable getting 'my whole self' to work, wearing shorts, funky clothes, painting my nails or having a visible tattoo + face piercing," says Zack Shinkar, underwriter developer. "Despite warnings from non-colleagues that these decisions about my appearance would make people take me less seriously at work or even invite aggression, I have never felt less than 100% welcome by my colleagues when navigating through the working day. "

Overall, it is clear that it is a pleasure to work at Haven Life. And while awards like this are nice, it's what really motivates us to make sure our customers get the best possible service and the best possible care, while getting the right life insurance for their loved ones and their peace of mind. It is a privilege that we get to have so much fun and feel so good about working hard for our customers.

  Frannie Melegrito

About Frannie Melegrito

Frannie Melegrito is the Recruitment Manager at Haven Life, a customer-centric life insurance agency supported and owned by MassMutual. She joined the start in May 2020 and leads recruitment strategy development and implementation. Frannie has been in the talent acquisition space in technology for over six years and employed for all types of roles, everything from technology to sales. During that time, she has also advocated for diversity, justice and inclusion in the workplace.

Read more by Frannie Melegrito

Our Editorial Policy

Haven Life is a customer-centric life insurance agency supported and wholly owned by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). We believe that navigating life insurance decisions, your personal finances and general well-being can be refreshingly easy.

Our Editorial Policy

Haven Life is a customer-centric life insurance agency supported and wholly owned by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). We believe that navigating life insurance decisions, your personal finances and general well-being can be refreshingly easy.

Our content is created for educational purposes only. Haven Life does not support the companies, products, services or strategies discussed here, but we hope they can make your life a little less difficult if they suit your situation.

Haven Life does not have the right to provide tax, legal or investment advice. This material is not intended to provide and should not rely on tax, legal or investment advice. Individuals are encouraged to seek advice from their own taxes or attorneys.

Our disclosures

Haven Term is a term life insurance policy (DTC and ICC17DTC in some states, including NC) issued by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), Springfield, MA 01111-0001 and is offered exclusively through Haven Life Insurance Agency, LLC. In NY, Haven Term is DTC-NY 1017. In CA, Haven Term is DTC-CA 042017. Haven Term Simplified is a simplified life insurance policy (ICC19PCM-SI 0819 in certain states, including NC) issued by C.M. Life Insurance Company, Enfield, CT 06082. Police and rider form numbers and features may vary by state and may not be available in all states. Our California agency license number is OK71922 and in Arkansas 100139527.

MassMutual is rated by A.M. Best company as A ++ (Superior; Top category of 15). The rating is from Aril 1, 2020 and may change. MassMutual has received various ratings from other credit rating agencies.

Haven Life Plus (Plus) is the marketing name of the Plus Rider, which is part of the Haven Term policy and offers access to additional services and benefits free of charge or at a discount. The rider is not available in all conditions and can be changed at any time. Neither Haven Life nor MassMutual is responsible for the provision of the benefits and services made available under Plus Rider, which are provided by third party partners. For more information about Haven Life Plus, visit: https://havenlife.com/plus.html Tue 1919909039. Read our revelations

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