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Halloween Security for 2020 | Central insurance companies

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Halloween is here and both children and adults are anxious to have a "normal" Halloween … put on one suit, get candy from the neighbors, attend a party dressed as a vampire or even just hand out treats from your front door. But unfortunately, this is 2020, and nothing has been "normal" this year. People are thinking about their usual, cute times, so when planning your day of trick-or-treat fun, think of these new "normal" safety tips.

  1. First check with your local government for trick-or-treat and / or party guidelines / restrictions. Many cities / states have limited the number of guests you may have at an indoor gathering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so make sure you are aware of any restrictions in your area and follow them. Trick-or-treating may also have been interrupted as a result of the pandemic, so please do your research before taking to the streets.
  • Talk about streets, always stay on sidewalks and well-lit areas. Use reflective tape on all suits so that drivers can easily see you when you are traveling. It's dark out there, and it's always best to be off the road and be clearly visible.
  • If you are planning to become a therapist, try to avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters. Try to stay outdoors whenever possible instead of standing at your open door. Set up a station with sweets for the kids that they can take on their own.
  • It is difficult to avoid high touch areas such as doorbells, so it is important to stay on top when cleaning your hands. Wear hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol and use it often. Remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before enjoying your sweets. Never eat unopened or opened sweets.
  • Use a mask. A costume mask is not a substation for a cloth or disposable mask. So instead of being Iron Man this year, kids should choose something that does not require a costume mask because it is not recommended to wear both. Remember that anyone can be a hero on Halloween by adding a PPE mask to their costume. Also, if you want to dress like a real hero this year, we might just have lots of doctors and nurses out there.
  • Practicing safe social distancing. Although it is safer to travel in groups on Halloween night, it is important to remember that if you are fooling around with friends or family who are not part of your household, try to keep a distance of 6 meters from them
  • Ha fun but remember that even if you follow these guidelines you will be safer, but trick-or-treating is still considered a high risk activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people may choose not to attend the regular Halloween festivities this year, so here are some other Halloween activities you can plan as a safer alternative.

  1. Decorating / Carving Pumpkins – This fun and festive activity can be done indoors with your family or outdoors with friends and neighbors with masks and proper social distance protocols.
  2. Take a walk through the area dressed to enjoy the atmosphere and decorations, then go home and enjoy your own pre-purchased candy (you are sure to get all your favorites this way).
  3. Visit a pu mpkin patch or corn maze. These outdoor activities are fun for kids of all ages and contribute to social distancing.
  4. Host an outdoor Halloween party with friends or neighbors, or an indoor movie night with your household.
  5. Hide some Halloween candy around your home / yard and have a hunting party with your family.

For more helpful tips, visit http://halloween-website.com/safety.htm; and https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays/halloween.html [195659018] Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, we hope it's safe, healthy and scary! [19659018] The information above and in Centralförsäkring's blog post is of a general nature and your insurance and coverage may differ from the examples. Read your insurance policy in its entirety to determine your actual available coverage.

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