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Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

Halloween is a favorite weekend for many, filled with terribly scary costumes and delicious treats, but without proper preparation, things can quickly disappear. For a night filled with fun, not fear, keep reading for our Halloween Safety Tips to protect your home, pets and visitors.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Pets, regardless of size, are part of the household that you should not neglect to include in your planning and preparation for a safe Halloween. Pet owners rarely think that some guests may be afraid of animals, or that their beloved pets may be afraid of costumed visitors. Even the friendliest dog can act characterless if it feels insecure. With many guests coming and going, there is also a risk that your pet will get lost if a gate or door is left open.

The best thing you can do to keep your pet calm and safe is to keep them indoors, in a room where visitors do not have to enter. Make sure they have a bowl of clean water to drink and do not forget to take them out as even a home-trained pet can have an accident if they have been indoors for several hours.

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Halloween Fire Safety

You may be tempted to use candles in combination with other decorations to enhance the eerie Halloween atmosphere you have painstakingly created, but are you willing to risk the safety of your guests or set fire to your home and garden? Keep in mind that trick-or-treaters will wear suits that can catch fire and that their costumes can be difficult to see or walk in.

Candles and costumes are a clumsy disaster waiting to happen. LEDs are an affordable option that does not burn out after a single night of use and can also be used to light up your Jack-o-Lanterns for several Halloween celebrations in the future.

But, do not assume that you do not have to worry about preventing fire just because you do not use light. Poorly connected wires on electrical lights can be just as problematic and can cause electrical fires.

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Halloween Safety and Visitors

Before Halloween, make sure your property is well lit and easy to navigate. All damage to walkways, handrails and lighting should be repaired. You do not want to risk guests stumbling or falling because they cannot see or because your property is in ruins.

It can also be helpful to trim shrubs or trees that can block walkways, and to limit the amount of decorations in areas where people will walk.

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Installing a Home Security System is a valuable investment in protecting your home and family, and security cameras can be useful in capturing culprits and filing insurance claims. In addition, we recommend that you take out a home insurance as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.

Accidents and damage can occur despite all precautions, and it is always better to plan for the worst scenario.Make sure to document enter the condition of your property by taking pictures of your home and garden before the Halloween festivities begin so that you can supplement any insurance claims with hard evidence. It is also wise to call your insurance agent if you are unsure of what your plan covers.

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Be extra safe – Get home insurance

With our Halloween safety tips in mind, we hope you have a great Halloween.

Remember to give yourself enough time to prepare for a safe celebration. If you want to protect your property against possible accidents, do not hesitate to Contact Paradiso Insurance for exceptional guidance in choosing the best home insurance for your home.

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