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Get Your Lease Contract Reviewed — Legal Insurance Blog — May 25, 2023

Lease Agreement ReviewMany employees rent the place where they live. It can be a house, a condominium or an apartment and any of these will require a rental agreement to be signed. It is a legal document between the tenant and the landlord that outlines obligations both sides must fulfill. Unfortunately, many people who are in a hurry to rent will sign a lease without reviewing it first. It is a mistake. There are parts of a lease that need to be looked at before you sign.

  1. Rental conditions


7;s how long the lease will last. It is important to know the start and end dates of the lease as well as any renewal options. Some leases renew automatically and it is important to understand the terms of the renewal option.

  1. Rental and payment terms

The section describing the rent and payment terms needs to be reviewed. Includes the rental amount, due date and any late fees or late payment penalties.

  1. Maintenance and repairs

The lease describes the tenant’s responsibility for maintaining the property and also addresses the landlord’s responsibility for repair and maintenance.

  1. Subletting

It is the practice to write out all or parts of the rental property to someone else. The lease should describe a tenant’s ability to sublet the property and any restrictions or conditions for subletting.

  1. Changes and Improvements

Some leases may prohibit alterations or improvements and others require approval from the landlord before any changes can be made. The tenant must understand the regulations and note the penalties that may be imposed for unapproved changes.

Other sections may include whether pets are allowed and who pays for utilities and services. Failure to review a lease in advance will result in a tenant being bound to terms they may not want. The group’s legal plans will enable the review of legal documents such as leases. Nationwide Prepaid Legal Services offers legal document review as an option in its group legal plan.

Lawyers do the work

We have a nationwide network of attorneys who provide prepaid legal services to plan members. A nationwide attorney works in every community where we have a client. That attorney will review leases and other contracts for a plan member.

All legal documents contain terms and conditions that must be understood. Our attorneys look for any issues with leases. A significant danger is a lease that is either outdated or not valid in the state. A Nationwide attorney will immediately alert a plan member to that problem. Some parts of the lease may be negotiable; our attorney will recommend what a plan member can do in these circumstances. The lawyer review guarantees that a person signs a lease that does not contain any unacceptable elements.

The customer decides

Countrywide has other pre-paid legal services such as drafting simple wills and offering help with guarantees. We do not provide a take it or leave it benefit. Instead, each legal group plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of a client’s workforce. We make sure that happens by letting decision makers decide which pre-paid legal services should be included in their plan documents.

We explain all our benefit options thoroughly and answer any questions you may have. The prospective customer will then select the services that will be offered to their employees. Nationwide will include these choices in the final class action plan document. In addition, we provide administration and superior membership services. We also maintain transparency and constant communication with our customers. Problems that arise are dealt with immediately.

A person should have a legal document reviewed before signing it. We offer a very valuable class action plan service by having our attorneys review the paperwork. Is just one of our services. If you have any questions about what Countrywide can do for your employees, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to speaking with you.

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