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Geico Life Insurance Company Review 2020

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Geico life insurance … huh? Does Geico have life insurance?

Yes, we're all seen Geico's cute little talking green gecko named Martin. How can you not love him when he says that in 15 minutes he can save money on car insurance?

That's great, but what does this have to do with life insurance? Well, Geico offers life insurance … ..kinda.

Quick Guide / Table of Contents:

I'll explain what we mean by the latter because "Geico Life Insurance" is a bit misleading.

While Geico, which is a well-established company, can offer some great deals in terms of their range of insurance products …

… they may not offer you the best in terms of life insurance .

Do not get me wrong, I can not comment on all the other insurance lines they sell, because we specialize in life insurance.

But to be completely honest, I take problems with people who buy life insurance through a company that does not specialize in life insurance as well. So Geico Life Insurance gives me a reason to pause!

So why do we not start with that question first?

  geico logo Geico's case

I do not recommend buying life insurance through a company that you are already dealing with in connection with car or life insurance.

You may be wondering why.

I'm here to tell you that it paints you into a corner.

First of all, you have no choice regarding the product line they offer.

There are a number of circumstances that may not be covered by your existing insurance company:

Reasons why you should not & # 39; t Consider individual insurance companies (such as Geico)

  1. You want a specific period : Let's say you want a 30-year period, but the company you are dealing with only offers a 20-year period. No problem, right? Wrong. Extending your life insurance is not as easy as you might think. The cost of renewal can be a shock to your system. Life insurance becomes more expensive as you age, not to mention the fact that your health in 20 years may have taken a downturn. The cost can be too expensive or you can be completely rejected if you apply for another insurance.
  2. Business Needs : You may be a business person who only needs 1 year or 5 years to insure a business loan. Your business may not offer this type of coverage.
  3. Guaranteed number : Some people do not want to get any questions at all!

It is very possible that your company does not have these or other options.

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Did You Know That Traditional Life Insurance Medical Examinations Can Be A Past? YEP!

With a process called Accelerated Warranty used by some companies, young and healthy applicants can qualify for up to $ 1 million in non-medical life insurance and obtain insurance within minutes of applying online.

Here's how it works:

  • You answer questions about your health and your family's health history.
  • The company, with your permission, retrieves immediately available data, such as your car record, your prescription drug history and certain information from previous individual life and health insurance applications.
  • The automated system uses algorithms to determine if you qualify and at what price.

Deaths for Life Insurance Medical Examination, USA Today

Geico Life Insurance Can Be Less Than Flexible

19659034] What if you want to buy additional life insurance drivers to improve your coverage. For example, you might want to buy a ROP (Return of Premium) Rider or a Barn Rider.

If you have decided to use Geico Life Insurance you may not have any of these options.

How about buying a Universal Life Insurance

This form of life insurance gives you more flexibility when it comes to your premiums, death benefits and / or investment options. Unfortunately you may find that the company you choose only offers lifelong policies.

Existing health conditions?

AIG Direct specializes in insuring people just like you. From high blood pressure to diabetes, AIG Direct has seen everything and since they have access to several companies, they can find the absolute lowest prices! Click below to see if you qualify.

The quote is fast, easy, and free!


Then of course there are the premiums you will pay. Call centers are not the best choice for primary interest rates.

Remember that life insurance is a long term investment, you can stop paying thousands of dollars more than necessary. a BAD IDEA!

Guidelines for Geico Life Insurance Underwriting

Individual insurers, such as Geico Life Insurance, have their own guidelines for insurance. I always repeat the importance of understanding the fact that not all life insurance companies are created equal when it comes to how they rate you.

Some insurance companies are very restrictive when it comes to various health and lifestyle issues. and some are more liberal.

This is very important to remember especially if you have an underlying pre-existing health condition . You may also be punished because of your family health care, your personal habits, lifestyle or your profession.

That's why it's so important to use an independent agent . We know all the efforts and can find the best possible prices.

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Insider Information … Geico Does Not Really Sell Life Insurance

So when you ask yourself, do you have life insurance – you may be surprised to hear the answer.

The term Geico Life Insurance is a bit incorrect. They do not specialize in life insurance and not only that – they do not sell it themselves.

Yes, they advertise car, home, motorhome, business insurance, travel insurance and a whole host of other products that include life insurance.

They even offer some pretty good advice on buying life insurance. [19659003] … but if you look closely at their life insurance page, they have a small disclaimer that I copied with the following wording:

If you choose to receive a life insurance quote online, you will be taken to the Life Quotes, Inc. website as not owned by GEICO. All information you provide directly to Life Quotes, Inc. on its website is subject to the privacy policies contained on their website, which you should read before proceeding. GEICO takes no responsibility for their privacy practices or your use of their website.

So if you're looking for a quote from Geico Life Insurance. You will see in vain. There is no such thing.

Ha! I imagine you're confused.

You know they offer life insurance, so what does it do?

So where does the coverage really come from? Lifequotes.com!

OK, OK – so what exactly are lifequotes.com and does Geico own them?

This little detail also puzzled me because Lifequotes.com is in fact a life insurance "Call Center"!

The short and short is that there is no such thing as Geico Life Insurance itself. So if you are explicitly looking for a quote from Geico Life Insurance, you will be directed to lifequotes.com.

In other words, Geico does not use real life insurance agents.

It seems that Geico and Lifequotes.com have a business event. When you click on "Get a quote" you will be taken directly to Lifequotes.com.

Geico clearly states that you are subject to the privacy terms described on the Lifequotes.com website, for which Geico assumes "no liability ."

When it comes to purchasing life insurance, is that's a bit of a red flag for me.

So, the bottom line is, you need to be aware when you get a Geico life insurance quote that you will actually get a LifeQuote.com quote.


  Life insurance no degree

Skip the needles!

Want to take the "pain" out of life insurance? We do not blame you! Bestow is one of our most recommended companies without a degree that offers 10 and 20 year plans up to 55 years of age. See if you qualify for "no degree" today.

The quote is fast, easy, and free! [19659041] Pros and Cons of Geico Life Insurance aka Lifequotes.com


  • The site is simple and easy to navigate


  • Can not give you a competitive quote (they work with a limited number of insurers)
  • You may not be able to adjust your policy
  • Call center agents are worried about sales not you
  • Your number will be added to a dial-up platform and they will call you for 90 days unless they receive a response.

I will be completely honest here, you may get a relatively competitive quote from lifequote.com, but chances are you can do better.

This statement applies especially to those of you who are older or who already have medical conditions Wed.

Call center agents are driven by sales and not necessarily motivated by the real needs of their customers. When the goal is just to … SELL! SELL! SELL! … It is quite difficult to focus on the needs of the insured.

Not to mention the fact that no one wants to talk to agents who use scripts! PLUS that they enter your number in a dial-up platform that will continue to call you for 90 days – unless you give them an answer. UGH.

Instead of choosing Geico Life Insurance, would not it be better to deal with a real agent who understands life insurance is a lifetime obligation? The agents here get this and you will NEVER be treated like a number.

A Geico life insurance quote is probably not the best you can get.

If You Have A Previous Medical Condition Or Special Needs – Skip Geico Life Insurance

Existing health conditions plague many, many Americans. Let us realize that the older you get, the more likely it is that you will suffer from a health problem.

If so, I would not suggest using Geico Life Insurance. The numbers speak for themselves, check it out:

… while about 51 percent of the non-elderly population had at least one pre-existing condition in 2014, according to the HHS card, the proportion was 75 percent of those aged 45 to 54 years . and 84 percent between the ages of 55 and 64. Number of Americans with Existing Conditions per Congress District, Center for American Progress

If you have special needs such as:

  • Smoking
  • Elderly Applicants [19659084] Taking Medicine
  • Have an already existing health condition
  • Has a large property
  • Need business life insurance

Please do not apply for life insurance through Geico Life Insurance Call Center!

Apart from the total lack of personal service, it is likely that you will never hear from them again for follow up.

As you age, your life insurance needs change. That's why you need an independent agency to lift heavy!

Geico Life Insurance (LifeQuotes.com) represents only 30 companies

If there was not enough information I still have one last point. LifeQuotes.com represents only 30 companies.

I give you that some of the insurance companies they use are fantastic companies that offer competitive rates.

… but as I said 30 companies is a relatively small selection compared to what is available through independent agents.

This is what gives us our competitive advantage.

You may think that you can save time and money by buying Geico Life Insurance. Hi, a simple 15-minute application sounds pretty easy!

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, this may not be the case at all!

How Independent Life Insurance Agents Cut Call Centers

I can not count how many articles I have posted that emphasize the importance of using a INDEPENDENT LIFE INSURANCE AGENT when buying life insurance. 19659003] Geico Livförsäkring outsources your information to another company so that you do NOT get a GEICO AGENT.


You are immediately redirected to the Life Quote call center. The application starts as soon as you enter your information.

We provide personal service

If you knew you were not talking to a Geico agent, would you still fill out the form? I wonder …

An independent life insurance agent knows about the major insurers' insurance processes from the inside out . They also understand the importance of long-lasting PERSONAL relationships.

For example, let's take a quick look at occasional smokers of cigarettes, cigarettes and marijuana. Pamper yourself sometimes? If so, we know of all the marijuana-friendly companies AND insurance companies that are smoother with smokers.

Many companies charge full "smoker" prices even if you only drink. This is an expensive issue, as the smoking rate can cost as much as three times what a non-smoker would pay!

This detail can save you thousands of dollars if you work with the right agent.

The same goes for a variety of other medical conditions such as your height / weight ratio, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, heart disease and even certain cancers!

Sometimes, just a few pounds, an inch or two or a birthday can make a big difference when it comes to getting a better grade. This is because insurance guidelines vary significantly from company to company.

NOTE: Do not be afraid to call us as the information you share is completely protected by the HIPPA Privacy Act!

Find out if you qualify for Special Interest Life Insurance

Health IQ offers exclusive active lifestyle discounts. You can qualify if you are an active runner, cyclist, yogi, vegetarian, swimmer or other. Find out how much you can save!

The quote is fast, easy, and free!

Independent Life Insurance Agents RULE!

When you contact us, you talk to experienced agents who know how to guide you through each step of the life insurance process.

That's right – you get to talk to a real person right away and we promise not to share your information or call you incessantly to get a sale.


Do you think saving money on life insurance is as easy as getting a quick quote online? What if! You need an expert guide. We know the right company for all ages, health problems and needs. It's fast and easy! Get started with a free life insurance quote now!

Get a quote!

Let us help you

Does Geico have life insurance? The long and short of it is yes and no.

Yes, they have an interest in selling life insurance, but you do not actually get a Geico life insurance quote – you do get a quote on lifequote.com.


So how do we feel about all these things?

Because we specialize in life insurance and life insurance only.

This area where an independent life insurance agent SHINES! is the key to savings!

Company Guarantee Guidelines are constantly changing as medical advances continue to improve the life expectancy expected.

Some companies are slow to change things while others jump on board and change their guidelines quickly.

We are constantly monitoring these changes.

… and we can put together the customized policy you need for your family, business or property.

Did you know stratification life insurance is a money saver? We can also help you prepare for a medical examination or help you dig up information about the right insurance company if you have a newly diagnosed medical condition.

How is it for service!

Not to mention the fact that we specialize in high-risk health conditions!

What We Can Offer

Call us today we can help! [19659034] If you are wondering – does Geico have life insurance – you are in the right place.

Huntley Wealth has access to more life insurance companies than Geico's call center LifeQuote.com. Which ultimately means we're more competitive.

… and always remember that there really is no such thing as Geico Life Insurance Offer. You will receive your quote from a separate company.

Huntley Wealth will not just sell you a policy and forget you. This is because when you become a customer; you are a client for life.

Our independent agents follow up regularly, because we know that life insurance needs need to change all the time.

I can promise you will never get this level of service or save as much money through Geico's ministers.

Do you want a smarter way to find a better and more affordable life insurance? I WATCH WHAT YOU DO! Forget Geico Life Insurance and come talk to the agents at Huntley Wealth!

Call today 888-603-2876 because 15 minutes does not save money when it comes to Geico Life Insurance Quotes.

* While we do our utmost to keep our site up to date, please be aware that "current" information on this site, such as quotation estimates or relevant business information, may only be accurate from the last day of editing. Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services and its representatives do not provide legal or tax advice. Contact your own legal or tax advisor.

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