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Friday forum at 2 covered by insurance media regarding business interruptions and civil authorities' claims | Legal insurance blog for property insurance

Happy Thanksgiving!

Claims Journal published an article earlier this week, The Key to Winning COVID Business-Interruption Claims: Say the Virus is Present and quoting me from last Friday ] Forum at 2 . I discussed Chloes Café cards we submitted to California, 1 and left a copy for the audience. The press and others must have seen the episode, and they noted:

A likely policyholder's response to this argument was revealed during a webcast on Friday afternoon by Merlin Law Group in Tampa, Fla.

Law Firm President William F. & # 39; Chip & # 39; Merlin said it was & # 39; absurd & # 39; for insurance companies to insist that a company prove that coronavirus is physically present on a property to be paid for a business interruption.

& # 39; Oh really? You have to have coronavirus in your presence and in the air and all that and that's the only way to collect from it and you would rather people die, and then you can go ahead and get coverage, rather than closing your business and seeing to that they do not die? he said.

"We have pointed out that it is a kind of absurd result to argue for it and really against public order. Only one insurance company would argue that you have to go ahead and let people die and then we pay you for what your loss may be. & # 39; all its business interruptions. He said that his examination of the cases that have survived proposals to reject shows that it is a winning strategy to appeal against the virus.

& # 39; There are so many hundreds of costumes out there and so many bases, we can pick and choose what is best to emulate and what to avoid and see if there are any better arguments out there & # 39; , Merlin said during the webcast. policy. My hope is that the readers of this blog are better educated on these issues. Our recent visual discussions on these issues have the same function but are really another forum for exchanging ideas. The comments to our written posts and comments during our live streams are important. I thank all of you who take your valuable time for us to learn from what you say and question.

The above Claims Journal article is also another way we learn and better understand how others analyze our policyholders' opinions and advocacy. I suggest that it is important not only to read what we think but to listen carefully and analyze what the insurance industry and its representatives also say. Analyzing problems with open minds and egos that are safe enough to admit mistakes is the only method I know of to learn the truth and improve.

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving in a very difficult year. Thank you for all the support, help and efforts. I am very grateful and humbled that you take the time to read our blog and look at our other educational forums.

Thought for the day

Be grateful for what you have; you will get more. If you concentrate on what you do not have, you will never, ever have enough.
—Oprah Winfrey

Chloe’s Café vs. Oregon Mut. Ins. Co. 3: 20-cv-05467, Doc. # 24, plaintiff's memorandum in opposition to motion to dismiss (N.D. cal.).

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