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Five Must-Try Unique Pet Side Gigs

  Pet games are an opportunity to surround yourself with pets while getting extra income.

2019 is the year to live our best lives with our pets. What if you can join your love of pets with your love for extra money and get a party game? The animal side not only provides extra income, but they are a great way to discover new interests and potential career paths while burning your passion.

At Trupanion HQ, we love dogs and cats and definitely enjoy the benefits of being in a pet-friendly environment. So we were fascinated when we discovered the company displays were really one thing and we were told more. Although everyone can appreciate a little extra wife to give our furrya friends the best possible life.

Whether you're looking for some extra money for your
pets or just want to meet some new furry friends, we have a unique list of pets
page gigs you have to check out in this new year.

Five unique pets to try

  Board games play everything from pet to pet planning. Sure, an opportunity to be creative and help pets!


If you want to go, board or babysit pets, Wag! has everything you need to be surrounded by pets 24/7. The hours are also flexible with their easy-to-use app, and you can register for child care or go as many dogs as you want on your own schedule.

In addition, the emotional, physical and mental health benefits of walking dogs are good for you and your furrya friends. According to the second annual squad pollen, over 45% of cat owners and 54% of dog owners say pets have a positive effect on their physical activity. It really sounds like a great way to be active and be surrounded by your best friends.

Snap these pet photos

Do you have a passion for pets and love to take pictures? Consider trying a daydreaming as a pet photographer. According to our other annual Tru-Poll, over 54% of dog owners and 52% of cat owners have ordered professional photography of their pets. Definitely a great way to be creative and help capture some wonderful family meetings that can be deserved forever.

Rent our farm for a pet playroom

Having a fenced yard now has its pet-friendly benefits. A unique board game, SniffSpot, allows you to rent out your fenced yard to allow safe playing time for pets. In addition to encouraging a safe place to play, it also gives the chance that reactive dogs train in a positive learning environment. Sniffspot is really an opportunity to sniff out!

Party planning goes to the dogs

Everyone loves a party, and our pets are no exception. We love celebrating our pet's great day. According to Tru-Poll, over 49% of cat owners and 58% of dog owners buy special food for their party. When you consider gifts, clothing and social media posts, planning a pet party can also be a full-time job.

Remember to take a party game to become a pet planner. Most of all, you can help spread cheers for pets and families and celebrate their milestones.

Pet Friendly Artwork

If you like to draw or paint, consider creating artwork for pets and lovers. owner equally to proudly show in their home and workplace. For example, our latest Tru poll survey shows 48% of dog owners and 48% of cat owners have had their own paintings or drawings ordered by their pets.

  A unique companionship to consider is to become a pet pet planner or pet baker. What a fun experience!

Board games: a fun way to be surrounded by your four-legged friends

Board games are purrfect jobs for all pets. It gives you the freedom to earn extra income on your own schedule, explore careers you are passionate about, and surround you with pets all day long. What is your favorite party game to try for New Year?

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