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Five DIY Cozy Pet Nooks to Think About for Your Best Friend

  Discover which DIY-cozy pet angles you should include in your space.

You want your hairy friends to be comfortable in their own space. While spending more time at home, it may be the perfect time to decorate with pet-friendly items for your puppy or kitten. Of course, your pets deserve a cozy pet hook to crawl into at the end of the day. In this part of our DIY pet series, you can learn more about these DIY cozy pet hooks with your best friend in mind. to include in your home. "class =" wp-image-471

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Pets love to nap and if you have a puppy or a kitten, they may want to curl up on everything they can.Here are some fun DIY projects to keep in mind when creating your next cozy place for your pet.

1. Chest of drawers for your pet

Have you are a box that is not currently busy? Consider creating a secret holiday in your office for your kitten. Try adding blankets, a felt mouse and a small scraper post to add different types of enrichment for your cat. your pet a cozy pet hook that rest and play all day. Always pay attention to letting all family members know about the box to avoid injuries or accidents to your pet.

2. Secret place for your puppy

Imagine a space where your dog or puppy can call his own. If you are looking for a more permanent DIY project, consider cutting out your stairs for the ultimate dog house. Complete with a dog bed, bowl and pet sport, and your puppy can be ready for naptime. For an additional resource on how to create this puppy-protected space, read here.

3. Night tablecloth bed for your dog

Chances are you can have a bedside table or final table somewhere in your home. The good thing about this type of furniture is that it can be used for several purposes. For example, it can be used for storage, storage of some of your favorite books or a convenient place for your pet to crawl up and take a nap. Consider adding a pet bed and an interactive puzzle feeder for the perfect place to get away, rest and play.

4. Portable box for your puppy or kitten

If you have a feeling for vintage decor, consider updating a vintage wooden milk box for your hairy friend. A simple project can result in a cozy pet snook for your hairy friend. Cut the insert in the wood on the front of the drawer, grind it down and insert the dog bed into the drawer. You can also add other details such as legs, wheels or a platform for easy access. Furthermore, this drawer can be easily moved around your home including storage under your remote desk.

5. Window perch for your cat

Cats and kittens love to climb and explore in their home. So they can enjoy the chance to rest and relax when they have wandered through their space. For example, an extension on your window can give your cat a chance to sit while they enjoy the view. This can also be a great addition to a catio or any pet-friendly room with a window. Check out this guide on how to build a cation for the ultimate cat space.

A pet friendly home should give your pet the chance to explore, play and rest in a safe environment. Think about how you can add pet-friendly items and create a space that is functional for the whole family. For more information on how to protect your puppy's home, read here.

  DIY cozy pet hooks can help give your pet extra space to relax in when you live in your own home.

DIY cozy pet hooks can give your pet the chance to relax when they are at home

No matter how big your space is, there is always the chance to add a touch of fun to your pet's furniture, toys or pet care products. It can also provide an opportunity for the whole family to do something new for your hairy family member. However, your pet's favorite spot at the end of the day may be curled up right next to you!

What are your favorite DIY cozy pet hooks to make for your best friend? Tell us in the comments below.

For more information on DIY pets at home, read How to Build a Dog House for Your Pet Space

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