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Every small business should have these insurance plans

Every small business should have these insurance plans

Hi there, small business owners . If you have joined the AAI and own an Independent Insurance Agency you are part of the few who have chosen to take a step in successful entrepreneurship. Congratulations!

Every small company faces challenges, not even if you are in the insurance industry. To prevent these challenges from affecting your business, it is best to be proactive and ensure you get the right amount insurance cover . You live by helping others assess their risks and find the best products to protect them. We are here to do the same for you.

In addition to the basic liability and property protection, you may consider investing in the following:

Umbrella Insurance

If you intend to expand your coverage, umbrella insurance is a good option. It provides an extra layer of personal protection that covers things that may not fit under any other specific policy. Some added risks such as claims about remorse of character problems or the operation of rental cars are good reasons to get this type of insurance.

 Small Insurance Plans Cybersecurity Insurance

Internet has changed a lot over the years. Although it has become an important tool, the risk of cyber security violations has increased considerably. Today, cybersecurity insurance is a must and can protect you from things like the transfer of fraud, social technology, ransom and extortion.

Employment issues Insurance

Sexual harassment is always a potential risk. You can have a controlled environment at work, but your control goes just so far. In the case of allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment or other types of employment issues, such as incorrect dismissal, it is best to be covered. Consider adding an extension to protect yourself from these claims with the D&O or Employment Practices Liability Insurance Policy.

Be the best independent insurance agent you can be. Protect yourself before you can protect others.

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