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Employer liability and compensation to employees

Did you know that there are several parts to workers' compensation insurance?

  Workers 'compensation

Part one is the workers 'compensation insurance

Workers' compensation insurance is what we know most and cover injuries to your employees when they are injured at work, this part has no limit.

Part Two is Employer Liability Insurance

Employer Liability Insurance is intended to protect an employer from legal liability arising from employee injury, this part does have a limit and you will see the limit under the section on coverage in your employee compensation policy. The standard coverage amount for the state of Florida is:

$ 100k per accident, $ 100k per employee, $ 500k policy limit

Other available options are 500/500/500, 1mil / 1mil / 1mil with most operators. Some carriers offer even higher limits.

Some common claims for employer liability are:

Third Party Documents – A lawsuit filed by a third party claiming compensation because it is held liable for an employee's injury. For example, an employee was injured using a machine that an employer had not properly maintained. The employee can sue the manufacturer of the equipment, which in turn would sue the employer for contributory negligence.

Loss of the consortium – A lawsuit usually filed by an injured worker's spouse for loss of employment for his or her spouse who was injured during employment

The following bodily injury- suffered as a result of employee injury. For example, the spouse of a seriously injured employee who has a heart attack after learning about his or her spouse.

If you want to learn more about work compensation and employer liability insurance, visit our page for worker compensation .

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