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Effects of snow on cars & the importance of car policy

During the winter months, our vehicles tend to take a beating from all the salt on the roads. But have you ever really thought about the effects of snow on your car? Whether you own a car, SUV or truck, all vehicles are very sensitive to damage caused by the rock salt used to keep our roads free from snow and ice. Large particles of this salt can over time lead to corrosion damage to almost any vehicle part that is exposed.

How does the salt damage my vehicle?

All metal parts can easily corrode from the brakes to the engine block when the salt from the roads reacts with water and oxygen. So when the snow continues to melt and the water mixes with the salt and air, this can easily create problems for our vehicles. The parts of your car or truck that are most exposed are wheels, brakes, exhaust pipes, mufflers and other metal components that are placed relatively low to the ground. But we do not want to forget the paintwork of your vehicle. The same salt that can corrode the metal of your vehicle can also cause the paint to lift and come off, giving you an expensive repair bill.

 A person driving a vehicle on a snowy road.

Okay, so how can I prevent this from happening?

With all this in mind, it's so important to wash your vehicle thoroughly after driving on roads that have been treated with rock salt. As this tends to be any road in New England between November and April, we recommend that you take your vehicle to a car wash frequently, or if you have the opportunity to do so, wash your vehicle yourself at home. As long as you remove these salt particles from your vehicle (and do not forget to wash under your vehicle as well) this will help extend the life of your car a lot!

Do not forget your windshield wipers

Snow can also damage your windshield wipers and washing systems. Thin layers of ice tend to form around the leaves that are in close contact with the windshield. Therefore, you must make sure that both wipers of your vehicle are raised before a snowstorm arrives. Make sure you carefully remove all traces of ice from the wiper blades before putting them back in place, otherwise your windshield can be easily scratched by the invisible layers of compressed snow or clean ice.

And finally … do not forget state laws!

Although it is never a fun task, we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the laws of the state of Connecticut require that all vehicle drivers must remove the snow from their vehicles before driving on any road. I'm sure everyone has been behind someone who has not followed this rule and knows how dangerous it can be to have large lumps of snow hitting your windshield from the car in front of you.

 Person removing snow from his vehicle

The main takeaway

The weather in New England can really smell devastating on our vehicles, but if you follow these helpful tips , your car will surely thank you for it. Do you have a question about your car policy? Paradiso Insurance is an experienced insurance agency ready to help you with any doubts. Call us at 860-684-5270 or click here to request a quote today!

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