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Does my homeowner's insurance protect me against a dog attack?

Our goal is to support homeowners with guidance on getting home insurance. The important point with Paradiso is that we look for the best service and are dedicated to helping you learn and decide when and how you can best protect your home.

As a local, independent insurance company, we have exclusive ties to several suppliers. We easily match prices and benefits and get the best available policy for Connecticut homeowners for your unique home. Years of experience have shown us the importance of flipping around to get the best coverage for each house.

There are other factors as well. Our team of local homeowners' insurance experts can help you estimate issues such as coin insurance and recovery cost issues and can customize your insurance with incentives or other insurance policies. This extra compensation can include animal liability if your pet causes harm.

Blacklisted dog breeds

A handful of dog species are responsible for more of the expensive bites and injuries than others; It is easy to see that some insurers prohibit, deny or terminate home insurance if a customer owns a certain breed. Others exempt these dogs from the homeowner's policy or ask the owners to sign a certificate of liability for any bites that may occur. They can even lose insurance or raise fees if someone is bitten and injured by a customer's dog. German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Pit Bull and Wolf Hybrid are some of the blacklisted breeds.

Type and Amount of Homeowners Coverage for Dog Owners

Many home insurance plans cover some liability for the dog's legal costs of bites and accidents. They usually cover up to $ 100,000 or even $ 300,000 in losses. Dog owners are responsible for all amounts that pass the roof.

It is also a smart option for homeowners with dogs to either raise their insurance limits or get an umbrella system. One choice is to get extra or specialized liability protection exclusively for dog owners.

Who is covered by my home insurance

The usual homeowner's insurance extends to partners, families and relatives who are under 21 years of age. Both of these individuals will be protected from injuries associated with dog bites or accidents; they may not sue if they are victims of an attack. Many homeowners' systems often protect unpaid dog sitters or dog walkers if the pet harms or attacks others while they are responsible.

Informing the insurer about your dog

If you have a dog, you must notify the insurer and it is especially important to see if it happens to appear on lists of hostile or harmful dog breeds. Failure to do so could have consequences. For example, any lawsuit you file may be denied if your dog attacks or harms someone, and your provider did not know about your pet before. Your insurance company may also terminate your insurance due to your dishonesty. If you are considering buying or reducing a dog, we recommend that you contact your homeowner. If you have any questions, you can call us at (860) 684-5270.

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