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Does homeowner insurance cover pool damage?

  Bellefontaine Ohio Homeowners Insurance and Pools - Alan Galvez Insurance Ohio homeowners insurance is designed to protect homeowners from liability for visitors' accidental damages as well as property damage. If you have a pool, it is important to understand exactly what your insurance does and does not cover. Some insurance companies exclude pools from coverage; Also, not all damages are covered even if you have insurance. It is important to determine what coverage you have before using your pool so that you do not end up with thousands of dollars for a visitor for injuries.

Make Sure It's No Pool Exclusion

Ohio homeowners insurance covers most damage to guests and visitors to a home. However, insurance companies have the right to exclude certain damages. Insurance companies do this so that they will not have to pay much money to cover damage that is extremely likely.

Many policies exclude pools in the garden from coverage. Swimming pools are sometimes considered high risk because there are so many damages. Many people are injured or killed each year for falling into pools, diving in a pool that is too shallow, swimming without proper skills or safety equipment, or participating in horse racing in the water. So your insurance company can specifically exclude your garden pool from coverage. Read your policy carefully and completely to find out if this is the case.

Follow all instructions

In some cases, your pool may only be covered if you follow certain safety regulations. It is common for insurance companies to require:
• The pool to be covered when not in use and secured behind a fence with child-resistant locks.
• The pool does not include a diving board or slide
• The pool is installed by a professional

If you do not follow these instructions or others that your insurance company requires, you may not be covered if someone is injured while using your pool. Insurance companies often make these requirements to reduce the risk of accidental damage when using the pool.

Make sure your insurance company knows you have a pool

Homeowner Insurance Company covers your home and property in your garden. But when you sign up for insurance, you usually have to report everything in your garden to get coverage. If you do not report anything, it can be automatically excluded depending on the terms of your insurance.

It is important to mention that you have a pool when you sign up for your insurance. If you install a pool after you have received your homeowners policy, make sure you contact your insurance agent to notify him or her. Otherwise, you may not be covered if someone is injured while using your pool.

You may want to contact your insurance company before you even install the pool. Some insurance companies have strict requirements on what type of pool you can install or how to install it, so you need to discuss the problem with your insurance company before you begin to get coverage.

If you have a pool, it is important to find out what damage or damage is covered before using it for the first time. Pool damage is as expensive as it is common; If you do not arrange proper coverage through your Ohio homeowners insurance, you may be liable for thousands of dollars in damages and may be sued if you cannot pay them.

Don't forget to ask for a personal Umbrella

Whether you currently have a pool or are considering getting one, you must also get a personal umbrella insurance. In short, the idea behind personal umbrella insurance is to provide additional liability insurance in addition to what your car insurance and your home insurance provides. In the event of a large claim, it is possible that either policy may be admitted. Any additional money would be paid out of your pocket. Yuk! The umbrella takes over to hopefully prevent that situation. We have many articles on personal umbrella policy. You can read What does personal umbrella insurance cover and how does it work? for more details. On the back of it you can also read What Is Not Covered By Personal Umbrella Insurance.

Those people with pools – we always suggest a personal umbrella policy. Pools only have more risk and opportunity for a large requirement.

Do you have a pool and are worried that you do not have enough coverage? Or RIGHT coverage? Call us or request your quote online NOW . We steer you in the right direction and make sure you are properly protected!

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