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Documents on Longevity and Why You Need Them

Most of us are not anxious to think about the end of our lives – and why would we want to? Unfortunately, to leave our family and loved ones in the best possible position when we are away, it requires some interest in the future. Understanding important actions at the end of life is the key to helping your family when you are no longer out supporting them. Take a look at the most important documents you need.

A Permanent Power of Attorney

This is a document that appoints another person to handle business, legal and financial matters for you until you die. If you are involved in an accident or taken out with an illness, allow the person you have chosen to act for you to act quickly.

Advance directive or living will

This writes down the decisions you have made about your care. Essentially, they are instructions for your doctor so that your wishes are followed if you can not formulate them. For example, it ensures that you receive the treatment you have decided in advance whether you are terminally ill or permanently unconscious.

A will or revocation of living trust

This says on who will inherit your assets when you pass and in what matter. The two documents will help eliminate or defer taxes to be paid when you die.

Make sure you have everything in place to make it easier for your loved ones. Are you ready to find the right life insurance for your needs? Talk to the pros at Abbate Insurance. We can help you ensure the right life insurance for your needs and budget in New Haven, Connecticut.

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