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Do you think you need a permanent life insurance instead of a lifetime insurance?

A mix of both permanent and term is beneficial

When customers come to us and ask for permanent life insurance, they more often than not choose to buy either.

Our agents review your insurance needs with you before you buy one. complex permanent product, such as a full life insurance or an indexed universal life insurance. Most families need a large amount of protection during their years of service, but not so much when they retire.

If affordability is one of your higher priorities, we recommend that you purchase the bulk of your coverage as a life insurance policy and supplement it. with a less permanent life insurance.

How much of each type of life insurance do I need?

How much life insurance coverage you need depends on your family situation, goals and budget.

The years you need. Raising children, paying off the mortgage and saving for retirement are the years when you need the most life insurance. Why? Because that's when your paycheck matters the most.

If you die unexpectedly, your family loses the income that is crucial to their standard of living. The cost of a funeral alone is on average $ 1

0,000. Can your family afford to pay for this unforeseen expense without emptying an emergency or savings fund?

How would your family be affected without your monthly income? Would they need to move? Change school? Without your employer benefits, would they lose affordable health insurance?

Life insurance coverage should go to protecting these everyday things. A permanent life insurance policy of $ 250,000 or $ 500,000 or $ 1,000,000 is not affordable for the average family, but it is a life insurance policy.

After purchasing a solid life insurance policy, it is time to look into a less permanent life insurance policy if you want to cover a funeral and final expenses no matter when you die. A permanent insurance of $ 50,000 or $ 100,000 is a common addition to a larger life insurance policy.

Estimating how much life insurance you need can be overwhelming. Your salary goes to many things. Use our life insurance needs calculator if you need help.

Contact us directly if you want help with how much permanent life insurance you need. Since there are many different types of permanent life insurance with different strategic designs, it is best to talk to an agent.

Buying Life Insurance

The process of buying life insurance may vary slightly depending on the applicant. Someone with health problems may take longer to get the coverage approved because a medical examination may be needed and medical records may be ordered. Someone with a pure health history may be approved in less than a week. However, the average timeline for approval is between four and six weeks.

In general, it works like this to buy life insurance:

Step 1: Get quotes

Step 2: Apply

Step 3: Fill in the phone Interview or online verification form

Step 4: Make a brief medical examination (if necessary)

Step 6: Insurance company reviews Complete application (results from medical examinations, medical records, background check, etc.)

Step 7: Insurance company offers or rejects coverage

Step 8: You accept or decline the offer

Applying through a broker, such as Quotacy, is your best bet to get affordable coverage. We have access to many different life insurance companies, which helps your chances of being approved.

Not all life insurance companies evaluate the applicant's risk factors in the same way. For example, an insurance company may offer standard tobacco prices to someone who smokes a cigar from time to time and another company may be happy with this and offer preferred non-tobacco. The difference in pricing can be significant depending on which insurance company you choose.

When you receive quotes via Quotacy, you do not need to enter any contact information to start comparing shopping. You do not have to worry about your phone number or email address being sold and flooded with sales calls.

Quotacy is proud to be one of the few companies in the online life insurance market that offers real-time quotes without contact information. Enter only basic health information so you can see quotes directly.

Be as careful as possible in your online application when you are ready to apply. Your Quotacy Agent is your advocate and wants to ensure that you are matched with the best insurance company for your unique profile.

Once you have applied, a Quotacy Agent will review your application before it is officially submitted to the insurance company. If the insurance company you chose through the online process does not fit best, in other words, there is a company that would probably offer you a better price, your agent will contact you and notify you.

Buying life insurance through Quotation is easy because your agent does most of the work to ensure that you get a good price. When your application goes through the purchase process, your agent will keep you updated every step of the way.

Start the purchase process by getting a quote on life insurance today. It's never too early to protect your family with a life insurance policy.

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