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Do you need life insurance fast? Try Accelerated Underwriting

How to Qualify for Accelerated Underwriting

When you make quotes for life insurance through Quotacy, you will see different insurance options. We work with over 25 life insurance companies and when you enter your basic information in our quotation tool, the insurance options you get are a result of that information. As an example, not all products are offered in some states so we only show products that are available to you.

 9 operators on quotation tools

Do not be overwhelmed if you get 20 different options. We recommend that you simply choose the cheapest. Why? Quotacy only works with A-rated or better operators. This means that they are financially stable and reliable. The policy you end up with, regardless of insurance company, will be stable.

In addition, your Quotacy Agent will review your application before it is officially submitted. This is a free service that we provide.

Your agent reviews your application to make sure you apply to the insurance company that suits you best. For example, you may have chosen to apply to a company that does not have an accelerated issuance process that you would probably qualify for. If so, your agent will contact you and ask if you want to change companies to potentially have coverage much earlier.

Or maybe you chose to apply to a company that is very strict with a certain risk factor on your. Maybe you have been diagnosed with anxiety and the company you chose is strict with that health condition. Your agent will contact you and ask if you want to switch to a company that is more tolerant with an anxiety diagnosis to save money.

Apply for life insurance today

It is easy to apply for life insurance. Our quotation tool allows you to view life insurance quotes directly without even entering any contact information.

Take a look at your options and then apply directly online in just minutes. Your Quotacy Agent will notify you if Accelerated Issue Guarantee is a good option for you.

Once your application has been officially submitted to the life insurance company, your Agent will keep you updated every step of the way.

It's just a few minutes of your day to get quotes and apply. Then let your Quotacy agent do the hard work behind the scenes as you return to your day.

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