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Do you have a collision AND extensive coverage? You should check!

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It's the time of year when all deer roam around, so it can be dangerous for people traveling on the road (see our latest blog post Oh Deer! Drive Defensively this season). We also know that ice and snow are coming soon (if not already in your area), and this increases the risk for drivers and their passengers. With the increased possibility of being in an accident this time of year, what better time to revisit the object of the collision against extensive car coverage!

The big debate in car insurance is the difference between comprehensive coverage and collision coverage, and should you buy one or both of these? Collision insurance sounds simple – it is collision insurance. Collision coverage provides coverage for the loss due to a moving vehicle hitting another object. So if you collide with a deer or any other animal, this would be covered, right?

On the other hand, comprehensive coverage (sometimes defined as "Other than collision") is a protection for your vehicle if it is damaged as a result of something other than a collision. But what does all this mean? Essentially, you have the option to purchase coverage for damage that may occur without necessarily being involved in an accident, such as fire damage, vandalism, falling objects such as tree branches or hail, or damage caused by weather, animals, etc. A good way to think about it is that comprehensive coverage handles most incidents that fall outside of your control.

So, for example, if an animal runs on the road and you hit it, what coverage would it fall under? The extensive coverage! Did you know that? I did not do it first, because I assumed it would be a collision case! Another example is if a random hailstorm occurs and your vehicle is damaged. This would also be covered by extensive coverage.

Protecting your vehicle from losses within your control is important given that these types of losses tend to have higher consequences. But "God's actions" or unpredictable losses, such as tree branches or vandalism, can occur at any time and without warning. Having extensive coverage in place to protect against these exposures provides peace of mind for all things beyond your control. Talk to your local independent agent today to see if this coverage is the right protection for you.

For further information on car covers, see Insurance 101: Personal car covers.

The information above is of a general nature and your policy and coverage provided may differ from the examples. Please read your insurance policy in full to determine your available coverage.

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