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Do cats know their names? Questions about cat owners answered

  Read on to learn more about cats knowing their names and tips for your cat lover.

When you try to communicate with your cat, you may find that they do not always respond to their name. Cats are also picky and may want to do things on their own terms. Of course, this can lead you to ask, "Do cats know their names?" Fortunately, we sat down with Trupanion's veterinarian Dr. Sarah Nold to learn more about cats knowing their names and how exercise can help your hairy friend.

Do cats know their names?

  Find out do cats really know their names or do they respond to sounds?

Whether you have a kitten or an adult cat, your hairy friend may have a specific way that they like to communicate. From everything to body language and vocalizations, cats can be strange or quirky in their daily behavior. Nold weighs in on his own personal account with his cats and their names.

"I think it can be difficult to determine if a cat" knows "their name. From my own personal experience, my cats seem to respond more to my voice than their names when called. For example, if I call "this kitten against this George" in a very friendly, friendly voice, he would probably come in both directions. Although he is a more canine personality. If you have a more typical cat, they can only respond to a can of cat food that opens or the sound of food falling into their bowls, which is more like my other cat Juniper.

It can really depend on the type. of the cat you have, their personality and their personal preferences. While some cats may call when called, others may get started on meals, playtime or some extra cuddling.

For more information on cat communication, read Understanding Cat Body Language to Help Your Hairy Friend.

Exercise and your cat's name

Exercise is important during any part of your pet's development. You can also train a pet of all ages and this includes kittens and cats. So, can you train a cat to get to their name? Nold points out the differences between training your pets.

"For example, if I had both cats in the room and called one, George would probably come regardless and Juniper probably not regardless. I guess this would probably also be the case if you had two dogs in one room, although they are more likely to be trained to commands such as "stay", "wait" or "come". In other words, you can tell one to stop and call the other by name to come. Furthermore, cats can be trained and if someone was properly motivated, they would probably also be able to train their cat depending on personality to respond to a voice command.

It can also be good to train your cat or kitten
for safety reasons. If you need your pet to come to you during an emergency, it can
be helpful if they respond to their own name. For an additional resource on
cat training, read How
to get a cat in a carrier guide

the science behind a cat name and what it really means

In the end, your cat may choose not to answer their name, and that's okay. In fact, it is not uncommon for a cat not to respond to their name.

Although they may not respond directly, they may be more likely to acknowledge their owner versus a stranger.

According to Vocal Recognition of Owners by domestic cats, § “These accustomed cats showed a significant decline in response to the subsequent presentation of their owners' voices. This result indicates that cats can use vocal cues alone to distinguish between humans.

Furthermore, the bond between pets and pets is an important part of your overall relationship with your best friend.

Do cats know their names? It may be due to your hairy friend

No matter how you choose to communicate with your cat, it can be a chance to bond with your best friend. Whether you choose to signal your kitten by name, with noise or use physicality, your cat can let you know what they prefer with a simple head nod or tail girl. After all, the cat's spin is a great way to be greeted during the day!

Does your cat know their name? Tell us in the comments below.

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§ 1 Department of Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo, 3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8902, Japan

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