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Distracted Driving Awareness Month #JustDrive

It seems that every day we hear about a new accident caused by distracted driving. Whether it was because someone texted, rolled on their phone or just did not pay attention to the road, distracted driving accidents are too frequent and often fatal. . It was an increase of 10% from 2018. What percentage should we as drivers start to pay attention to? Even more worrying is that drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 seem to be most distracted, as they tend to constantly use their cell phones will use their vehicles. prevent distracted driving:

  • If you have a passenger with you, ask them to answer your calls and / or text messages. If you trust them to sit in your front seat, you should trust them to read your texts.
  • Stay away from your phone – no matter how long your device may be, you can wait to browse Instagram or Twitter. Photos and tweets will be there when your vehicle stops.
  • Switch to text – if you are alone and need to send a text, drag and park before pressing send. Just a fraction of a second that takes your eyes off the road can be deadly.

Another great tool that helps drivers become more aware, teens and young adult drivers more specifically, is teenSMART. teenSMART is a downloadable software that you can purchase and install on your own computer. The software includes driving simulations, videos, exercises and activities that teens and parents can do together to complete the course. When the studies are completed, it shows that teenSMART reduces the chance of being in a crash by up to 30%. Another upside? Most insurance companies will offer a discount on your insurance once this program has been completed which is usually left on the insurance for the first few years of driving.

Do you want to be held accountable for not being a distracted driver? You can take the pledge for U Drive. U-text. U Pay. Campaign, which is committed to saving lives by never texting or using the phone while driving, and talking when you see others distracted. #JustDrive

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