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Dental insurance that covers implants 2020 // No waiting!

Seeing the price of dental implants can easily make you pull out your hair and figure out how to pay for it can be even more painful.

Well, I have news for you:

Dental savings plans are a better alternative to dental insurance that covers implants and you can get a dental plan immediately without waiting.

In this post I will explain to you why a dental savings plan or dental discount plan is the best option when you want to get dental implant services or perform dental implant surgery.

What are dental implants and how do they work

I like to think of dental implants as replacement teeth, sometimes maybe need one or two, and some people may need to replace several teeth.

How the process works

When you go to get a dental implant, your doctor will take some x-rays and shapes of your teeth to determine the correct layout for your bite and mouth.

Once this process is complete, the dentist will schedule the first operation, and then the implants will be mounted in their permanent place.

It usually takes up to 6 months for the implants to completely melt in your bone.

You will probably have to wait for the healing process to be completed before you can get your crown or bridge permanently in place.

The process will vary depending on each individual's situation and needs.

A big advantage of getting a dental implant is that they have a success rate of up to 98% and with the right care they can last a lifetime.

This process takes time and it is very important to have the best dental implant insurance or plan. [1

9659015] A dental care plan, not dental care insurance for implants

Your best bet will be a dental savings or discount plan and not dental care insurance, here is why:

No waiting times

Unlike dental care insurance, there is no waiting time insurance required with a dental care insurance savings plan, it means you are covered by all procedures from day one.

No deductibles

Another major benefit is that there are no annual deductibles that need to be paid before your coverage takes effect. [19659007] No annual limits

The biggest disadvantage of a dental insurance is that there are annual max.

This means that once you have reached the annual maximum, you will no longer have any coverage for the rest of the year and will have to pay 100% out of pocket.

You will not have this problem with dental savings plan because there is no maximum annual.

No prior authorizations before treatment

You also do not need to reach out to anyone before you have completed a procedure, this is important to note because you can easily find yourself it is not possible to get a procedure if the insurance company does not approve it.

No paperwork

This product is trouble-free and no claim forms will be required as savings are made at the dentist's office when the procedure is in place. [19659007] All are approved

There is no guess when it comes to buying a dental savings or discount plan.

Everyone will be approved for this plan from the beginning regardless of your existing medical condition.

Hopefully you can see w the best dental insurance for implants is actually not insurance at all.

When it comes to getting the most savings on your dental implant, you want a dental savings plan from day one.

The cost of dental implants

You will quickly discover that not all dental implants cost the same and this can contribute to several factors such as:

Your location

I'm sure you think "uhh what", But yes, if your dentist rents an office in a place where the rent is high, they may charge more for their service to cover the cost.

Your dentist can also buy your dental implant from a supplier who charges more and I will send these fees over to you.

I would recommend contacting some of the doctors in the network to compare initial pricing.

Number of implants

Like everything you buy, the more of what you get, the higher the price will be, and this applies to implants

If you are in need of more than one implant, the cost will increase ; however, your doctor may recommend a more cost-effective alternative such as a bridge.

Implant type

If your dentist goes for something constructed of titanium, you will look at a higher price.

I recommend that you discuss the different material options with your dentist to see which option gives you both quality and best price.

Your Dentist's Years of Experience

The more experience a dentist has, the higher they are likely to charge for completing a procedure.

In my personal opinion, I say to always go with the most experienced when you can because you want something similar done the first time correctly.

So, what can you expect

The average cost of an implant will be between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 for just one implant, then you will have to pay about $ 500 to $ 3,000 for the distance and the crown .

That means in total, you will look anywhere between $ 1,500 and $ 6.00 for just one implant.

Need more than one implant can range from $ 3,000 to $ 30,000 and in some cases up to $ 100,000 in coverage.

It is easy to think only about the implant itself, but it is important to think about extra fees that you may have to pay, such as x-rays, extractions, bone grafts, etc.

The reason why the price is so high is mainly that you get surgery and there is a complete process to get a dental implant; you can not just get it done in one visit.

Dental Savings Plans vs. Dental Insurance

This is an old fight; But if you have never stayed to see it until the end, we make it very clear:

Cosmetic dental care savings


There is no better option than to go with a dental savings plan for any of your dental needs , especially if you have tried to find dental insurance covering implants .

There is no way to get cheap dental implants, but you can reduce your total cost by purchasing a dental plan.

Most of our plans also have additional benefits such as hearing and vision.

You do not have to give up getting coverage and have better dental health, check out the various plans and get covered today.

Thanks for reading my post … Before you go!

What did you think of my post? Did I miss something?

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