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Deductible Homeowners; why it must be $ 2500

Deductibles are the costs that you have to pay to develop your insurance, and it is only when the deductible is paid that your insurance kicks in to cover everything that it includes. In simpler terms, when a disaster hits your home, the deductible amount is deducted from the claim. From the paradigm of shared risks and security, your deductible is a risk that is shared between the policyholder and the insurance company / insurer.

Deductibles are common in the insurance world and are on the first page or "declaration page" for most ordinary homeowners and car insurers.

Now deductibles are not a secondary function in your insurance. They are as important as politics itself. Special rules govern these policies and may vary from state to state.

The deductible amount may be a fixed number, or it may be a percentage of the total insurance amount. It varies. For homeowners, the deductibles are carried out as a percentage. For example, if your house is insured for any amount, such as $ 100,000, and the deductible percentage applied to it is 2%, $ 2,000 will be deducted from your application. In addition, deductibles are not a one-time thing. They apply every time you register a claim.

Disaster deductibles

It is imperative for homeowners to know how each disaster has its own set of deductible rules as they are usually applied to property damage and not the liability part of home insurance.


In the more prone earthquakes, the percentage of deductibles can vary anywhere from 2% to 20%.


Flood insurance offers a range of deductibles. They can be either in the form of percentages or dollar amounts. They vary and you need to check from your insurance company to choose the best one for you.


Hurricane deductibles are applied to claims via specified triggers assigned by your insurance companies. These deductibles are expressed as a percentage, mostly and are higher than the rest of the homeowners' deductibles.

Deductions for wind / hail

These are very similar to hurricanes and are most common in states that experience these difficult claims. They can be from 1-5 percent.

Can You Raise Your Deductibles To Save Money?

Yes, they can help you save a lot of money on your premiums. When you increase your deductible to $ 2,500, you will save huge on the cost of your policy. You can save thousands of dollars on your insurance by developing a strategy that balances your financial situation with deductible amounts. Say, if you never have to make a claim and pay the higher deductible, then all the extra money is left in your pocket. On the other hand, if you stop having to pay your deductible, you have the money ready.

At Paradiso Insurance, we want the best for our customers. This is why the deductibles applied to your home insurance are designed to benefit you. We remind our customers that the deductibles can ultimately offer a lot of savings, but they will be made out of your own pocket. Keep that in mind as you increase your deductible amount.

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