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David Young had a funeral for the ages | Property Insurance Protection Law Blog

On Good Friday afternoon, I usually take time off and try to find some time to think about how my life is going. But the Almighty had a special event for me last Friday afternoon – David Young’s exceptional funeral service.

As a student of family history, I have read many obituaries. I always felt that Dave’s family was close. But I had to laugh when I flew out to Phoenix and read this very irreverent line in David Young’s obituary that only a close-knit family would approve of:

“David was president and founder of the Know-It-All Club.”

It’s so true. Dave̵

7;s phone calls with me normally began with, “Chip, do you have a few minutes to talk about an important matter?” The calls usually lasted an hour. The facts of a loss were only part of the discussion because Dave always wanted to ask me about the law. He would always say something that would make me ask if he could send me a case, a bulletin or an insurance form that I didn’t know about. He would then call a week later to continue the discussion and to make sure I fully understood the importance of everything he sent.

David Young was a proud husband and father. His wife, Rae Young, and daughter Alice Young are accomplished public adjusters. I consider them experts when it comes to content loss. If a public adjuster studies the rules for personal property insurance claims and fully adjusts the fine details of the contents portion of a property insurance claim, I can guarantee you that the fine details of the real property loss will not be missed by the public adjuster. Many public adjusters pay lip service to the content loss. Not the young ones.

The young family members and friends who spoke at the funeral service were amazing. When the service was over, I looked at adjuster Justin Skipton and said, “This may sound strange, but it may have been the most enlightening and uplifting funeral service I’ve been to.” His reply was, “Me too.”

I really felt that David inspired and taught us from here on out. David Skipton, Mike Poli, Lawrence Moon and I all toasted David and talked about his funeral service. While we all touch each other while we are alive, David managed to do so after he left this earth.

I would encourage others to read David Young’s obituary. David was an excellent public adjuster. He earned both Certified Professional Public Adjuster (CPPA) and Senior Professional Public Adjuster (SPPA) certifications. Additionally, he served the profession by serving on the board of the Rocky Mountain Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and as president.

I’m sure he was an even better husband and father.

Today’s thought

Always go to other people’s funerals or they won’t come to yours.

– Yogi Berra

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