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Customer Spotlight: Neer & # 39; s Sand & Gravel | CoverLink insurance

Picture above from left to right: Andy Neer, Arden Neer Jr., Gina Loehr & Tom Simon

Our latest customer spotlight, Arden Neer Jr. and Andy Neer, both owners of Neers Sand & Gravel sat down with us recently and WOW we had a great time! We talked about the family, the history of their company, how long our two companies have worked together and shared many memories and laughs.

These two brothers and third generation owners are a shining example of what it means to be in a family business. Their grandfather, Ezra Neer, started the business in 1927 – no less during a depression – and much of the culture and values ​​he introduced continue to flourish today thanks to Arden and Andy's leadership.

For example, Ezra Neer, who are both Arden Jr. and Andy happily calls him a "brilliant man", starting the business by getting every penny to count and building much of his own equipment. That philosophy was handed over to Arden Neer Sr. when he ran the business and continues to be obvious today. So much so that Arden Jr. and Andy admits that every time they buy equipment, they can hear their father say, "oh no, no, no boys, what do you think?"

And while you may already know Neer & # 39; s Sand & Gravel and Arden Jr. & Andy (their story is here), we hope to highlight some stories about them that you may not know.

So we'll take back the story a few chapters when Arden Jr. and Andy just got out of high school.

On the question of Arden Jr. at a young age knew he wanted to join the family business he replied emphatically, "yes!" He remembers that he was in his DECA class in high school and had ambitions to earn big money to play in a sandbox to support himself But when he started, he did not make the big money he had expected and the work was not about playing in a sandbox. His father taught him a life lesson about working hard to make money, for which he is eternally grateful. 1

9659003] Andy's story, on the other hand, was a little different. Andy went to Wright State University to study business. He found that he loved all the math classes but did not like being stuck in a classroom. Then one of his professors gave him a commissioned to write a story about something he always wanted to do.It was that story that helped him figure out his future – when he wrote the whole thing about trucks.He quickly realized that he wanted to be out and work for his family business hot. He came home and has run the facility for 20 years – all the time and got to do what he loves.

Image above from left to right: Arden Neer Jr. and Andy Neer

Another funny fact, which you may not know, is that Ezra Neer, when he opened his business, worked with our founders, J. Glenn Hill and Mr. Fred Hamilton (formerly known as Hill & Hamilton Insurance) for his insurance needs. It is 94 years and three generations that our organizations have worked together; 94 years of relationships and life events – a relationship for which we are infinitely grateful.

Now we can fast forward to 2011

Arden Jr. and Andy were partners in the industry and continued to have a long-standing relationship with CoverLink that they have had for so many years.

Arden Jr. had been contacted several times by an insurance agent who offered him a quote. He went on to tell him that they were happily insured with CoverLink, and that they had no interest in getting a quote from this other agent. But the agent did not want to let go and Arden Jr. eventually allowed him to provide the quote – just to stop the call barring. After receiving this quote, Arden sent Jr. that to Gina Loehr, his longtime account manager at CoverLink, for her review because – as these situations often go – the quote seemed to be quite lower compared to what Neer & # 39 ;s Sand & Grus had paid.

And further – again, how these types of situations often develop – when Gina had a chance to carefully review this alternative quote, she discovered many of the most important and critical coverages needed to protect Neers Sand & Gravel. had been omitted. Sure, leaving these coverages resulted in a lower premium … but at what cost? What good is an insurance policy if it does not cover any damages that you thought it would cover? If the policy you paid for leaves you hanging during your most desperate time of need?

Rather, a cheap policy usually means cheap coverage. Which means that there is a good chance that someone who chooses the cheap policy will not have the coverage they think they do – and they almost always find out at the worst time – when they have a large claim.

Unfortunately, we do see situations like this happen too often. Someone gets a lower quote and they immediately change their coverage, leaving them vulnerable to a potential claim. But since Arden Jr. knew that Gina and CoverLink would have their best interests at heart, he sent it to her so that he could get advice on what to do next.

We probably do not need to tell you that Neers Sand & Gravel made the decision to keep their coverages with CoverLink so that they would have the protection they needed if a claim were to occur …

And would you not know – the claim occurred.

After deciding to keep its coverage with CoverLink, Arden Jr. was in an incredibly difficult situation several years later. He was sitting at his desk working one day when a truck backed directly into his office building and pinned him between his desk and the wall. Thankfully he was not injured, but the same could not be said for the office building. It suffered significant damage when it moved the building from the ground up.

Now you would think – given that this delivery truck is a well-known, national company – would quickly resolve this claim given that there was no issue that was wrong. But for some reason, this company decided to make Arden Jr.'s life difficult by forcing him to jump through all sorts of rings with the promise of paying the claim if he did, only to constantly refuse to pay for the damages their driver caused

It finally reached the point where Arden Jr. had enough, so he decided to turn to his own insurance coverage for help. Of course he called Gina. He explained that he was struggling to get the claim paid by the trucking company's insurance and wanted advice on what to do. And we acted. Thankfully, since Neers Sand & Gravel had not downgraded their insurance to the cheap quote they received, CoverLink was able to work with their insurance company to get the damages paid so he could make the necessary repairs to his building. And we did not stop there. What the trucking company did to Neers Sand & Gravel was unacceptable. They were clearly wrong about the damage and mistakenly thought they could benefit from a small business by dragging out the process. To make it as difficult as possible for Neers Sand & Gravel to get the help they needed to fix their building. So we made sure that the trucking company eventually reimbursed Neer & # 39; s Sand & Gravel for all the costs associated with this claim so that it would not affect their future insurance premiums.

As we approached the last chapter of our interview. , Arden and Andy talked about where they are today.

Like many of us, they were worried about the unknown in 2020 during the pandemic, but Neers Sand & Gravel had the best year on record. They had trucks that drove six days a week, were busy all year round and they even bought land for expansion. Needless to say, there are many exciting things for Arden Jr., Andy and the entire Neers Sand & Gravel team!

It's the story of Neers Sand & Gravel that you may not know. We are so grateful to have worked with them for three generations, grateful to have such a wonderful activity in the community and grateful to call them our friends.

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