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Customer Headlights: Absolutely Clean, Inc.

If a COVID exposure enters your business, immediate action is required. One of the first things you need to do is disinfect. But who do you call and who can you trust? In this month's Client Spotlight, Sarah Brown interviews Dutchman and Judy Myers, owner of Absolutely Clean, Inc., a local janitor company that has been disinfecting buildings from local organizations since March 2020.

As much as COVID has dominated the news Since March, it is still alarming when an exposure enters your organization. Contact tracking, according to CDC guidelines, quarantine and disinfection are necessary steps. Who do you turn to if you need to disinfect? Stop what you are doing, take out your smartphone and add Absolutely Clean to your phone as the first answer: 71

7-646-1021. I let Dutch and Judy take it from here.

Sarah: Tell us a little about Absolut Clean, and how you were positioned to help area companies, schools and organizations respond when COVID-19 intruded?

Dutch: Absolutely Clean is a family-owned janitor cleaning business that has been serving South-Central PA and northern Maryland since 1992. My wife Judy and I decided to open our cleaning business to provide more flexible full-time and part-time job opportunities for the people in our society. Along the way, we have built secure relationships with our customers.

All our floor care and cleaning technicians are trained to meet the company's expectations. Customer satisfaction and communication with plant managers are our highest priorities. We are proud to say that we have good employees who work for us, because they are proud of the cleaning they do in our customers' facilities.

Judy: When COVID came to America, we knew we would have a role to play in helping society. We had to get the right equipment, with the right products. These products must be safe for our customers. Of paramount importance was the safety of our employees. We also knew that demand would be high, so we had to find the right suppliers who could deliver when our customers needed us. A lot of care went into our action plan.

Dutch: Our customers trust us and we had to find a product we could trust to take care of them. We bought a fleet of Victory battery-powered backpack electrostatic sprayers. We also researched which cleaning products and tools are best. There are so many options out there, and many make claims that are not tested or supported by science. After a lot of research, we decided on Clorox Total 360.

Several factors led to this decision. The disinfectant is applied through an electrostatic syringe. We also use compressors that are more powerful. Disinfectants applied with electrostatic sprayers and compressors are more effective than hand pumps. Clorox Total 360 was also tested in a third-party laboratory that verified efficacy claims. Finally, the product is on EPA list N. The EPA expects all products on list N to kill the coronavirus (when used according to label instructions). For preventive spray we use BotaniClean. It is an incredibly safe spray with low toxicity. Two other important factors are that the products are ready to use and that the product we use comes directly from the manufacturer.

Sarah: When a business owner or plant manager first learns of a COVID exposure, what should they do?

Dutch: Before there is an exposure, it is so important that employers and employees are diligent with self-control before leaving home. This means that you take temperatures and are aware of the symptoms. Do not get lax, especially now!

Judy: Once you understand a positive exposure in your building, it's best to look at the CDC's guidelines for guidance on entrepreneurs and their office buildings. Current guidance states to isolate the area for 24 hours until it is cleaned. Open exterior doors and windows during the waiting period to increase air circulation in these areas. Track contact and quarantine.

But it is very important to remember that the guidelines change often, so check the CDC first. You need to disinfect the area. Call someone, like us, who uses products on EPA's list N.

Sarah: How fast do they need to call a professional cleaner, like you? How fast can you respond?

Dutch: As soon as possible, but surely within the first 24 hours. Again, the CDC guidelines change so check the CDC to be sure.

Judy: Our employees have the equipment in their vehicles and we can respond within 30 minutes to an hour, 7 days a week.

Sarah: What should an employer know before you clean?

Dutch: Backtrack where the exposed employee was inside the building. These areas must be cleaned and all surfaces with high contact. It is best if you know this before our arrival.

Judy: You should meet us at the door when we arrive. The owner / facility manager must walk us through the building to view all areas that have been exposed.

Sarah: How long after the application before you can enter the building again?

Dutch: Depending on the product, it can be immediately or within ten minutes. Of caution, we usually recommend after 20 minutes.

Sarah: How has the business been over the past month? Have you seen a demand for your service? Do you have the staff to meet the demand?

Judy: We've squirted like crazy! We literally receive calls around the clock, even at 3:00.

Dutch: And we hire!

Sarah: Tell us about your employees.

Judy: They've been wonderful. When the shutdown took place in March, there was so much uncertainty everywhere. We met with our employees and discussed the possibility of suspension, or vice versa – to be prepared to respond to our customers' needs. All 34 of them said they wanted to do their part to keep the economy going. It was inspiring. They knew that organizations would need to keep their buildings clean and they wanted to do their part to keep things open. Much attention has been paid to first responders, as it should. But praise should go to our crew who have sprayed around the clock, helped companies stay open and help them open quickly after an exposure. They have been absolutely amazing.

Dutch: They are also really well trained because safety is so important. One of our employees recently went through the IICRC process (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and then trained our staff. This training included microbial spraying and included what equipment to use, how long to spray, and so on. We apply that they follow OSHA's guidelines and use the right personal protective equipment. They take their job seriously and are professionals.

Sarah: What are some last takeaways? Is there anything else you want the audience to know?

Dutch: We are starting to see larger organizations, such as schools and manufacturers, contact us for contingency planning. They already have an internal cleaning staff, but if one of their own tests positive for COVID, the entire crew may need quarantine. And yet, to keep it open, the building must be kept clean by certain standards. So we work with them to be their backup cleaning staff until their employees can return. We have found that this is a creative and preventive way to ensure that the business can continue even if there is a positive case.

Judy: We get calls to clean up when a positive fall has entered the building. But I think the most impressive thing is that no one has had a positive COVID-19 case for all the organizations that we spray preventively!

Sarah: None ?!

Dutch: Noll, zilch, 0, nada.

Sarah: Well, that's all the proof you need to do something right.

To learn more about Absolutely Clean:

Website: https://www.abscleaninc.com/ [195659005] Phone: 717-646-1021

Address: 877 York Street, Hanover PA 17331

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Abscleaninc/[19659047]!function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s)
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