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Create a staff of professional insurance requirements staff

Insurance is a company of utmost good faith. Each party to the insurance contract should not do anything to deprive the other of the benefits of the insurance contract. In order to do so, the insurer's representative must understand the contract, the right of interpretation for insurance contracts and what is required to prove a claim and allow an insured to be entitled to the compensation promised by the policy. When the Baby Boom generation retires, insurers are required to hire new, young and inexperienced injury personnel from a labor market where there are more jobs than are needed to fill them.

To help the insurance industry and insurance buyers to Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE, an insurance and claim expert, have created a library of insurance damages and other materials to enable insurers and their claims to become the insurance fund.

For those who serve the insurance industry and its policyholders (whether they are lawyers, adjusters, claims management or public insurance adjusters) the ability to perform their duties in good faith, it is imperative that they maintain professionalism insurance.

The books described in this post need a home in every law office, every insurance company. every independent adjustment office office and with every adjustment company for public insurance.

Barry Zalma's insurance protection library will provide significant resources and will, by far, create a staff for insurance officers. The books below are a small taste of insurance legislation and insurance claims written by Barry Zalma and available at amazon.com and at http://zalma.com/blog/insurance-claims-library/ or the individual links on each

  Product Information After more than 50 years as a lawyer and insurance-protected lawyer, I like to read court decisions on insurance. The idea behind this blog is to find new cases that are interesting to me and then write a summary. Some of the cases reviewed will be important. Some may be of first impression. Others will be completely unimportant. Everything will be interesting.

The case melts and articles from 2010 to today, in the seven volumes summarized cases published by the courts of the various states and the United States. The court decisions have been changed from the actual language of the court decisions, condensed to facilitate reading and convey the author's views on each individual case.


  Product Information A collection of columns originally published in the "Insurance Journal", "Insurance Week" and "John Cooke Insurance Fraud Report" insurance brokerage publications of the insurance company in the United States that has been updated and revised. 19659002] The title "Heads In Win, Tails You Lose" is intended to describe insurance fraud as it works in the Unites States. This means that when a person succeeds in committing an insurance fraud, everyone who buys the insurance is the loser.

Available as a Kindle Book.

Available as a paperback.


How a young lawyer and wise old investigator defeated an attempt at life insurance fraud.

 Product information Available as a Kindle Book

Available as a paperback.

"Murder and insurance fraud do not mix"

My name is Marion Orpheus Montague. My friends and some enemies call me "MOM". It is not a designation of my ability to care for my customers. I have never been, nor will I be  Product Information mom. I accept the game on my initials because it gets opponents to underestimate me.

I'm 66 years old. My grayish blond hair is thin and my full beard is a little scraggly. My face is round and often decorated with red. My nose is full, my eyes are green and my cheeks extend out to the sides and try to emulate the abdomen that precedes all other parts of my body as I walk. People see me and don't think I'm a private investigator. When I see myself, they often think that I am on vacation from my winter work as Macy's Santa Claus.

I like to be underestimated. It makes my job as an investigator easier.

See how a fake robbery in a jewelry store led to murder and imprisonment.

Available as a Kindle book.

Available as a paperback

 Product Details

When the women met for the first time – 20 years ago at a health club in Santa Monica – Magogassasanian performed with Gogolivesky. The women moved Alvarado to an apartment and then began applying for life insurance on him. They jointly took four guidelines, each as a 50% beneficiary in addition to the individual policies they purchased from my client. Gogolivesky also issued three additional guidelines on his own, while Magogassasanian only took out one single policy at Earnest. The two women received nearly $ 6,000,000 in insurance benefits at Alvarado alone and $ 4,000,000 in insurance benefits at Earnest. They also recovered a total of $ 5,000,000 on the other six old men they killed.

Available as a Kindle book.

Available as a paperback.

This story is based on a real case involving a member of Russian / Armenian organized crime, real insurers, investigators, lawyers, firefighters, and insurance brokers. The names, descriptions and identities of the persons concerned have been changed to protect both the guilty and the innocent. The report to the US Senate, after this case decided by the California Courts, reveals that the threats to MOM and lawyer Hazan were correct and they are fortunate that the threats were never met. The person identified in this story as Levonyan described to the US Senate as the leader of a Russian / Armenian organized crime ring. It is important to take serious threats from criminals. Insurance fraud and fire department for profit are not victimless crimes. They are violent crimes that cost anyone living in the US.]

Available as a paperback.

Available as Kindle Book.

The problem is that each option the insurance companies have access to has a downside and Feng is represented by a lawyer who has proved to be very successful in suing insurers and collecting large compensation and punishment damages. Since the claims exceed $ 6 million, he can expect to apply the law established by U.S. Pat. Supreme Court of State Farm Mut. Automobile Ins. Co. v. Campbell and BMW of North America, Inc. against Gore as much as $ 60 million in damages. So I have to explain to the insurance companies that they are exposed to an exposure somewhere from their political borders to ten times the political limit.

Available as a paperback.

Available as a Kindle book.

"Arson-for-profit brand at Cowboy Bar & Grill"

A true crime novel based on the author of the author, Barry Zalma, who has been acting for more than 51 years for insurers who faced earnings, one of the most dangerous insurance fraud. The book explains how an insurance manager, who works with a fire protection and origin expert, a forensic accountant and insurance consultant, could defeat a system of urgent profit and get a judgment that requires the offender not to take anything and pay back the insurer all his expenses to defeat claim.

Available as a paper.

Available as a Kindle book.

© 2019 – Barry Zalma

Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE now restricts his practice Serving as an insurance consultant specializing in insurance cover, insurance management, bad faith assurance, and insurance fraud almost equal for insurers and policyholders. He also serves as an arbitrator or mediator for insurance-related disputes. He practiced law in California for more than 44 years as an insurance cover and law firm and more than 50 years in the insurance industry. He is available at http://www.zalma.com and zalma@zalma.com.

Mr. Zalma is the first recipient of the first annual liability magazine / ACE Legend Award.

Over the past 51 years, Barry Zalma has put his life on insurance, insurance claims and the need to defeat insurance fraud. He has created the following library of books and other materials to enable insurers and their claims to become insurance managers.

Excellence in Claims Action Courses from Experfy.com

The Excellence In Claims Action Program provides everything a person or entity presenting a claim needs to effectively present the claim and gives the insured person all he or she needs to properly represent the insurer.
The insured, the risk manager or the business advisor will be able to present a first partial property claim – regardless of fire, theft or windstorm or anyone else insured for cause – with little difficulty and professionalism and present a sworn proof of loss acceptable to an insurer.

The insurance claims that the person who completes the course will be able to carry out a thorough investigation of policy and requirements. The insurance claim the person will also be able to help an insured to meet all the policyholder's insurance to the insurer and the insurer to provide the compensation promised by the insurance policy.

The courses were designed so that the student can easily get the information needed, while he or she sits in the morning for a first cup of coffee or any other time of day, easy to consume lessons. For example, "Insurance and claims" consists of three modules and 27 lectures, while "Investigation of property claims" consists of four modules and 65 lectures. You can review each course, each module and each lecture on the links below.

Any person who fills the course will be able to claim that he or she is a professional first-party property claim person who is ready to give excellence in claim management and be ready to resolve any damage problems that arise for the benefit of the insurer and the policyholder.

Insurance and claims: https://www.experfy.com/training/courses/insurance-and- claims

Examine the property requirements: https: // www. experfy.com/training/courses/investigating-the-property-claim

Insurance Law: https: //www.experfy.com/training/courses/insurance-law

Solving Claims Problems : https://www.experfy.com/training/courses/solving-claims-problems1919659054] Like this:

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