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Cool drivers for drivers | Insure the Info Blog

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Are you planning a summer road trip? Does your work take you on the road for frequent travel to the state? Do you regularly visit family living in another part of the country? If so, you may find this tool: AAA Digest of Motor Laws. It is an online compendium of laws and regulations related to driving and owning a motor vehicle in the 50 US states, territories and Canadian provinces. AAA began to produce this melting in paper form in 1

930. In 2011, the paper version was eliminated and brought on the net.

The electronic version allows you to search for a location or team. You can see laws through specific topics, such as accident reporting, distracted driving, window viewing, "migration", use of headlamps, reduced driving, permit requirements, seat belt use, and more.

AAA says it source its contents by compiling state statutes and regulations and submissions from local and state jurisdictions. The digest generally covers the general interest of private passenger transport, but some limited coverage of laws for commercial vehicles is included, as well as some special laws relating to motorcycles, bromines and trailers. AAA also provides a precaution: "The state laws reflected on this site do not necessarily reflect the best practices of road safety."

If you live in another state for a period or have an out-of-time student student on your car policy, you may be able to talk insurance implications with your independent insurance agent.

More Useful Drivers

AAA has other handy tools for drivers such as Gas Prices that oversee pricing nationally and state, and offers a gas cost calculator to help you measure the cost of a scheduled trip. They also sponsor the AAA Foundation for Road Safety, which offers information, research and tools on a number of road safety issues. Here are two that we find very useful:

  • Keys2Drive – tools to help parents and teenagers throughout the learning-to-drive process.
  • Senior Driver Licensing Policies and Practices shopping "for information on licensing and licensing conditions for elderly and medical risks.
  • RoadwiseRx – a tool to understand how medicines can affect you and your driving. Write a name for a prescribed or appeal medicine you take to learn about any driver alerts.

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