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Conflict in the workplace | How to handle and avoid conflicts in the workplace

Tips for managing conflicts in the workplace

Once a conflict has started, it helps employees involved or those around them as well as supervisors to calm the situation before it escalates.

Managing Workplace Conflicts as an Employee

  1. If you notice that there is a fight going on, do not be afraid to go in as a mediator. Colleague interference plays an important role in calming conflicts before it becomes too extreme.
  2. It is also wise to notify your superior in the first instance.
  3. Listen to both sides and do not be biased. Even if you do not have a solution, make them understand the importance of effective communication.

Managing Workplace Conflicts as a Manager

  1. Conflict resolution is one of the most challenging scenarios a manager faces. A manager must first have a clear mind and be aware of his own shortcomings. This allows them to rise above small prejudices and look at the core of the problem.
  2. As a manager, you should strive to delegate tasks according to a person's interests and skills. When people do the work they are genuinely interested in, the work environment aka minor conflicts improves.
  3. Instead of reprimanding employees, the boss should try to understand the causes of conflicts. Listen actively and offer a solution. This will also help the manager avoid similar conflicts in the future.

Tips for avoiding conflicts

Identifying the early signs

Noticing employees' behavior and expressions goes a long way to nipping conflicts in the bud. Before a conflict arises, the employee concerned would have a dissatisfied or unhappy expression on his face.

Talk to the employee about what is bothering them and offer help.

Contribute to a peaceful working environment

An ideal peaceful workplace has sufficient resources for all. Employee satisfaction should always be a priority. When employees are satisfied with their work and their environment, they become more productive. In a productive and proactive environment, there is no room for conflict.

Be Accept

Conflicts can be avoided by simply accepting each other's differences. Employees must understand that each of their colleagues is an individual person, and no two people can be the same or have the same work ethic.

Practicing Empathy

If you feel angry about a teammate's poor performance, offer help instead of confronting them. They may have a tough day or deal with their own problems. Empathy solves problems without going into arguments.


Conflicts jeopardize our daily motivation, productivity and can even change our career path. To make matters worse, it can also affect your life outside of work.

Stress and toxic negativity can take a toll on your health and relationships with family and friends. If you often experience conflicts at work, it is important to deal with it.

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