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Home / Insurance / Communication Is Even More Important Remote Workers Need It Most – Legal Insurance Blog – May 11, 2021

Communication Is Even More Important Remote Workers Need It Most – Legal Insurance Blog – May 11, 2021

  stockfresh_5252485_young-happy-businesswoman-talking-on-the-phone-and-writing-notes-in-office_sizeS-300x200 The pandemic changed the office space, and these changes are here to stay. Employees enjoy working from home and prove to be even more productive due to a change in the landscape. People survived a storm that saw them rely on stimulus checks and personal savings to cope with quarantines. There is now a new standard, and it affects employee benefits.

People want a little extra when it comes to services. They may not be able to walk down the hall to the human resources department, but employees still want a sense of direct contact. They will not be happy with information pages on a website or podcasts. When employers think of new benefits, communication will be critical.

Creating a report with the service provider will create a better estimate of a new benefit and the employer. Nationwide prepaid legal services go one step beyond what many group law plans offer. We have a service that actively encourages communication on several levels.

Working with the employee remotely

The advantages of having teleworkers outweigh the negatives, but the disadvantage still needs to be addressed. The old workplace was an informal communication center; employees learned from each other about the company and employee benefits. If anyone had a serious problem with employee benefits, the human resources department was down the hall. These days disappear. Remote employees may feel isolated and not be part of the team. There are problems with anxiety and depression that become apparent.

Forward-looking organizations are taking steps to make remote workers feel connected. Zoom technology and weekly team meetings on office help. The country welcomes these efforts, and we believe that employee benefits can help with accession work. Unlike some group law plans, we believe in human contact.

Attorneys who care

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who provide prepaid legal services to members of the group's legal plan. They are not remote suppliers because a nationwide lawyer trains in each client's community.

Our attorneys allow plan members to choose. If a person wants to confer at a distance, our lawyers use Zoom, Skype or other technology to make the meetings more personal. Other members of the group's legal plan want a face – to – face conference; it's not a problem. All our lawyers have a social distancing policy in place.

Dealing with Frequently Asked Questions

Paperwork and consulting are important services in the legal profession. Nationwide attorneys draft simple wills and wills, prepare medical proxies, and review legal documents, among other types of assistance. If a plan member has questions about a particular issue, nationwide prepaid legal services allow an unlimited number of phone calls to the attorney. Our lawyers will also make phone calls and write letters on behalf of the plan member.

We communicate with customers

Nationwide strives to build a close collaboration with a client. Our customers choose the benefits that will be included in their group law plan. We will provide the service and administration. The superior quality of our prepaid legal services helps clients respond to the needs of both remote and office employees. The customer staff has priority status and we respond ASAP to all inquiries.

The new office requires exceptional communication assistance and a commitment to prompt assistance. Nationwide do both. We can improve efforts to keep remote workers worthy and provide the support they need. No one is forgotten or made to feel less important than anyone else. We serve the client and the entire workforce.

If you have any questions about a nationwide group legal plan, please contact us as soon as possible. We have an advantage that all your employees can use, and we would appreciate being able to explain how we add great value to your employee benefits package.

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