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Claim breakfast

Here at Paradiso Insurance & Parcel Safety Program we have seen many claims. Having this type of exposure has really helped us find and fine-tune our approach to dealing with these types of claims, and has also helped us better prepare our clients to prevent some of these claims. Here is a personal story that illustrates how we go above and beyond to help our customers avoid claims.

A memorable past experience

I want to start by telling you about a "statement" I once encountered with one of my clients. I got a phone call and my client was panicking. He told me that one of his delivery drivers had fallen out of his truck when he got out and had landed first on the sidewalk. He had called me to help him claim, and I could already see the red flags waving; my client was seriously unhappy.

My strategy

The first thing I did in response was to get in touch with my employee. I asked him how his head felt and he said he was in pain. He was aware and had a good conversation with me, which was a very good sign. I asked him about the injury, and he described his case to me. He had mentioned to me that he was almost "black out" on the way from the truck, which was the reason for his fall. I then asked him what he had to eat and had told me that he had not eaten anything that day. Our conversation had given me some ammunition to work with.

The solution

The first step I took to solve this problem was to tell the employee to take a meal. I told him a local breakfast place he could stay at and that his boss would meet him there in five minutes and take care of the expenses. He was very happy to hear this, because it was a pleasant surprise. I could see that he was stressed by the nature of the conversation, so hearing that his boss cared definitely eased the tension of the employees. After that, I came back to the phone with my client, told him to meet him at the breakfast stop and pay for his meal and sit down for a short heart-to-heart with his employee. My client discovered that the employee was facing some problems at home and also could not afford his own breakfast. With that said, the employee began to feel much better after this conversation with his boss and put healthy food into his system … and the claim was never filed.

All in all

Avoiding claims starts right at your day-to-day interaction with your employees. Show them that you care and that they can come to you with any problems, creating a sense of trust and security. In this case, my client even took the extra step of setting up a mini-breakfast bar for their employees if they could not afford to eat on their own or simply did not have time before entering. Their work environment has become much healthier and positive, and believe me, a positive work environment will have far fewer claims. Be reasonable in your approach, and if you ever need any professional advice on how to handle a claim, do not hesitate to call me at 860-453-0116

Brian P. O & # 39; Connor

Licensed Insurance Agent [19659012]
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