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Changing a pet's life: Adoption of pets at a time

  Read on to learn more about the journey of adopting pets and what it means when you change a pet's life.

When you decide to take a dog or cat home, your life can change forever. Of course, there is nothing like friendship, friendship and love in a furry friend. You may also have the opportunity to change a pet's life. Chances are that this pet may get a second chance at life, their first real home or an eternal family just by your choice to adopt a pet from a welfare organization. We love all our pets and are inspired by how they affect our lives on a daily basis. To honor "Change a Pet & # 39 ;s Life Day," we spoke with Trupanion team member Christina Davison about her pet adoption history and how her rescue dogs have inspired her during the COVID-1

9 pandemic.

Changing a pet's life by opening your home to a rescue dog

  Changing a pet's life: older dog adoption is a way to help animal welfare organizations and open your home to hairy friends.

When did you start rescuing dogs?

My husband, Timm, and I started rescuing dogs back in 2015 when we bought our first house together.

What inspires you to save older dogs?

We had never thought of rescuing older dogs until our first rescue, Tippy, arrived. After living in a rental that did not allow pets, the first thing we wanted to do was get a dog.

None of us wanted to adopt a puppy. As cute as they are, we did not think we would have the energy to train a young dog. We were looking for an adult dog who already had training and could fit into our sedentary lifestyle.

Share your story about your rescue dogs

Tippy: 11-year-old Beagle Shepherd mix

  Change a pet's life day: consider an older dog for your home.

Our story begins with Tippy, an 11-year-old Beagle / Shepherd mix. Timm found him on petfinder.com, and at first I doubted adopting an 11-year-old dog.

What happens if he has many health problems? What if he passes away as soon as we get him? But we thought he was adorable and so we thought: let's meet him and if it does not work, it does not work.

On the shelter, volunteer Tippy entered a room and what we saw only melted our hearts. Tippy was an energetic 11-year-old boy who ran into the room and wanted to play.

Other than his gray mouth, you would not think he was an older dog. We both knew that no matter how long we had Tippy (whether it was five weeks, five months or five years) he would enjoy his golden years with us.

We had Tippy for three and a half years and he passed away at the mature age of 15.

Pompey: 10-year-old pug

  Change a pet day: thanks to all the animal welfare organizations, shelters and rescue workers who work each day to better help pets find their homes forever.

Then came Pompey, the 10-year-old Pug, into our lives. We also wanted two dogs at home so we searched online for another rescue dog to adopt. We found London, a black 10-year-old pug.

So we went to Emerald City Pet Rescue to meet London, but interestingly, we ended up with Pompey instead. The guard told us that the two pugs were playing together and if we wanted to meet them both.

Pompeius recovered from skin problems and bald spots all over his body, but he engaged us while the other dog just wandered around and ignored us. Timm and I joked that because Pompey looked like a mess, he had to work harder to be adopted, and so did we.

Pompey was the most relaxed dog I've ever had, apart from noon. He lost his mind every time we cooked his food. For the most part, he was easygoing and nothing bothered him ever.

Unfortunately, Pompey had many health problems from everything to ear infections and skin problems. We only had him for two years when he passed away in 2020 from a collapsed trachea.

After Tippy passed away and we were down with a dog, Timm and I were interested in raising a dog permanently. Furthermore, we wanted to permanently promote an older dog with health problems because the dog could not be adopted at that stage in their lives.

Merryweather: Five-year-old pug

  Changing a pet's day can mean you always have a friend there to hug you when you need it most.

The dog we were looking for to breed was not available, but Merryweather Pug was. She and two other pugs had come from China and were still going through the spaying process. She needed a home to recover and then she would be put up for adoption. At the age of five, Merryweather was the youngest yet, but we thought, why not?

Fast forward a month and Timm and I became fetal failures. We fell in love with her stupid personality and she just loved Pompey. Every chance she got, she cuddled or tuned Pompey.

It has been almost two years since the fetus failed and she is still happy with us.

Gus: Eight-year-old Boxer Pitbull mix

   Changing a pet day: it's not uncommon to see a wide variety of cat and dog breeds and sizes in a rescue organization. You never know what hairy friend you might find!

Finally we come to Gus, an eight-year-old Boxer / Pitbull mix. After Pompey died in May 2020, we were getting another dog because we were still overwhelmed by his loss and wanted to wait until 2021 before adopting another dog.

The first week of January we started our search. It did not take us long to find Gus. He had come from a port in California and based on his sad situation, both Timm and I knew we had to see him.

When he passed the Merryweather test (the little princess had to pass), we filled out the paperwork and took him home. We've had him for a week now and he's been the best dog: respecting Merryweather likes to play with his toys and just has a calm demeanor.

How have your rescue dogs affected you during the pandemic?

These dogs have affected me in such a positive way. If I ever feel frustrated or depressed about being in quarantine for so long, I just remember having them cuddling or playing with and everything seems okay in the world.

What do you think are the benefits of adding older rescue dogs to your home?

Shelters are full of abandoned older pets that are still as cute as puppies and are generally house trained and become good companions because of it.

These pets still have a lot of life and love to give and they deserve to live out their last years in a home.

Even if the older pets we just adopt are with us for a year or two, they are at least in a warm home, where they get all the love, pets and food they could ever want.

I'm kidding with my husband that our home is a retirement home for older pets. "class =" wp-image-47207 "srcset =" https://trupanion.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/ChangeaPetsLifeDayPompey1-900×1200.jpg 900w, https://trupanion.com/blog/ wp-content / uploads / 2021/01 / ChangeaPetsLifeDayPompey1-225×300.jpg 225w, https://trupanion.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/ChangeaPetsLifeDayPompey1-768×1024.jpg 768w, https: // trupanion. com / blog / wp-content / uploads / 2021/01 / ChangeaPetsLifeDayPompey1-1152×1536.jpg 1152w, https://trupanion.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/ChangeaPetsLifeDayPompey1.jpg 1200w "sizes =" ( max-width: 900px) 100vw, 900px "/>

How do your rescue dogs help you during your working day?

Having the dogs has been so big during the pandemic. I work from home so it's nice to get them to sleep on If I want to take a quick break, I can take them for a walk around the neighborhood so we can both get some exercise.

  Changing a pet's day of life can help you discover the friend you never knew you needed.

Än Dragging a pet's life can mean that they have completely changed yours

Whether you are adopting a pet for the first time or have a pack of rescue animals at home, bringing a new dog or cat home opens and the hearts of an experience that no one Other. Discover how love and companionship can change your life for the better!

Thank you for sharing your trip to Pet Adoption with us Christina!

Have you adopted or raised a guard dog or cat? Tell us in the comments below.

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